Industry Resources

We provide a variety of resources to current customers as well those looking to do business with us.

Product Catalog

Our online catalog gives you an inside look into the products we carry.  We've taken the printed hard copy and simply put it online to make it easier for everyone to access, anytime.   Flip page by page and find the products we carry to help you on the job.

Building Science Equipment Catalog

The Building Science Equipment Catalog was made to show our customers the products and equipment that are used during our offered training. Customers often want to use the equipment that they used during their training. This catalog allows them to do just that! Hard copies are supplied at each training for those who want to order equipment on the spot.

Credit Application

The credit application allows our customers to apply for credit terms online.  Simply fill out the form and one of our representatives will review your application and notify you of its approval.


Frequently Asked Questions. We've compiled a few FAQ's from our customers and placed them here. These are top level FAQ's that pertain primarily to If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, contact your local Service Partners branch.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Here you'll find links directing you to various Material Safety Data Sheets for the products that we carry.


The latest news from the Service Partners blog. You'll find the latest info on weatherization, insulation and building science. It is also is great resources for contractors to learn more about marketing their businesses.

Useful Links

We've compiled a few of the best places to gather information in our industry. You'll find links to a variety of websites that provide valuable information on weatherization, building science and energy codes.

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