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Loose-Fill Equipment

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About Loose-Fill Equipment

  • Install or remove loose-fill insulation quickly and efficiently
  • Utilize vacuums, vacuum bags, hoses, connectors and dense fill kits
  • Make your jobs easy and profitable
  • Easily remove insulation damaged by fire, water or smoke

About Loose-Fill Equipment

Vacuums, bags, hoses and scrubbers are all accessories used to remove and install loose-fill insulation. They are used for insulation removal as well as blow in.

What is Loose-Fill Equipment?

Loose-fill equipment refers to supplies that are used to remove or install insulation primarily in residential applications. These items include vacuums, vacuum bags, hoses, connectors, dense fill kits, and scrubbers. All of these items are designed to work with loose fill insulation machines for optimal performance.

We Carry the Loose-Fill Equipment Brands You Want

Much of the loose-fill equipment we sell at Service Partners is made by Intec. Intec is the industry leader in insulation equipment and accessories. Intec specializes in high quality, American made, professional grade equipment for all insulation contractors. Intec makes insulation blowing machines, vacuums and other equipment.

Loose-Fill Equipment Near You

Whether you are looking to install or remove loose-fill insulation quickly and efficiently, Service Partners has the equipment you need. Contact one of our 75-plus branches and tell us about your project. We can recommend the correct system of loose-fill equipment for optimal performance. You can have it the same day or delivered the next day.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is loose-fill equipment normally used?
Loose-fill equipment can really be used anywhere inside a building. Some of the most popular spaces where loose-fill insulation is installed or removed include attics and walls. Depending on your application and budget, Service Partners can recommend the right loose-fill equipment for the project.
Why use loose-fill equipment?
Loose-fill equipment makes it easy to install or remove insulation. Vacuums and bags make it easy to remove insulation that has been damaged due to fire, water and smoke. Hoses come in different diameters and lengths so you can add or remove loose-fill insulation efficiently.
What are the benefits of using loose-fill equipment?
Loose-fill equipment makes it easy to install or remove insulation quickly and efficiently. Using vacuums, vacuum bags, hoses and scrubbers helps optimize production on the job. All of this equipment is engineered for high productivity, and it is built to last. The accessories for loose-fill machines are sometimes sold separately so you can buy just what you need.
Can loose-fill equipment be used in residential or commercial construction?
Loose-fill equipment is primarily used in residential construction. It is used anywhere where loose-fill insulation needs to be installed or removed. These areas are commonly attics and walls. If insulation is damaged in any way (for example, by smoke or water) vacuums and vacuum bags make it easy to remove insulation before replacement.

Loose-Fill Equipment Benefits

Use loose-fill equipment and accessories to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. This is equipment works well for both installation and removal of loose-fill.

Easy Insulation Removal

If you need to remove insulation from attics, walls or another location, vacuums and bags can make the process simple. Hoses can help reach the far corners of a space. You can use vacuums and bags to remove insulation that has been damaged by water, fire or smoke.

Can be Used with a Shield

The Turbovac Shield can ensure that users do not suck up anything that can damage the impeller of the insulation vacuum. The shield is made from military-grade steel to keep foreign objects out of the vacuum. It will keep the vacuum operator safe and ensure the vacuum works for a long time.

All the Accessories You Need

In order to set up your loose-fill insulation machine or vacuum, you will need a few extra accessories. Vacuum bags, hoses, connectors, dense fill kits and scrubbers can all make your job faster, easier and more profitable. If you are unsure of which accessories you need, your local Service Partners branch can help.

Loose-Fill Equipment Types

There are a wide range of loose-fill equipment choices and accessories available. Pick the right products to make your installation or removal job go smoothly.


Whether it’s the high-powered Turbovac Direct Drive or the quiet, electronic start Turbovac Eco, Service Partners has the right machine for you. We have decades of supplying vacuums to insulation contractors, HVAC specialists, pest control operators, abatement and restoration companies, and duct cleaning professionals. Vacuums are great for removing all sorts of materials.


Service Partners offers vacuum bags in a wide variety of sizes. Some vacuum bags are as big as a car. These bags all make insulation removal an efficient process. From our entry-level white insulation bags to the strongest-in-the-industry black bag, Service Partners has the bag you need to get your insulation job completed.


From blow hoses to vacuum hoses, Service Partners has all the hoses you need when working with insulation. Whether you are installing or removing insulation, a hose can help you reach to the furthest corners of a space. Hoses are available in a variety of diameters and lengths and can fit any budget.


Got a wet wall spray job? Service Partners has scrubbers to keep your walls perfectly smooth. These professional-grade scrubbers ensure the insulation lines up perfectly to the face of the stud. Using a scrubber will make the drywall installation after insulation go much better.

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