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Liquid Flashing

Liquid Armor LT - Liquid Flashing
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Liquid Flashing

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About Liquid Flashing

  • Liquid-applied flashing comes in various forms
  • Uses minimal components and results in labor savings
  • Stick tenaciously to a wide variety of materials
  • When applied properly, provides a superior watertight seal
  • Ultimate versatility for sealing rough and irregular openings

About Liquid Flashing

Liquid flashing can be easier to use and more reliable than traditional flashing materials like metal or tape, especially on window rough openings.

What is Liquid Flashing?

Liquid flashing is a type of flashing used to keep water out of rough and irregular openings. Some liquid-applied flashing is dispensed like caulk from a cartridge. Other liquid-applied flashing comes in a pail or bucket and can be rolled, painted or troweled into place. This makes it easier to install the liquid flashing correctly to keep water out.

We Carry the Liquid Flashing Brands You Want

DuPont products are used throughout the United States and around the world. We sell DuPont’s LIQUIDARMOR flashing, in addition to their other flashing product WEATHERMATE. To determine which flashing product is right for your project, contact your local Service Partners branch. We will recommend the flashing type that will work best to keep water out.

Liquid Flashing Supplies Near You

When you need liquid flashing for window rough openings in your residential or commercial construction project, call your local Service Partners branch. With 75 locations nation-wide, we can recommend the right liquid flashing for your application and can have it for you quickly. We offer same day pickup and next day delivery on our liquid flashing supplies.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is liquid flashing normally used?
Traditional flashing is used around any type of opening in a structure. Liquid flashing is used in a similar fashion. It can be installed in building envelopes, wall assemblies, window openings, ceilings, doors, crawl spaces and more. The best use of liquid flashing is on rough and irregular openings.
Why use liquid flashing?
Similar to traditional flashing, liquid flashing is used to keep water out of unwanted areas. Liquid flashing keeps water from entering around irregularly shaped or rough openings. Without liquid flashing, moisture entering a structure could cause damage, rot and mold.
What are the benefits of using liquid flashing?
Liquid flashing simplifies the installation of flashing and requires minimal components. This can result in labor cost savings. Liquid flashing can stick to plywood, OSB, framing lumber, concrete, CMUs, brick, aluminum, painted steel, vinyl, rigid foam, glass and EPDM.
In what geographies can liquid flashing be used?
High-quality flexible films and sheeting like liquid flashing are commonly used in major markets throughout the United States and abroad. Liquid flashing can be used on any type of structure in any climate. Service Partners’ 75 locations nation-wide make it easy to get liquid flashing for your construction project.
Can liquid flashing be used in residential or commercial construction?
Liquid flashing is used in all types of residential and commercial construction. Any irregular or rough opening in a residential or commercial building can be made water tight using liquid flashing. Liquid flashing can save on labor costs while providing superior water protection.

Liquid Flashing Benefits

Liquid flashing keeps water out with an easier application than traditional flashing. Liquid flashing also uses minimal components and results in increased labor savings.

Prevent Water Penetration

All buildings have holes for things like windows, doors, pipes, chimneys and more. Flashing keeps water out of these openings by redirecting it around gaps and crevices. Liquid flashing creates a better waterproof seal around irregular holes and window rough openings. Liquid flashing can provide a superior result when compared to peel-and-stick flashing.

Increased Savings

Liquid flashing often requires minimal components for installation. Some liquid flashing comes in a cartridge and is applied similar to caulk. Other liquid flashing is rolled or troweled on. Because liquid flashing has the benefit of simplifying the job, the result is often increased labor savings on a residential or commercial construction project.

Perfect for Hard to Flash Areas

Liquid flashing is made to provide a water and air tight barrier around rough, irregular, curved and other hard to flash areas. In these types of situations metal or tape flashing might not provide a complete seal and could allow water to penetrate the structure. Instead, liquid flashing can flow easily and seal these irregular openings.

Liquid Flashing Types

Liquid flashing common comes in a cartridge or in a pail. The type of liquid-applied flashing we carry at Service Partners is LIQUIDARMOR Flashing.


LIQUIDARMOR is a liquid flashing alternative to conventional tape. It can be used as a joint treatment and window sealant and as a weather resistive barrier on exterior continuous insulation. It is quick and easy to install because the elastomeric spray forms a tight barrier along rough and irregular openings. It can be sprayed, rolled or troweled on.

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