Caulk and Sealants

Used to seal cracks between similar or dissimilar building materials

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Repels water, resistant to weathering and vapor moisture

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Seals joints between materials and is applied using a gun

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Sill Seal

Gasket to fill gap between sill plate and foundation wall

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Where Caulk and Sealants are Used

Caulks and sealants are used by insulators and air barrier professionals to keep air and water from penetrating a building. Gutter professionals use sealants to ensure gutters do not leak between the seams. Insulation caulk and other sealants are used anywhere there are gaps or cracks between similar and dissimilar materials.

Caulk and Sealant Applications

There are many applications for both caulks and sealants. Any type of gap, crack or joint in a structure can be sealed from water and air infiltration or exfiltration using a caulk or sealant. While some caulks and sealants can be used in multiple applications, other caulks and sealants have more specific applications (e.g., gutter sealant).

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Common Accessories

Silicone Caulking

Many colors and types available for multi-purpose use

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Intumescent Caulking

ASTM-814 rated for fire blocking and UL rated

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Gutter Sealants

Multi-polymer sealant designed for exterior all-weather applications

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About Caulk and Sealants

Caulks and sealants both serve the similar purpose of sealing cracks between similar and dissimilar building materials. Caulks and sealants both have many applications.

What are Caulk and Sealants?

Caulks and sealants are products that can be applied to fill gaps, cracks and joints. Some people use the terms caulk and sealant interchangeably, but they are actually different products. Caulks tend to be more rigid while sealants tend to be more flexible. Both are applied using a caulking gun.

We Carry the Caulk and Sealant Brands You Want

Service Partners carries a variety of brands of both caulks and sealants. Whether you need insulation caulk, gutter sealant, sill seal or something else, we have the product you need. We carry caulks and sealants from BOSS, DAP, Owens Corning, Henkel and Geocel. We can also make a recommendation about the right caulk or sealant for your project.

Caulk and Sealant Supplies Near You

No matter what type of caulk or sealant you need, Service Partners can get it for you quickly and easily. We have over 75 convenient locations throughout the United States that offer same day pickup and next day delivery. Need tools to apply your caulks or clean up your sealants? We have those supplies as well.

Caulk and Sealant Benefits

Caulks and sealants seal a structure from penetration by air, water and more. There are a variety of caulks and sealants to fit your application.

Seal From Penetration

Gaps and cracks happen in all types of construction. Caulks and sealants provide an easy way to fill those gaps. By filling gaps, you provide a seal that keeps air, water, dust, bugs and more out of a building. Keeping air out of a building makes it more energy efficient. Keeping water out means that there will be less chance of damage from rot, mold or mildew.

A Variety of Applications

There are so many types of caulks and sealants that you can easily find a product that meets the needs of your application and building materials. Water-based caulks are easy to apply and clean up. Silicone caulk can hold up to more extreme temperatures. Gutter sealant can be used on seams of gutters and downspouts. Sill seal is used to fill the gap between the sill plate and the foundation wall.

Easy to Apply

Almost all caulks and sealants are easy to apply. They can be used effectively by both professionals and homeowners. Most caulks and sealants are commonly applied using a tool called a caulk gun. Caulk guns allow for clean, even application of insulation caulks and sealants. Other materials like sill seal are simply rolled into place and fastened into position.

Common Caulk and Sealant Questions

Not sure if caulk or sealant is right for your application? Service Partners can help. We can recommend the right caulk or sealant supplies.

Why use Caulk and Sealants?

Caulks and sealants provide an easy to apply, effective, durable way to fill gaps and cracks in buildings. They are a critical component to achieving efficiency in today’s building codes. Caulks and sealants prevent water, air, insects and more from entering a structure. Caulks and sealants can be matched to the type of materials used, as well as the specific application.

Where in a Building are Caulk and Sealants Normally Used?

Insulation caulk and sealants can be used anywhere in a building. They can be used to seal any types of penetrations. Some caulks and sealants have more specific applications. For example, gutter sealants are used to seal gutters and downspouts. Sill seal is used as a gasket between the sill plate and foundation wall.

In What Geographies Can Caulk and Sealants Be Used?

Caulks and sealants can be used in all geographies. However, some caulks and sealants are more sensitive to things like temperature and sunlight. For example, silicone caulk is more durable than latex caulk when exposed to extreme temperatures and UV light. Thus, it is important to consider your climate when choosing a caulk or sealant product.

Can Caulk and Sealants Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Caulks and sealants are used in both residential and commercial construction. Anywhere there are gaps or cracks that need to be filled, you can use these products. This includes in a home, a business or an industrial building. Caulks and sealants are necessary in all structures to prevent penetration by air, water, insects and more.

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