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Why Super Anchor Safety?

Established in 1992, Super Anchor Safety carries a full line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with a motto of being ‘The Best in Fall Arrest’. Super Anchor Safety strives to provide leading fall protection equipment and customer service.

A Broad Range of Products

Super Anchor Safety carries a wide variety of fall protection equipment for many different needs. The full line of products includes permanent and temporary anchors, harnesses, fall protection kits, lifelines, accessories, and more.

Family Owned and Operated

Super Anchor Safety is located in Monroe, Washington and is family owned and operated. The founding owner remains at the forefront of new product developments and innovation.

We Carry Top Super Anchor Safety Products


Max-S™ Fall Protection Kit

Your complete fall protection kit, featuring the SideWinder™ lifeline and more


SideWinder™ Self Retracting Lifelines

For fall arrest, available in 10’, 20’, 30’, and 50’


Toss’R Self Retracting Lifelines

For fall arrest, comes in 6-foot and 10-foot web lengths


Hinge-2 Temporary/Reusable Roof Anchor

A heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel reusable anchor used in fall arrest/fall restraint


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Keeping Safe with Personal Fall Protection Equipment

When not able to use other forms of protection, personal fall arrest systems, such as safety harnesses, lifelines, and lanyards, are used to prevent/minimize injury during a fall. Positioning device systems like restraint lines and aerial lifts are also used to prevent a fall when not able to use guard rails or another barrier.

Super Anchor Safety is your go-to source for top-quality fall protection equipment for all of your needs, created by contractors for contractors.

A Comprehensive Line of Fall Protection Equipment

In 1992, Super Anchor Safety began with a patented permanent roof anchorage device called ARS Super Anchor, which became a part of its full line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is still a bestseller today. Whether you’re working on commercial or residential construction, or you’re in need of fall protection kits, anchors, lifelines, lanyards, or something else, you can count on Super Anchor Safety for your fall protection equipment needs.

Committed to Providing the Best Fall Protection Equipment & Service

Super Anchor Safety was established in 1992 by an owner/operator of a roofing company, which was started in 1973. Super Anchor Safety was founded with a unique perspective and a dissatisfaction with the fall protection equipment available. It is committed to providing the best fall protection equipment and customer service with innovations and new products in continuous development.

Super Anchor Safety Supplies Near You

When you’re in need of Super Anchor Safety fall protection equipment, Service Partners can help you find what you need and get it for you when you need it. We can help you choose the right Super Anchor Safety product(s) for your needs. With over 75 locations nationwide, your local Service Partners team is ready to help. Call your local branch now!

Super Anchor Safety provides a full line of fall protection equipment, including the Max-S™ Fall Protection Kits, SideWinder and Toss’R Self Retracting Lifelines, and the Hinge-2 Temporary/Reusable Roof Anchor.

Max-S™ Fall Protection Kits

The Max-S Fall Protection Kits feature the SideWinder™ self-retracting lifeline with a fall indicator snap hook, in addition to the Pro-Deluxe 4-point, full-body harness with Tri-Lam 3™ padding and Hi-VizH™ webbing. It has a No. 6184 Energy Absorber with an aluminum carabiner and a D-Ring, as well as a No. 3013D Hinge-2 Roof Anchor with a 36pc Duplex Nail Pack. It also includes 10 reusable wood screws.

SideWinder™ Self Retracting Lifelines

The SideWinder™ Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) are used to help arrest a fall when a worker falls off a leading edge, and they are able to be used on a flat roof, sloped roof, or in an overhead position. They come in four lengths: 10-foot, 20-foot, 30-foot, and 50-foot, and they feature a strong ABS housing and a galvanized 3/16” cable.

Toss’R Self Retracting Lifelines

The Toss’R Self Retracting Lanyards (SRLs) are used to arrest a fall when a worker falls. They come in 6-foot and 11-foot web lengths and have a centrifugal braking design that locks up when the webbing is deployed for 4.5+ seconds. It connects to its rear harness D-ring for the fall arrest feature and to the side D-ring for the fall restraint feature. It has a built-in energy absorber and a captive aluminum auto-locking carabiner.

Hinge-2 Temporary/Reusable Roof Anchor

The Hinge-2 Temporary/Reusable Roof Anchor is a heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel reusable anchor that is able to be installed with either nails or screws and is used in fall arrest and fall restraint. It can install up to a 24/12 pitch on the roof deck surface or the floor deck. It can also be installed vertically onto a wall system with WS Series fastener screws. Includes 36 duplex nails.

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