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Fireproof Coatings

Fireblock - Fireproof Coatings
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Fireproof Coatings

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About Fireproof Coatings

  • Easy to apply
  • Insulate substrates from fire
  • Protect substrates from heat transfer
  • Work on combustible surfaces like cables, wood, gypsum, fabrics
  • Fully listed and compliant to many international standards

About Firestop Coatings

Firestop Coatings are spray or rolled on products that provide passive fire protection coating. They increase in volume and decrease in density when exposed to heat.

What are Firestop Coatings?

Firestop coatings are materials that are sprayed or rolled onto substrates in order to provide additional fire protection. Spray coatings can be applied with a commercial-grade airless sprayer. They come in many different color options. Coatings can be applied to structural steel, sheet metal, sheetrock, and more.

We Carry the Firestop Coating Brands You Want

Service Partners carries firestop spray and other firestop coatings from IFTI, No-Burn and ICP (TPR2). These are some of the leading manufacturers of firestop coatings, and they provide high quality products. If you aren’t sure which specific coating product you need, the Service Partners team can help.

Coating Supplies Near You

Service Partners has 75 branches throughout the United States. This means that when you need firestop coatings for your projects, we are never far away. Service Partners can recommend the right firestop spray, firestop paint or other product for your application. We can have your coating supplies ready quickly and easily.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are firestop coatings normally used?
Firestop coatings are used anywhere you want to spray or roll on fire protection. They can be used on wood joists, gypsum, exposed structural steel members, and over top spray polyurethane foam insulation in attics or wall cavities. Some coatings are absorbed partially into the substrates to provide protection and meet building codes.
Why use firestop coatings?
Fire protection coatings act as a shield in the presence of fire. These intumescent coatings increase in volume and decrease in density as they are exposed to heat. They can become many times the size of their original wet film thickness. Firestop coatings provide solutions for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues.
What are the benefits of using firestop coatings?
Spray-applied intumescent coatings are easy to apply using any commercial-grade airless sprayer. They come in multiple color options and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Intumescent coatings insulate the substrate from fire and protect it against heat transfer. They can be used to satisfy building codes and fire standards.
In what geographies can firestop coatings be used?
Coatings have no restrictions as far as geographic location. On the other hand, it is important to pick a firestop coating that meets your application and building codes, if required. If you need help picking a firestop coating, a member of the Service Partners team can help at one of our 75-plus locations.
Is coatings be used in residential or commercial construction?
Firestop coatings can be applied in all types of construction including residential and commercial. Depending on the type of product used, you can improve fire protection in many applications. This includes around metal pipes, air ducts, cables, dry wall, joint systems, gypsum and more.

Firestop Coating Benefits

Coatings add fire protection benefits to a variety of construction substrates. They are also easy to apply – simply spray or roll on.

Use on Many Substrates

Firestop coatings can be used on a variety of construction surfaces. These substrates include wood joists, gypsum and exposed structural steel members. You can even use coatings on top of spray polyurethane foam insulation in spaces such as attics and wall cavities. No matter your application, you can find a coating to use.

Added Safety

These coatings add a level of passive fire protection throughout a structure. They can protect surfaces from high temperatures and fire. When exposed to heat, these firestop coatings increase in volume and decrease in density. In order to comply with building codes, they require listing, approval and compliance in installed configurations.

Easy to Apply

One of the great things about firestop coatings is that they are easy to apply. You can roll some products on, just like regular paint. Other firestop sprays can be applied with a commercial grade airless sprayer. They also come in multiple colors, so your coatings do not detract from the look of your finished construction project.

Firestop Coating Accessory Types

Firestop coatings come in several varieties. All are easy to apply and offer fire protection benefits. Choose the right coating for your specific application.

Thermal Barrier

Thermal barrier coatings are also referred to as TBCs. They are advanced material systems that are applied to metallic surfaces that operate a high temperatures. Some applications even include use in gas turbine or airplane engines. As a coating, thermal barriers insulate components from large, prolonged heat loads.


Intumescent paints have the ability to be applied to many different types of building materials. These substrates include structural steel, sheet metal, sheetrock, wood and more. Intumescent paints can be applied by spray, brush or roll-on application.

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