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About Fasteners

  • Used to install and secure batts, blankets and insulation boards
  • Perfect for basements, walls and ceilings
  • Offer time saving benefits to installers
  • Fasten insulation to a variety of substrates
  • Consistent and clean looking fastening

About Fasteners

Fasteners support and hold insulation in place in a fast, efficient manner. Common fasteners include wire, stick pins, and Ramset fasteners.

What are Fasteners?

Fasteners are devices used to hold insulation in place as it is installed. They can be used with batts, blanket and insulation boards. They make installation faster and easier for installers. Insulation fasteners give a clean, neat look to installed insulation. They can be used with concrete, steel, pipes and other substrates.

We Carry the Fastener Brands You Want

Service Partners carries Ramset fasteners and fastener systems to make securing insulation easier. ITW Ramset is a leading provider of gas and powder actuated tools and fastening systems. If you need help selecting the right fastener products, the team at Service Partners can help.

Fastener Supplies Near You

When you need fastener supplies quickly, Service Partners can help. We proudly sell Ramset fastening systems and accessories. We have over 75 branches located throughout the United States. For your convenience, we offer same day pickup and next day delivery of fastener supplies. Let us help you save time and money by using fasteners.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are fasteners normally used?
Fasteners are used to hold insulation anywhere it is installed. They are commonly used in basements, walls and ceilings. Fastening systems and tools allow you to fasten insulation in tight spaces, including through pipes. They ensure insulation will remain perfectly in place with little effort.
Why use fasteners?
Fasteners not only hold insulation in place; they also save time over traditional fastening methods. These fasteners save time and labor costs. Insulation can be fastened directly to concrete, hollow block and steel studs. They are a cost-effective way to ensure that insulation stays in place and functions properly.
What are the benefits of using fasteners?
Fasteners and fastening systems provide a consistent and clean look. This is especially important in areas where insulation may be visible. They also save time in the installation process. They eliminate the need for adhesives or cutting spindle insulation anchors. Fasteners can be used with polystyrene, polylso, and fiberglass blankets.
In what geographies can fasteners be used?
Fasteners are suitable for all geographies. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The Ramset I-F System is particularly nice because it can be used year round. Unlike other fasteners such as stick pins, these fasteners can be used in cold temperatures and on wet surfaces.
Can fasteners be used in residential or commercial construction?
Fasteners can be used in all types of construction, including residential, commercial and industrial. They can be used in exterior walls, foundation walls, parking garages, floors, interior walls, and ceilings. They can be used with concrete, hollow block and steel studs quickly and easily.

Fastener Benefits

Fasteners securely hold insulation in place so it offers maximum thermal protection. They offer time saving benefits to installers as well.

Use With a Variety of Substrates

Fasteners can be used with batt, blanket and insulation board. They can be used to affix insulation to a wide variety of substrates including steel and concrete. Using fasteners removes the need for adhesives or cutting spindle insulation anchors. Fasteners can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits to Installers

Fasteners make the process of installing insulation much faster and easier. The time savings realized when using fasteners means lower labor costs and higher profitability. Traditional fastening methods can take days; using insulation fastener systems like the Ramset I-F can be up to four times faster.

Perfect for Many Applications

Use fasteners to install insulation on exterior walls – both to concrete and steel studs. Fasteners also help affix insulation to foundation walls, heated floors, block walls, pipes and ceilings. They can be used in places like parking garages and balconies. They are not restricted by cold or wet climates.

Fastener Accessory Types

Fasteners come in a variety of sizes and types. They offer strength, security, and efficiency when securing insulation. Pick the right type for your project.

Concrete Fasteners

Ramset and Simpson concrete fasteners are designed to shoot a pin into a concrete and hold tight. There’s no need to glue and stick pin insulation anchors.

Steel Fasteners

Use steel fasteners to secure insulation to things like steel studs and poles in one simple action.

Shots and Pins

Used for pinning up board insulation, duct wrap, fire blanket, ceramic blanket, mineral wool board and more. Insulators use mini-cup pins for pinning up board insulation to sheet metal ducts.

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