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BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. Their wide range of products and tools helps differentiate in the marketplace. They provide extensive training and effective solutions with their spray foam products, HP+ Building Enclosure Systems and exclusive Disaster Durable Solutions to help companies succeed in today’s construction environment.

BASF Corporation, headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, is the North American affiliate of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF’s spray foam business is managed by the Wyandotte, Michigan site, with spray foam production in Houston, TX and Orange, CA, as well as sites in Canada. Across all industries in 2019, BASF had more than 18,000 employees in North America, and had sales of $18.4 billion. With over 150 production and R&D sites across all business units in North America, BASF is invested in creating innovative solutions and technologies that add value to society and specifically, sustainable construction

High-Quality Insulation

BASF spray foams are consistent, high-quality insulation and roofing materials with comprehensive field testing and history combined with rigorous ISO 9001 quality management.

Preferred Industry Products

BASF was recognized by Professional Builder Magazine in 2019 as one of the Top 100 preferred building products. With BASF, you know you’re getting preferred brands and products.

Waterproof and Damp-proof Coatings

BASF offers products that resist water and moisture. Using BASF SPF roofing systems results in a durable building that can withstand any climate over time.

Energy Efficient

BASF materials can be used in new, retrofit and restoration construction to improve energy efficiency, increase durability, lower lifecycle cost and reduce environmental impact in a cost-effective manner.

We Carry Top BASF Products

BASF EnerTite Insulation


Low-density open-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation

BASF Spraytite Insulation Application


Closed-cell spray applied polyurethane foam insulation and air barrier

BASF Walltite HP+ Insulation


Medium-density closed-cell SPF for residential high performance wall assemblies

BASF Brand Walltite Product

WALLTITE® (CC Commercial)

High-performance SPF insulating air and vapor barrier system

BASF Skytite Insulation


SPF suitable for insulating surfaces of roofs

Low-GWP Earth Leaf

HFO-based SPF

Closed-cell SPF insulation and roofing systems for lower environmental impact


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BASF Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

BASF SPF is a category of high-performance spray foam insulation and air barrier material that delivers multiple benefits in one application. BASF insulation provides high R-values, prevents air transmission and increases building strength. BASF insulation makes buildings more comfortable, energy efficient and cost-effective. Purchase BASF SPF at your local Service Partners branch today.

BASF is a chemical manufacturing company that produces spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation for both residential and commercial applications to create durable, energy-efficient buildings.

High Performance Spray Foam Insulation

BASF manufactures both closed-cell and open-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) products. Installers can choose the right SPF system for their building. There are a wide range of SPF foam insulation offerings that meet specific site and surface requirements. BASF also offers waterproofing and damp-proofing coating materials that can stand up to time and wet or damp climates.

Preferred Quality Products

BASF products are high quality, proven systems. BASF products have a long history of high quality performance and are subject to rigorous ISO 9001 quality management. Additionally, BASF products are the preferred products as designated by Professional Builder Magazine. When you choose BASF products, you know you are choosing insulation that will provide the performance you need for a long time after it is installed.

BASF Supplies Near You

With over 75 locations throughout the United States, Service Partners is a convenient distributor of BASF supplies. Additionally, BASF’s WALLTITE system is one of the most highly specified insulating air barrier assemblies in the design community, and it is available through Service Partners to applicators certified by ABAA in spray foam air barrier systems. Contact your local Service Partners branch to purchase BASF products.

Service Partners is the primary distributor of BASF spray foam products, including both open-cell and closed-cell SPF insulation systems. BASF products available through Service Partners include ENERTITE, SPRAYTITE, WALLTITE and SKYTITE.


ENERTITE is a low-density open-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. ENERTITE is applied as a liquid, making it easy to put in hard to reach areas including around pipes and wiring. It expands to many times its original size to completely fill cavities, and it creates a seamless seal. ENERTITE is environmentally friendly, affordable and energy efficient.


SPRAYTITE is a closed-cell, spray-applied polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation and air barrier material. Installing SPRAYTITE improves a building’s energy efficiency, comfort and durability. It emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It resists mold, mildew and pest infestations while improving thermal comfort and reducing air and moisture leakage. Use SPRAYTITE to create a safer, healthier indoor environment.

WALLTITE® (CC Commercial)

WALLTITE is a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) based airtight insulation system. This two-component closed-cell system utilizes an EPA approved, zero ozone-depleting blowing agent. WALLTITE eliminates uncontrolled air leakage, improves comfort and safety and improves structural strength. It reduces condensation, moisture and mold problems. WALLTITE is installed only by ABAA approved applicators with third-party quality control inspection.


SKYTITE Series roof foams are high-density SPF products utilizing EPA-approved, zero ozone-depleting blowing agents, including new low-GWP solutions that have superior performance, coverage and field characteristics. SKYTITE roof foams are designed for use as insulation in a low-slope roofing system for commercial and residential exterior roof deck applications. SKYTITE is water-resistant and may help to reduce urban heat island effect and improve energy efficiency.

WALLTITE HP+® (Closed-Cell SPF)

WALLTITE HP+ is a medium-density, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam system designed for use in residential High Performance wall assemblies. The WALLTITE closed-cell product portfolio utilizes EPA-approved, zero ozone-depleting blowing agents, including the new WALLTITE LWP, a low-GWP solution that helps lower the carbon footprint of buildings and may contribute sustainablilty benefits or LEED points in green building rating systems. The WALLTITE Air Barrier System (ABS) provides multiple control layers a single assembly – air barrier, vapor retarder, weather resistant barrier, drainage plane and continuous, monolithic insulation performance.


SPRAYTITE Comfort Series is the low global warming potential (low-GWP), HFO blowing agent-based technology available to the market for improved environmental performance, to address regulatory concerns on HFC-based spray foams. These next generation technologies are the highest performance insulations available, providing maximum thermal values, greatest coverage and efficiency with the highest lift options available, as well as complete credentials for all construction market needs. Take COMFORT in the dependable spray foam chemistry from BASF, now as part of the most comprehensive portfolio of HFO-based products available on the market today.

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