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Why Midwest Fastener?

Midwest Fastener is your trusted, nationwide fastener supplier with a proven history of success, strong core values, and a commitment to world-class quality.

A Proven History of Success

As a leading fastener supplier since 1967, Midwest Fastener’s partners champion its brand as world-class, helping them excel in their market.

Strong Core Values

Midwest Fastener attributes its success to its core values, including integrity, reliability, customer focus, innovation, passion, professionalism, and employee investment.

Commitment to World-Class Quality

Midwest Fastener focuses on being the best at what it does: fasteners. It is committed to providing the highest quality fastener products on the market and exceeding expectations every time.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter the fasteners, nuts, bolts, and other components you need, Midwest Fastener is your trusted, nationwide provider of top-quality fasteners.

We Carry Top Midwest Fastener Products

Midwest Fastener Self-Locking Insulation Washers

Self-Locking Insulation Washers

Used in conjunction with self-sticking and perforated base hangers to secure insulation

Midwest Fastener Insulation Hangers

Insulation Hangers

Used to fasten and support insulation materials during installation


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Fasteners for Insulation Contractors

Insulation contractors have a wide range of needs during the installation process, and fasteners are at the top of the list. Midwest Fasteners is your source for top-quality self-locking insulation washers and insulation hangers. These products help you secure and install your insulation in every location needed, with quality you can trust to last through the years.

Midwest Fastener is a world-class fastener provider that is committed to excellence in products and services, helping meet the needs of contractors nationwide.

High-Quality Fasteners for Every Need

Midwest Fastener is focused on delivering the highest quality products with competitive pricing and an extensive, ever-expanding product line of over 40,000 SKUs. Midwest Fastener aims to be every hardware store and contractor’s go-to fastener supplier, carrying an extensive line of essential fasteners, such as construction fasteners, bulk drywall screws, assorted nuts and bolts, and more.

A Leading, Nationwide Fastener Supplier

Midwest Fastener is built on a commitment to quality, excellence in service, and success in merchandising, focusing on helping grow its customers’ businesses. It has over 600,000 square feet of efficiently utilized warehouse space to get you the products you need when you need them. You can trust its proven track record of quality, service, and brand recognition.

Midwest Fastener Supplies Near You

When you’re in need of insulation fasteners, such as self-locking washers and insulation hangers, look no further than your local Service Partners branch for the Midwest Fastener supplies you need. We’ll help you find and choose the right fasteners for your needs and get them to you when you need them. To get Midwest Fastener supplies today, contact your local branch now!

Midwest Fastener has an ever-growing line of over 40,000 SKUs, and Service Partners is your go-to source for its top-quality self-locking insulation washers and insulation hangers.

Self-Locking Insulation Washers

Midwest Fastener is your go-to choice for self-locking insulation washers. These top-quality fasteners are trusted for performance and quality by contractors across the U.S. Self-locking insulation washers are helpful in a wide range of applications and construction types. They are your ally in securing and installing insulation in conjunction with both self-sticking and perforated base insulation hangers.

Insulation Hangers

Midwest Fastener carries a variety of insulation hangers, which are supports that are cut from carbon steel spring wire for optimum flexibility and strength. They can be made from a variety of materials and come in many different sizes. Midwest Fastener’s insulation hangers are trusted to provide secure installation of insulation, no matter the application or construction type you’re working in.

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