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Blown-in Wood Fiber Insulation

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Blown-in Wood Fiber Insulation

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About Blown-in Wood Fiber Insulation

  • Service Partners is the first and largest national distributor of blown-in wood fiber insulation.
  • Optimal for attic spaces and dense pack in wall, floor, and ceiling cavities
  • Versatile acoustic and thermal solution for residential and commercial projects
  • Fire retardant with ASTM E84 Class A Flame Spread and Smoke Development Index
  • Stable R-value with functional size and shape for interlocking wood fibers
  • Easy application with insulation blowers that are already on the market

About Blown-In Wood Fiber Insulation

Blown-in wood fiber insulation is an affordable, carbon-negative solution for homes and commercial buildings. It is used in places such as attics and stud cavities.

What Is Blown-in Wood Fiber Insulation?

Wood blown-in insulation is made of softwood chips that are transformed into a loose-bodied fiber. It is then blended with borate, making it flame retardant, and an inhibitor to mold and mildew growth. Blown-in wood fiber insulation comes in poly bags weighing approximately 25 lbs and can be stacked on pallets for shipping for larger projects.

We Carry The Blown-In Wood Fiber Insulation Brands You Want

Service Partners is the leading distributor for insulation needs, including blown-in wood fiber insulation products. We’re a trusted partner of contractors with our high-quality products that are suitable for home or commercial projects. We have the top blown-in wood fiber insulation brands, like TimberHP, available for distribution. Contact your local Service Partners branch to get blown-in wood fiber insulation supplies today! Product availability varies by geography and branch location. Please contact your local branch for availability.

Blown-In Wood Fiber Insulation Supplies Near You

Service Partners has an expansive stock of blown-in wood fiber insulation accessories for any of your residential and commercial project needs. You can find experts on insulation products at your local Service Partners branch who will be happy to answer any questions you may have and set up your order for insulation. Find your closest branch and contact us today. Product availability varies by geography and branch location. Please contact your local branch for availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is blown-in wood fiber insulation normally used?
Blown-in wood fiber insulation is a loose fill and dense pack insulation for attics and stud cavities. Using installation blowers, the blown-in wood insulation can easily be distributed in hard-to-reach spaces. Contractors commonly use blown-in insulation products for absorbing and softening sound transmission for both residential and commercial projects.
What are the R-values for blown-in wood fiber insulation?
Blown-in wood fiber insulation comes in an R-value of approximately 3.8 per inch. There are brands that offer cavity insulation R-value in dense pack applications and loose-fill R-value in attic installs, making it a versatile product for many projects. Service Partners can help you to find the product with the appropriate R-value for your project.
In what geographies can blown-in wood fiber batt insulation be used?
Blown-in wood fiber insulation is a product that is effective in climates throughout the United States. From the freezing weather of Boston to heat-prone Fresno, blown-in wood fiber insulation can be used. Service Partners has locations throughout the country and will help you find the products that work for you.

Blown-In Wood Fiber Insulation Benefits

Blown-in wood fiber insulation is a solution that fulfills construction and sustainability needs. It provides insulation solutions for residential and commercial buildings in attics, ceilings, and more.

Stable R-Value

R-values are assigned to insulation products prior to installation and it is important that they retain those values to provide the functionality of insulation. Blown-in wood fiber insulation has stable R-values with interlocking loose fill insulation fibers which reduce air pockets, risk of settling, and a changed R-value.

Fire Protection

Blown-in wood fiber insulation is often blended with borate during the manufacturing process. The addition of this compound allows the product to achieve an ASTM E84 Class A flame spread and smoke development index. Both blown-in wood fiber insulation and borate are non-toxic materials, making the end product a safe and environmentally-friendly solution.

Energy Saving by Nature

Blown-in wood fiber insulation can save energy during installation and after installation. Fill insulation products have more insulating power per pound, saving valuable energy when using insulation-blowing machines. After installation, blown-in wood fiber insulation cuts energy costs with its low thermal conductivity and high heat transfer capacity for different climates.

Moisture Managing

Wood fiber can absorb and store (and later release) moisture, resulting in increased interior comfort. Moisture passes through, reducing the risk of mold, rot, and allergens. Timber products also effectively redistribute unwanted condensation or moisture build-up evenly.

Sound Protection

Stand-alone and assembly solution for reducing airborne and impact noise.

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