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About Flashing

  • Thin layer of waterproof material
  • Used in conjunction with other materials like house wrap, felt, or continuous insulation
  • Ensures water does not penetrate into unwanted areas
  • Placed near intentional holes like chimneys, vent pipes, windows and doors
  • Made from materials including aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and PVC

About Flashing

Flashing is an impervious material to prevent the passage of water and air into a structure. It is made from a wide variety of materials.

What is Flashing?

Flashing is any type of material that surrounds an intentional hole in a structure and is put in place to keep water out. It is used around chimneys, vent pipes, windows and doors. It makes structures more durable and prevents moisture damage including mold. Flashing can be made from aluminum, copper, lead covered copper, galvanized steel and PVC.

We Carry the Flashing Brands You Want

Service Partners carries two common types of flashing made by Dupont. We sell Dupont’s WEATHERMATE flashing, in addition to their liquid flashing product LIQUIDARMOR. To determine which flashing product is right for your project, contact your local Service Partners branch. We will recommend the flashing type that will work best to keep water out.

Flashing Supplies Near You

Service Partners makes it easy to get the flashing supplies you need for your residential or commercial construction project. With 75 branches nation-wide, we have a location near you that has flashing available for same day pickup or next day delivery. Contact your local Service Partner location to get more information about flashing supplies.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is flashing normally used?
In modern buildings, flashing is used around intentional holes. Examples of these holes include chimneys, windows, doors, vents, and pipes. It can also be used on roofs and walls. Flashing is used any place where you need to keep water out. Flashing carries water over crevices, cracks and gaps on its way to the ground.
Why use flashing?
Flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material that keeps water from getting into places where it doesn’t belong. Without flashing, water can enter roofs and walls with the potential to cause long-term damage, rot and mold. Flashing is usually used in conjunction with other materials like house wrap, felt and caulking.
What are the benefits of using flashing?
Flashing is designed to keep water out and to prevent water and air from damaging homes, businesses and other structures. If flashing is not installed or if it is installed incorrectly, water and air can cause premature deterioration of a structure. It is a critical element in protecting areas from water damage.
In what geographies can flashing be used?
Flashing is used in all geographic markets. Any intentional opening in a roof or wall is usually surrounded by flashing to ensure no water penetration. Because flashing is needed throughout the United States, Service Partners makes it easy to get the flashing supplies you need with same day pickup at our 90 nation-wide locations or with next day delivery.
Can flashing be used in residential or commercial construction?
Flashing is used in both residential and commercial construction. It is used in most types of structures because it is used around doors, windows and other intentional holes in the building envelope. Flashing can be exposed or concealed. There are a variety of materials used as flashing depending on the location and shape of the opening.

Flashing Benefits

The primary benefit of flashing is that it keeps water out of unwanted areas and around intentional holes. It also provides air sealing protection.

Prevent Water Penetration

It is necessary to put holes into buildings for things like windows, doors, chimneys, pipes and more. However, it’s also necessary to keep water from entering a structure around these openings. Flashing helps redirect water over and around these holes so it doesn’t enter and cause damage or mold. It is often used in conjunction with other materials to create a complete weather barrier.

Many Applications

Flashing is used in both residential and commercial construction. There are a variety of materials used for flashing so that it can fit around chimneys, doors, windows, vents, and pipes. Newer types of flashing are flexible and very easy to work with, making it easier to install and more effective as a barrier.

Variety of Materials

Metal flashing materials include aluminum, copper, lead and galvanized steel. Metal flashing needs to have expansion joints and should not react chemically with adjacent materials. Flexible flashing materials include rubberized asphalt, and flexible flashing can be quickly and easily installed. Flexible flashing can conform to complex geometries for superior water resistance.

Flashing Types

We carry WEATHERMATE Flashing, a product made by Dupont.


WEATHERMATE flashing is a self-adhering flexible type of flashing. It can be used in conjunction with other WEATHERMATE Brand Weatherization solutions like housewrap. The durable tape sticks well to wood, insulating sheathing, housewrap and concrete. WEATHERMATE can be applied in temperatures as low as 30º F. It also offers UV resistance.

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