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Blended Cellulose Insulation

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Blended Cellulose Insulation

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About Blended Cellulose Insulation

  • Environmentally Friendly – 85% recycled Newspaper
  • Non-Toxic, Non- Corrosive, and Non-Irritating
  • Superior Sound Protection
  • Improves energy efficiency and lowers energy costs
  • Treated with borates and aluminum sulfate for fire-blocking qualities
  • Best for attic and net and blow applications (do not wet-spray this product)

About Blended Cellulose Insulation

Blended cellulose insulation is created using a blend of borates and ammonium sulfate, providing excellent fire blocking qualities, and it is typically found in open attic applications.

What Is Blended Cellulose Insulation?

Blended cellulose insulation is a widely used insulation product made up of a blend of borates and ammonium sulfate, making it a highly rated fire blocking insulation product that helps resist the spread of flames. Blended cellulose insulation manufacturers use a blend of these two chemicals to reduce the cost of the final product. It is typically applied in open attic applications in residential construction, but it can be blown into wall cavities and mid-floor applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is blended cellulose insulation normally used?
Blended cellulose insulation is an insulation product that is typically used in open attic applications in residential construction, but it can be used in other applications, such as wall cavities using dense pack or netting or an added adhesive and in mid-floor applications, as well as in commercial construction.
What are the R-values for blended cellulose insulation?
Blended cellulose insulation is a blown-in insulation product, which means that the R-value is flexible and controlled by the installation process. The R-value performance is simply a matter of depth of material installed, so the more depth of product applied, the higher the R-value.
In what geographies can blended cellulose insulation be used?
Since the R-value for blended cellulose insulation is determined by how much of this insulation product is applied, blended cellulose insulation can be used in any climate zone. To find out what R-value your climate zone needs, contact your local Service Partners team today!
Can blended cellulose insulation be used in residential or commercial construction?
Blended cellulose insulation is a great insulation product for both residential and commercial construction. Although it is normally found in residential construction, blended cellulose insulation can be utilized as a blown-in insulation product in attics, wall cavities, and mid-floors in any construction type.

Blended Cellulose Insulation Benefits

Blended cellulose insulation is an insulation product with a flexible R-value and great fire rating that is known for its ability to seal cracks and small spaces.

Flexible R-Value

One of the top benefits of blended cellulose insulation is that since it is applied in a loose, blown-in form, it has a flexible R-value to fit whatever needs of the climate area you’re in. Simply add more material to the area to increase the R-value and performance of the product.

Great Fire Safety Rating

Blended cellulose insulation is an insulation product that is known for its flame retardant capabilities, due to its mixture of borates and ammonium sulfate. This gives it a high fire rating that contractors are looking to utilize in both residential and commercial construction in climates all over the U.S.

Top Choice for Sealing Cracks and Small Spaces

Unlike many other insulation products, blended cellulose insulation is able to fill in tight spaces and cracks in any area of a home or building of any type, due to its ability to be applied loosely. This helps provide excellent air filtration capabilities, which keeps energy costs low and increases efficiency.

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