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Door Weatherization

DDA Extrusion Door Weatherization
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Door Weatherization

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About Door Weatherization

  • Improve a home or building’s HVAC system efficiency
  • Improve a home or building’s plumbing system efficiency
  • Lower energy and water costs, both monthly and over time
  • Improve the comfort of the interior spaces
  • Decrease a building’s air loss by sealing air gaps

About Door Weatherization

Door weatherization products, such as door sweeps, door thresholds, and door weather stripping are utilized to improve a building’s energy efficiency by sealing air gaps and leaks.

What Is Door Weatherization?

Door weatherization is the process of sealing air gaps in doors by replacing door sweeps and thresholds, as well as utilizing weather stripping products, on commercial and residential exterior doors. Door weatherization is most commonly used in extreme hot and cold climates, but it can be found in all areas of the U.S. to improve HVAC and plumbing system efficiency, reduce resource use, lower overall energy and water costs, and improve interior comfort.

We Carry the Door Weatherization Brands You Want

Service Partners is a nationwide weatherization product supplier with accessories of all types available for weatherproofing doors, including commercial door weather stripping, exterior door weather stripping, and door bottom weather stripping, such as replacement door sweeps and door thresholds from top brands like Columbia Aluminum Products and DDA Extrusion. Let your local Service Partners branch help you find everything you need to create a more energy efficient home or building. Contact us today!

Door Weatherization Supplies Near You

When you are looking for door weatherization supplies for your home or building, Service Partners has what you need, when you need it. Get next-day delivery and service and choose from over 75 local branches to find the best door sweep, threshold and weather stripping products for weatherproofing your doors. We’d love to assist you in any way we can. Contact your local team today!

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use door weatherization?
Door weatherization is useful for improving a home or building’s energy efficiency, since 50-70% of a home’s energy is lost through air leakage. When using weatherization products like thresholds, weather stripping, and door sweeps, you can help cut down on those energy losses, especially in extreme weather months and climates.
Where in a building or home is door weatherization normally used?
Door weatherization is used on exterior doors in both buildings and homes. It is common to weatherproof doors in extreme climate zones in the U.S., both hot and cold, and to weatherproof doors, homeowners and contractors can utilize door sweeps, door thresholds, and weather stripping products.
What are the benefits of using door weatherization?
There are many benefits to using door weatherization, when exterior doors are a main source of air loss in a building or home. Since 50-70% of a home’s energy is lost through air leakage, sealing gaps in windows and doors can help improve air loss, increase energy efficiency, cut down on wasted resources, and lower monthly and overall utility costs.
In what geographies can door weatherization be used?
Door weatherization is utilized in all geographies across the United States, in buildings of all shapes and sizes. However, door weatherization is most prevalent in more extreme climate zones. Extreme weather causes energy costs to rise and resources to be wasted if gaps are not sealed properly on doors and windows.
Can door weatherization be used in residential or commercial construction?
Door weatherization is able to be utilized by homeowners and contractors for both residential and commercial construction, in all geographies across the U.S. – but popularly in extreme climates. To find out how to utilize door weatherization on your commercial or residential project, contact your local Service Partners team today!

Door Weatherization Benefits

When you use door weatherization on your home or building, you can improve the air loss, improve energy efficiency, and improve overall comfort.

Improve Air Loss

Air leakage is a huge problem in both residential and commercial buildings, and door weatherization can greatly improve air loss by tightly sealing gaps around exterior doors. Utilize weather stripping, door sweeps, and door thresholds to help cut down on air loss and energy costs, especially in extreme weather climates and seasons.

Improve Energy Efficiency

When a home or building is leaking air, it is reducing its energy efficiency, which can greatly increase energy costs, both monthly and over time. Since 50-70% of a home’s energy is lost through air leakage, sealing air leaks with door weatherization can significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of a home or building.

Improve Overall Comfort

It’s hard to be comfortable indoors when you can feel the outdoor elements, especially in extreme heat or extreme cold seasons. No matter what climate you’re in, door weatherization can greatly improve the overall comfort of the interior of a building by sealing gaps, allowing the HVAC system to properly air condition or heat a home or building.

Door Weatherization Accessory Types

Service Partners is your go-to supplier for door weatherization accessories of all types, including door thresholds, door sweeps, and weather stripping products.

Door Thresholds

Leaky thresholds don’t allow proper door closure and are a common cause of air leakage in all construction types. Plus, they are a security concern. Service Partners has a variety of door thresholds in stock to promote occupant comfort, improve energy efficiency, and increase building security. Contact your local branch for availability today!

Door Sweeps

If a door is getting stuck or dragging on the floor or ground, it can reduce HVAC efficiency, and you should consider replacing the door sweep to improve the overall energy efficiency of a home or building. Service Partners is your source for door repair products to improve energy efficiency. Find out what door sweeps work for your project by calling your local branch today!

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is one of the first items to fail on an exterior door, both commercial and residential. Fortunately, weather stripping is a simple fix and can be done at a very low cost to improve energy efficiency. Consider kerf, santoprene flap or bulb weather stripping, which are available from your local Service Partners branch. Contact us to learn more today!

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