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As a leading distributor of insulation accessories in the nation, we have a wide range of supplies to fit your project needs.

Insulation Accessories
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The Insulation Accessories Supplies You Need

Insulation Tools and Equipment

Get the right spray foam insulation equipment, insulation fasteners and other tools to make your project more efficient

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Personal Safety

Stay safe on the job. Service Partners sells glasses, respirators, hard hats and more, as well as fall protection equipment

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Insulation Support Materials

Materials like fasteners, mesh and netting designed to keep insulation in place

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Insulation Machinery

Improve the installation of spray foam and blown-in insulation with the right blowing wool machines, spray foam rigs, and more

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Foam Sealants and Cleaners

One and two part sealants for insulating, sealing and fireblocking

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Caulk and Sealants

Used to seal cracks between similar or dissimilar building materials

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Baffles and Vents

Restrict movement of water, air or vapor between spaces

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Adhesives and Tapes

Used to adhere insulation and seal seams, gaps and tears

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Barriers and Facings

Restrict movement of water, air or vapor between spaces

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Fireproofing Products

Make your projects resistant to fire with our wide variety of fireblock materials, including insulation, sealant, barriers, coatings and more

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Protect a building and its interior from the elements

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Do You Have Everything You Need for Your Next Job?

When you are installing insulation, you want to have all the necessary supplies on hand in order to complete the job in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Service Partners sells high quality insulation tools and accessories for a wide variety of jobs – both large and small.

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Common Accessories


Products designed for safety to slow the spread of fire

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Personal Safety

Protect workers from injury with proper safety equipment

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Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Tools and equipment needed for working with spray foam insulation

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Product Types

About Insulation Accessories

Insulation accessories are products that are used to install insulation and other building materials. They provide for safe, efficient installation of all aspects of insulation.

What are Insulation Accessories?

Insulation accessories refers to a broad category of tools and fasteners used to install insulation and other materials. These insulation tools include sealants, support materials, barriers and facings, safety equipment, adhesives and tapes. These high quality accessories ensure that your projects are completed successfully.

We Carry the Insulation Accessory Brands You Want

Service Partners stocks only the very best in insulation tools and accessories. We carry supplies from trusted brands such as Intec, 3M, Dupont, Certainteed and Krendl. Our local sales staff understands the latest trends and stocks the newest tools, equipment and accessories available.

Insulation Accessories Near You

Service Partners has the widest selection of insulation accessories and tools available. We can provide these accessories to you for immediate pickup at one of our 75-plus nationwide branches. Or, if needed, we can customize a delivery direct to your office or jobsite. We make it easy to get the insulation accessories you need to keep your job moving smoothly.

Insulation Accessory Benefits

Insulation accessories and tools are necessary supplies when you are completing an insulation project. Get everything you need from Service Partners quickly and easily.

Wide Insulation Accessory Selection

Insulation accessories and tools are a necessary part of any insulation installation project. Service Partners carries everything you need for any size job. Our accessories include barriers and facings, foam sealants, insulation support materials, fasteners, firestop protection, adhesives, tapes, caulks and more. Need a recommendation on which product to use? Your local Service Partners professionals can help.

Available for Immediate Pick-Up

When you need insulation tools and accessories quickly, there’s no need to wait. Contact your local Service Partners branch and let us know what supplies you need. We give you access to these materials for immediate pick-up. We are the leading distributor of residential and commercial insulation supplies, and we have over 75 locations nationwide to serve you.

Delivered to Your Job Site

Too busy on the job to make it in to a Service Partners branch to pick-up supplies? No problem! We want to keep your projects running on time. Contact your local Service Partners professionals, and we can customize a delivery direct to your office or jobsite. You will have all the tools and supplies you need without losing any time driving to pick them up.

Insulation Accessory Types

As a leading distributor of insulation accessories in the nation, we have a wide range of supplies to fit your project needs.

Barriers & Facings

Barriers and facings are generally used to restrict or prohibit vapor, wind and water transmission between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. These products include poly film, kraft paper and composite materials. Requirements and applications for barriers and facings vary based on general building codes as well as local code requirements.

Foam, Sealants & Cleaners

Service Partners has many types of foam sealants that can be used in residential and commercial applications. These include both one-part and two-part foam sealants that are used to insulate, air seal and fireblock in new construction and retrofit projects. We also sell the tools, applicators, supplies and cleaners used along with foam sealants.

Insulation Support Materials

Insulation support materials are designed to keep insulation in place. Insulation support materials can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. Mesh or netting can be used to provide a semi-rigid surface to fill open cavities with loose-filled insulation. Mesh and netting can also be used to support insulation so it does not move out of place due to gravity.

Insulation Machinery

Insulation machines can be used to improve overall efficiency of installing spray foam and blown-in insulation. Insulation machinery includes power generation products, blowing wool machines, spray foam rigs, and spray foam equipment. Spray foam and blow-in insulation are often utilized in roofs, attics, ceilings, walls, and fireproofing.

Tools & Equipment

Service Partners sells many different types of tools and equipment used for the installation as well as the removal of insulation. Tools are used to cut, fasten, adhere and spray insulation or other materials. We also sell equipment used to pneumatically blow, mix or spray insulations requiring pressures or other applications that cannot be performed by hand.

Fire Proofing Products

Fire protection systems are used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistant walls or floors. They should be used in all structures to slow and stop the spread of heat, smoke and fire. They provide extra time for building occupants to safely evacuate in case of emergency. Fireproofing products include supplies like firestop and fireblock, fire-rated cable pathways, composite sheets and more.

Baffles & Vents

Baffles and vents are used to promote airflow in an attic space. Rafter vents channel the air from the soffit through the insulation. This keeps attics cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Baffles and vents prevent the build up of moisture and are easily installed in traditional and finished attics as well as cathedral ceilings. We sell ProVent, Durovent and cardboard baffles.

Personal Safety

Service Partners offers a comprehensive line of safety and fall protection products suitable for both home use and contractor use. Our product lines include dust masks, respirators, hard hats, glasses and goggles, ear protection and foot protection. We also sell fall protection equipment including harnesses and lanyards. In case an emergency does arise, you can be prepared with a first aid kit and a portable eyewash station.

Adhesives & Tapes

Adhesives are most commonly used to adhere insulation to a substrate such as wood, metal or concrete when fasteners like staples or nails cannot be used. The most popular adhesives are spray adhesives that are applied before installation of insulation. Tapes are commonly used to seal seams, gaps and tears in barriers or facings. Service Partners selection of tapes varies in strength and color.

Caulks & Sealants

Caulks and sealants both seal cracks between similar or dissimilar building materials. Sealants like silicone are more elastic and maintain a more effective seal when weatherproofing a building. While caulk does not provide as sustainable a seal, it can be painted and is much easier to clean.


Weatherization or weatherproofing is the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements. These elements include sunlight, precipitation and wind. Weatherization also refers to the modification of a building to reduce energy consumption and to optimize energy efficiency. Accessories in this category include door sweeps, backer rods, sill sealers, sealants and other items designed to inhibit air movement.

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