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Sill Seal

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About Sill Seal

  • Provides a gasket on exterior walls
  • Fills the gap between the sill plate and foundation wall
  • Creates a tight, uniform fit
  • Eliminates heat loss from air infiltration
  • Durable and moisture resistant

About Sill Seal

Sill seal is installed between the sill plate and the foundation wall. It seals the gap to prevent air, moisture, insects and other penetrations.

What is Sill Seal?

Sill seal is a gasket installed on exterior walls to fill the gap between the sill plate and the foundation wall. It creates a tight, uniform fit and eliminates heat loss due to air penetration. It is made of polyethylene foam, and it is durable and moisture-resistant. It can be used in new construction and retrofit applications.

We Carry the Sill Seal Brands You Want

Service Partners carries the Owens Corning (OC) brand of sill seal product. It is called the Owens Corning FoamSealR sill gasket. Approximately two rolls of FoamSealR covers the average house. If you have questions about using sill seal products, contact your local Service Partners professional. We are happy to share information on using and installing sill seal.

Sill Seal Supplies Near You

If you need sill seal supplies for a construction project, you can count on Service Partners to have everything you need. Not only do we sell OC FoamSealR, we also sell all the tools and supplies you need to install your sill seal product. We have over 75 locations with same day pickup and next day delivery to make getting your sill seal supplies quick and convenient.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is sill seal normally used?
Sill seal is typically used between the sill plate and the foundation wall. It can also be used around headers and other areas where cavity insulation is difficult to achieve. Sill seal provides resilient sealing in new and retrofit construction. It is installed below floor joists and held in place using anchor bolts.
Why use sill seal?
There is a natural gap that occurs between the sill plate and the foundation wall. Sill seal is a gasket that is installed to provide a tight, uniform seal that eliminates heat loss from air infiltration. It provides energy-saving performance. Sill seal also resists moisture penetration and keeps insects out.
What are the benefits of using sill seal?
Sill seal helps maintain the energy effectiveness of a structure. It keeps air from entering and exiting the gap between the sill plate and the foundation. Sill seal is durable and moisture-resistant. It also provides a barrier to prevent insects from entering a building. A high quality sill seal will last effectively for years.
Can sill seal be used in residential or commercial construction?
Sill seal is typically used in residential construction. Sill seal is used as part of a whole home insulation system designed to keep a structure energy efficient. It can be installed in new construction as well as retrofit construction. Sill seal is typically installed on top of the foundation wall in residential building projects.

 Sill Seal Benefits

Sill seal provides a tight fit that keeps air, moisture, insects and more out. It is durable so it will provide years of protection.

Many Applications

Sill seal is used between the sill plate and foundation wall, and it can also be used around headers and other areas where cavity insulation is difficult to achieve. Some of its other uses include as a window and door frame opening sealer and as protective wrap for water pipes. It can be installed as an expansion joint in concrete and masonry.

High Quality Seal

When sill seal is used to fill a gap, it creates a tight, uniform fit. This prevents the penetration of things like air, water, vapors, insects and more. The prevention of air loss allows a building to function more energy efficiently. It provides protection from sill plate rot, and it is highly durable.

Easy to Install

Sill sealer can be used in both new and retrofit construction, and it is easy to install. Simply smooth the surface of the foundation wall and brush off loose debris. Unroll the sill seal on top of the foundation wall. Butt all ends and perpendicular joints tightly. Use anchor bolts to set and anchor the sill plate to the foundation wall.

Sill Seal Accessory Types

Sill seal is made of polyethylene foam that is durable and moisture-resistant. It will remain intact for years of energy savings after installation.

Foam Roll

OC FoamSealR is a foam roll sill gasket made from polyethylene foam. It is easy to install without the need for special tools. It resists moisture and air penetration and helps seal out insects. Each roll is 82″ long, and OC FoamSealR is available in several widths to fit your application.

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