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Rolls of adhesive used for a variety of bonding solutions

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Spray adhesives and construction adhesives used to bind items together

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Where Adhesives and Tapes are Used

Adhesives and tapes can generally be used anywhere. Adhesive tape and adhesive glue can be used both inside and outside. However, it is necessary to  consider the climate when selecting and adhesive or tape product as some products do not work as well in cooler temperatures.

Adhesive and Tape Applications

Adhesives and tapes have so many applications. They can be used by contractors working on big or small residential and commercial projects. Because there are so many different types of adhesive solutions available, it is important to match the adhesive tape or adhesive glue you choose for your project, materials and budget.

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Common Accessories

Service Partners Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

Wide web spray adhesive for temporary and permanent bonding on uneven, porous surfaces and weighted materials

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Multi-purpose construction adhesive for bonding all types of paneling to structurally sound surfaces

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Facing Tapes

Use with air and vapor barriers along with drainage plane building materials

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About Adhesives and Tapes

Adhesives and tapes form a seal and bond items together. There are a wide variety of adhesives and tapes available for all types of projects.

What are Adhesives and Tapes?

Adhesive tape consists of a material called a backing or carrier that is coated with an adhesive. Adhesives like glue and cement are substances applied to surfaces of two separate items to bind them together. Both adhesive tapes and glues can be used to form temporary or permanent bonds, depending on the product used.

We Carry the Adhesive and Tape Brands You Want

Service Partners carries high quality adhesive tapes and glue products from many different manufacturers. This allows us to carry adhesives that work with a variety of substrates  and a variety of applications. Some of the most popular brands of adhesives and tapes we carry are from 3M, Camie-Campbell, ECHOtape, Covalence, Raven Industries and Franklin International.

Adhesive and Tape Supplies Near You

When you are looking for adhesive tape or adhesive glue, you want to be able to select the right product and have it ready for your jobsite quickly and easily. At Service Partners, we understand that. We have 75-plus locations nationwide, and we can have adhesives and tapes ready for you with same day pickup or next day delivery.

Adhesive and Tape Benefits

Adhesives and tapes can be used for a wide variety of applications, both temporary and permanent. They can be used with many different materials.

A Variety of Applications

Tapes can be used for everything from common household tasks to specialty tasks like electrical work, installation of insulation, sealing pipes and more. Spray adhesives and glues are ideal for use on uneven or porous surfaces. Both tapes and glues can be used for lightweight to heavy duty projects and come in varieties that can create temporary and permanent bonds.

A Wide Range of Substrates

Adhesives and tapes can be used across a variety of materials. They can stick to metal, wood, paper, fabric, plastic, fiberglass and more. When you are choosing an adhesive or tape, one of the first steps is finding a product that matches the materials you are trying to adhere. Not sure which product matches a particular substrate? Service Partners can help.

Easy to Use

Tape is especially easy to apply either by hand or with a tape gun. Tapes and glues are both good at providing strong bonds between dissimilar surfaces. While adhesives can be a little messier than tape, the products that Service Partners carries make it a little easier. We sell spray adhesives as well as adhesives that come in caulk tubes.

Common Adhesive and Tape Questions

Want to know more about using adhesive and tape products? Service Partners is a leading provider of a variety of adhesive supplies.

Why use Adhesives and Tapes?

Adhesive tapes and adhesive glues have many different applications. They can be used in all types of buildings, both inside and outside. While some adhesives and tapes can be used to form a temporary bond, many adhesives and tapes create a strong, long-lasting bond. Some adhesives and tapes can also create airtight and watertight seals.

Where in a Building are Adhesives and Tapes Normally Used?

Adhesives and tapes can be used anywhere in a building – or even outside a building. To choose the right adhesive or tape product, consider your application as well as the performance level and longevity of the product you want to use. Adhesive tapes and glues can be used for everyday tasks as well as niche applications.

In What Geographies Can Adhesives and Tapes Be Used?

Adhesives and tapes can be used in all geographies. However, the tackiness of an adhesive or tape can be influenced by the temperature. Cooler conditions require tapes or glues designed for colder climates. Some adhesives also have air quality control restrictions, so it may be necessary to consult your local air quality control board before using them.

Can Adhesives and Tapes Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Adhesives and tapes can be used in all types of construction. They are appropriate for use in homes as well as commercial and industrial construction. They can be applied to walls, floors, sub-floors and ceilings. Both contractors and homeowners make use of adhesive tapes and glues.

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