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Materials like fasteners, mesh and netting designed to keep insulation in place

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Keeps insulation from falling out of installed cavities

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Where Insulation Support Materials are Used

Insulation supports like insulation netting and insulation mesh supports are used to hold insulation in place. They can be applied prior to, simultaneously with, or after insulation application. All support types can be installed horizontally or vertically but some types of supports have specific application uses.

Insulation Support Material Applications

Insulation supports keep insulation in place to ensure continued thermal performance. Wire supports are typically used for horizontal applications. Mechanical fasteners are used in vertical applications, and mesh can be used in either orientation. Insulation supports help resist gravity from pulling insulation down in all types of structures.

About Insulation Support Materials

Insulation supports are products used to keep insulation in place. They are particularly critical in areas where gravity can pull insulation down.

What are Insulation Support Materials?

Insulation support materials consist of products like mesh, mechanical fasteners and wire and strapping. They are used in both horizontal and vertical applications. They prevent gravity from pulling insulation out of place, and they help ensure the continued thermal performance of installed insulation. They are used in all types of structures that contain insulation.

We Carry the Insulation Support Material Brands You Want

Service Partners carries some of the most popular brands of insulation support materials. We carry mesh from Precision Converters and Hanes. Our mechanical fastener brands include Midwest Fasteners, GEMCO, Cascadia and OC. We sell wire and strapping from Santee Wire. Contact your local Service Partners branch for more information on these brands.

Insulation Support Materials Near You

Whether you need mesh, mechanical fasteners, wire and strapping, or a combination of these materials, Service Partners has the supplies you need. There’s no need to wonder where to buy insulation netting and other supports. With over 75 locations nationwide, we can supply insulation supports for all your projects. We offer same day pickup or next day delivery for your convenience.

Insulation Support Material Benefits

Insulation support materials hold insulation in place, both horizontally and vertically. These supports help keep insulation working properly so it retains maximum thermal performance.

Install Horizontally or Vertically

All insulation support materials can be installed both horizontally and vertically. However, wire supports are typically used in horizontal applications. Mechanical fasteners are used in vertical applications to keep MBI, rock wool, rigid board and mechanical insulations in place. Mesh is used in all orientations to keep loose-filled insulations from falling out.

Install Before, During and After Insulation

To use insulation netting and other insulation support materials, you’ll want to choose the right material for your application. Then, you’ll want to install it at the correct time. When used in with loose-filled insulations, supports are installed prior to insulation. When used with solid, formed, rolled or batt insulation, supports are installed simultaneously or after insulation.

Ensure Continued Thermal Performance

Insulation supports keep insulation in place so that gravity does not pull it down. Keeping insulation in place ensures that it continues to provide maximum thermal performance in a structure. Insulation supports work especially well in areas where the permanent covering will not come in direct contact with the insulation or where there is no permanent covering.

Common Insulation Support Material Questions

Barriers and facings are commonly used for protection from contact, air and water damage. They are used in many residential and commercial applications.

Why use Insulation Support Materials?

Insulation supports are used to keep insulation in place after installation and to ensure it provides thermal protection. Insulation supports help resist gravity from pulling insulation down in all types of structures. They can be installed vertically and horizontally. Insulation support materials can hold insulation to a variety of construction substrates.

Where in a Building are Insulation Support Materials Normally Used?

Insulation supports can be installed anywhere in a building where insulation needs to be secured. They can be applied prior to, simultaneously with, or after insulation application. They can be installed both vertically and horizontally in places like walls, ceilings and floors. You’ll also find them in rooms over garages and crawl spaces.

In What Geographies Can Insulation Support Materials Be Used?

There are no limitations to where insulation support materials can be used. They are suitable for all parts of the United States and all climates. Many can be used outdoors. Anywhere where you are installing insulation and want it to be secured from falling down, you can use insulation support materials like mesh, mechanical fasteners, and wire and strapping.

Can Insulation Support Materials Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Yes, insulation support materials are suitable for all types of construction including residential, commercial and industrial. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. Insulation support materials play an important role in helping insulation stay in place to deliver maximum thermal performance. To choose the right materials for your project, contact your local Service Partners branch.

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