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Air and Vapor Barriers and Retarders

Air and Vapor Barriers and Retarders
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Air and Vapor Barriers and Retarders

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About Air and Vapor Barriers and Retarders

  • Air barriers stop air leakage and resist differences in air pressure
  • Vapor barriers prevent moisture from reaching cooler air
  • Cost effective with minimal labor
  • Ideal for areas where structures cool in the summer and heat in the winter

About Air and Vapor Barriers and Retarders

Air and vapor barriers are designed to keep air and moisture out, respectively. They complete the assembly, which improves overall structural performance.

What are Air and Vapor Barriers?

Air and vapor barriers are membranes made with materials designed to keep air and/or moisture out. Some barriers can keep air, vapor and water out, while other materials are better for air and not moisture. Air tightness barriers can prevent convective heat loss and potential moisture damage due to air leaks.

We Carry the Air and Vapor Barrier Brands You Want

Service Partners carries air and vapor barriers and retarders from Henry Company as well as from CertainTeed. Henry Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems and has integrated air and vapor barriers. CertainTeed is a North American manufacturer of building materials including air and vapor barriers.

Air and Vapor Barrier Supplies Near You

Because air and vapor barrier or retarder needs can vary based on geographic location, contact your local Service Partners branch to receive a recommendation for the barrier or barriers appropriate for your project. With over 75 locations throughout the United States, we make it easy to get air and vapor barriers and retarders with same day pickup and next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are air and vapor barriers or retarders normally used?
Air barriers are required by code for each assembly, vapor barriers and retarders are required by code based on the climate zone for the building. Building assemblies include foundations, slabs, ground cover, walls, ceilings and roofs.
Why use air and vapor barriers and retarders?
An air barrier is used to stop air leakage and to resist differences in air pressure. Air barriers keep the indoor climate regulated by keeping outdoor air out and indoor air in. Vapor barriers prevent moisture from reaching cooler air and condensing because condensation can instigate moisture-related problems. Vapor retarders have a slightly higher permeability than vapor barriers and are preferred over vapor barriers in some climate zones.
What are the benefits of using air and vapor barriers and retarders?
Air and moisture barriers provide indoor comfort through completing the assemblies energy performance. Additionally, adding air and vapor barriers is cost effective with minimal labor. Air barriers resist air leakage, and vapor barriers restrict the flow of moisture and water vapor. A single material can function as both an air and moisture barrier or retarder.
In what geographies can air and vapor barriers and retarders be used?
Air barriers are required in all climate zones and geographic locations. Vapor barriers and vapor retarders are required by the building code depending on your climate zone and geographic locations. For more information on selecting an air barrier, a vapor barrier or vapor retarder that suits your building assembly needs, contact your local Service Partners branch.
Can air and vapor barriers be used in residential or commercial construction?
Air and vapor barriers are suitable for all types of residential and commercial construction. Air barriers are used in all climate zones. Vapor barriers are typically used in buildings that utilize summer cooling and winter heating. Barriers can be installed in ceilings, walls, basements, roofs and more.

Air and Vapor Barrier Benefits

Use air barriers to stop air leakage and maintain a consistent indoor climate. Use vapor barriers and retarders to prevent condensation and potential moisture-related problems.

Stop Air Leakage

Air barriers resist differences in air pressure. This means that your indoor climate will be better regulated. In other words, air barriers help keep the outdoor air out and the indoor air in. This makes a home or business much more energy efficient.

Prevent Moisture

Vapor barriers help prevent moisture and water vapor from reaching the cooler air. If moisture does reach cooler air, condensation can form, and this condensation can eventually lead to moisture-related problems. Vapor barriers have a permeance rating of 0.1 perm or less. Vapor retarders have a permeance between 0.1 perm and 1 perm.

Cost Effective

Air and vapor barriers make building assemblies perform better through air, moisture, heat and overall structural performance. One of the benefits to installing these barriers is that they are cost effective and require minimal labor. Air and vapor barriers provide indoor comfort and safety while improving building longevity. It is important to choose the right barrier for your geography, climate and building type, and Service Partners can help.

Air and Vapor Barrier and Retarder Types

Service Partners supplies several types of air barriers, weather barriers and vapor retarders. Select the right air and vapor barrier or retarder for your project needs.

Blueskin VP Air Barrier

Henry Blueskin VP is air tight, water tight and weather tight. It is a self-adhered vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier membrane. It is made from an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film. It can be fully adhered to wall substrates in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment.

Metal Clad Weather Barrier

Henry Metal Clad is a self-adhesive composite membrane of rubberized asphalt and dual-layers of high strength polyethylene with a surface layer of metallic aluminum film. The metallic surface provides excellent weather and UV resistance. It easily adheres to a variety of primed substrates. It is available in rolls in several widths.

MemBrain Vapor Retarder

MemBrain is a patented solution from CertainTeed that provides a continuous air barrier along with advanced moisture control. It remains tight in winter when the humidity is low, and increases permeability in summer to let moisture escape. MemBrain is perfect for wall cavities and ceilings (including cathedral ceilings) in homes and businesses.

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