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About Mesh

  • Designed and installed to hold insulation in place
  • Accompanies loose-fill insulation applications in walls, floors and ceilings
  • Allows installation of insulation at a higher density
  • Increases insulation R-values
  • Results in more contiguous insulation with higher performance

About Mesh

Mesh is used horizontally and vertically with loose-filled insulation to keep it from falling out of the cavity in which it is installed.

What is Mesh?

Mesh is a product that is installed in conjunction with loose-filled insulations. It can be used horizontally or vertically to ensure that insulation stays in place and does not fall out of the cavity in which it has been installed. The densities, consistencies and sizes of mesh vary. If you are installing the popular BIBS system, only specific meshes are approved.

We Carry the Mesh Brands You Want

Two of the leading manufacturers of mesh include Precision Converters and Hanes. Service Partners carries a variety of mesh products in different densities, consistencies and sizes. We have printed, unprinted, heavy duty, folded rolls and more. Let Service Partners help recommend the right mesh brand for your job.

Mesh Supplies Near You

When you are looking for mesh supplies to go along with your loose-fill insulation, Service Partners can provide what you need. We have over 75 convenient locations nationwide, and we offer same day pickup and next day delivery. Depending on your application, we can recommend the correct brand and style of mesh for the best performance.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is mesh normally used?
Mesh is used in places where loose-fill insulation is installed. This includes application in walls, floors and ceilings. Anywhere in a building when you want to keep insulation securely in place, you can install mesh. Mesh can be installed vertically and horizontally and takes the place of metal bars.
Why use mesh?
Insulation should be held in place for maximum effectiveness. Mesh holds insulation in place in ceilings, walls and floors, both horizontally and vertically. This type of insulation netting secures insulation without moving it around or deforming it. Mesh allows insulation R-values to remain at higher performance levels.
What are the benefits of using mesh?
Mesh holds insulation in place without the need for metal bars. Loose-filled insulation products can be installed in walls and ceilings at a higher density than without mesh. The resulting combination increases R-values and provides more contiguous insulation with higher performance. Mesh does not deform the insulation.
In what geographies can mesh be used?
Mesh can be used in all locations throughout the United States and is suitable for all climates. Selecting a mesh product to use with your insulation does not depend on geographic location. Instead, it is more important to select the density, consistency and size of mesh that fits your application.
Is mesh be used in residential or commercial construction?
Mesh can be used in all types of construction. However, it is most commonly used in residential construction. It is installed in floors, ceilings and walls. Mesh can be used to hold insulation in place both vertically and horizontally. Mesh helps improve insulation R-values in all types of structures.

Mesh Benefits

Mesh holds insulation in place both vertically and horizontally, and allows applications at a higher density which results in higher R-values.

Install in Any Direction

If you are installing insulation in a ceiling, wall or floor, you can hold it in place with mesh. Using mesh to hold insulation in place allows you to install loose-filled insulation both vertically and horizontally. With mesh, you can add additional insulation to provide higher performance.

Increase R-Value

With mesh, you can install additional loose-filled insulation into cavities in ceilings, walls and floors. This additional installation provides more contiguous insulation with higher performance. An increase in the density of the insulation installed results in a higher R-value, making a structure more energy efficient.

Better Than Other Insulation Supports

Using mesh eliminates the need for metal bars to hold insulation in place. Mesh does not rot or rust, and it doesn’t retain moisture. Once installed, mesh provides easy access in case the structure needs expansion or repairs. You can also use mesh as a backer to hold wet spray.

Mesh Accessory Types

Mesh is available in a variety of types, densities and sizes. If you are installing the BIBS system, only specific meshes can be used. Contact your local Service Partners for details.

Folded or Printed Mesh

Folded or printed mesh is an economical mesh for dense packing.


Insulweb from Hanes Engineered Materials can be used with damp spraying or dense packing cellulose, with blowing or loose-filling fiberglass, or with any other similar type of application. It has excellent fiber strength and a random web formation. Insulweb fabric is 100% polypropylene and is commonly used in walls.


Polyweb is a thicker, more durable mesh product. It is most commonly used in floor systems. Polyweb insulation netting (folded) is ideal for spraying insulation and can be used with other applications as well. It comes in a variety of sizes and weights to fit your project needs.

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