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Reinforced Facings

WMP-R-R-Plus Reinforced Facing - Lamtec
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Reinforced Facings

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About Reinforced Facings

  • Resistant to rips, tears and punctures
  • Functions as a vapor barrier
  • Used in residential and commercial construction wall and ceiling assemblies
  • Performance ranges from light duty to heavy duty with UV resistance
  • Suitable for all climate zones

About Reinforced Facings

Reinforced facing helps to protect insulation from abuse as well as moisture. Reinforced facing is a common choice in metal building applications.

What is Reinforced Facing?

Reinforced facing is a type of insulation that also has added protection. It is a good choice in residential and commercial building applications that could be susceptible to damage. Most of our reinforced facings have polypropylene on the front side but each has a different backing. These backings range from kraft paper to metallized polyester. R-3035 HD is reinforced facing made from heavy duty foil, scrim and kraft.

We Carry the Reinforced Facing Brands You Want

Service Partners carries the Lamtec Corporation brand of reinforced facing. Lamtec is a global supplier of facings to the metal building insulation market. Our selection of Lamtec reinforced facings include WMP-VR, WMP-VR-RPLUS, WMP-10, WMP-30, WMP-50, WMP-UV HD and R-3035 HD. Your local Service Partners branch can help you select the right Lamtec reinforced facing for your project.

Reinforced Facing Supplies Near You

With a wide variety of types of reinforced facing available, you’ll want to make sure to select the one that meets your building needs. Your local Service Partners branch can recommend the correct type of reinforced facing for your project that also meets local building codes. We have 75 locations across America to help you quickly and conveniently select the reinforced facing you need. We also offer same day pick up and next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is reinforced facing normally used?
Reinforced facing is used in building envelopes, metal building insulation, walls, crawl spaces and ceilings. There are several types of reinforced facing that can be used in light to moderate traffic areas. Heavy facing like WMP-50 and WMP-UV HD are used when walls are exposed to heavy traffic and abuse.
Why use reinforced facings?
Reinforced facing provides high impact tear strength that is resistant to rips, tears and punctures. Reinforced facings have the added benefit of working as a vapor barrier. Reinforced facing is available in different types including kraft paper backed and metallized polyester backed for applications that range from light to heavy traffic areas.
What are the benefits of using reinforced facing?
The benefit of using reinforced facing is that it provides high impact tear strength. Reinforced facing resists rips, tears and punctures. Kraft paper backed facing is a good choice in areas that do not require heavy facing. A metallized polyester backed facing is a better choice in higher traffic areas. Some types of reinforced facing add UV resistance.
In what geographies can reinforced facings be used?
Reinforced facing can be used in all climate zones. Check out the climate zone map as well as your local building codes in order to select the right reinforced facing for your building application. For additional assistance, contact your local Service Partners branch, and we can recommend the right type.
Can reinforced facings be used in residential or commercial construction?
Reinforced facings are used in both residential and commercial settings. They are frequently installed in metal buildings. The most commonly used reinforced facing is WMP-VR-RPLUS, which has polypropylene on the front and metallized polyester on the back and is used in building applications that do not require heavy facing.

Reinforced Facing Benefits

Reinforced facing provides high impact tear strength and protection as well as vapor and moisture control in metal buildings, walls, ceilings and more.

High Impact Tear Strength

Adding reinforced backing to insulation provides protection from rips, tears and punctures. This is particularly important in commercial applications like metal buildings and warehouses where the facing is left exposed. In order to select the right reinforced facing, consider the activity level in the area and then choose a facing that can provide the strength you need.

Vapor and Moisture Control

Many construction jobs, especially metal buildings, require a good vapor barrier to keep moisture out. Water vapor transmission is measured in perms with a lower number indicating greater moisture resistance. WMP-VR is 0.09 perms while WMP-VR-R, WMP-10 and WMP-50 are 0.02; so WMP-VR-R, WMP-10 and WMP-50 provide superior moisture control.

Extra Protection for Buildings Susceptible to Damage

When your construction project calls for insulation that is susceptible to damage, you’ll want to use reinforced facings. Without reinforced facing, the insulation could be ripped or punctured and could be damaged by water. Reinforced facing using kraft paper or metallized polyester provides additional strength, a vapor barrier, and noise insulation. In areas exposed to large amounts of sunlight, reinforced facing can also provide UV resistance.

Reinforced Facing Accessory Types

Reinforced facings are available for a wide variety of uses and budgets. From light duty to heavy duty applications, there is a reinforced facing product to meet your needs.


WMP-VR has polypropylene on the front side and natural kraft paper on the back side. This is the lowest priced reinforced facing available, and it is the industry standard used in typical metal buildings that only require standard duty insulation. It is 0.09 perm and has a bursting strength of 60 psi.


WMP-VR-RPLUS is polypropylene faced and metallized polyester backed. It is the most commonly used type of reinforced facing. The metallized polyester backing provides additional strength and water resistance. It has a permeance of 0.02 perm and a bursting strength of 100 psi. It is used in metal buildings that do not require heavy facing.


WMP-10 has polypropylene on the front side and white kraft paper on the back side. It is slightly heavier than WMP-VR so it can stand up to light to moderate traffic. The white kraft paper provides a better water vapor barrier (0.02 perm) and a little more resistance to impact (65 psi bursting strength).


Similar to WMP-10, WMP-30 has a polypropylene front and white kraft paper back but adds additional thickness and strength. It is better suited for heavier duty jobs and in areas with moderate to heavy traffic. While it has the same vapor barrier strength as WMP-10 (0.02 perm), WMP-30 is superior in terms of bursting strength (70 psi).


WMP-50 has polypropylene on the front side and metallized polyester on the back side. It is twice as heavy and strong as WMP-VR-R, making it a good choice for metal buildings when the walls are exposed to heavy traffic and abuse. It is a premium heavy duty product with a permeance of 0.02 perm and bursting strength of 120 psi.


WMP-UV HD has a polypropylene front and metallized polyester back but adds additional UV resistance. It is also twice as heavy and strong as WMP-VR-R. It matches WMP-50 in terms of permeance and bursting strength. It is particularly well-suited to building applications with large amounts of sunlight.

R-3035 HD

R-3035 HD is a different type of reinforced facing. It is made with heavy duty foil, scrim and kraft paper. It has a permeance of 0.02 perm and a bursting strength of 60 psi. This makes it a good vapor barrier for moisture control, but a better choice in areas that are not susceptible to damage like rips, tears and holes.

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