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Fall Protection

MBI Personal Safety Fall Protection Tools
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Fall Protection

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About Fall Protection

  • Used for commercial and residential projects that involve working at height
  • OSHA requires fall arrest protection equipment
  • Form of protection that safely prevents falls
  • Other forms include fall guarding and fall restraint
  • Should be used when working at 6 feet or more

About Fall Protection

Fall protection equipment keeps workers safe when performing tasks at height. Fall protection supplies include harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, tie-off points and more.

What is Fall Protection?

Fall protection refers to a set of products that are used to prevent injury or death from falls. A fall protection system is made up of an anchorage point, a harness, a connector and a deceleration device. Fall protection systems can be active or passive.

We Carry the Fall Protection Brands You Want

When it comes to safety equipment, Service Partners only stocks the best, highest quality products available. We carry fall protection equipment from 3M, SAS and Super Anchor. We sell everything from total package systems to compliance in a can kits or a la carte fall protection equipment.

Fall Protection Supplies Near You

Service Partners has all the fall protection equipment you need to comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. Not sure what fall protection supplies you need? Talk to us at one of our 75-plus branches, and we can evaluate your project and recommend harnesses, lanyards, and more. We have everything you need to stay safe on the job.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is fall protection normally used?
Fall protection equipment is mostly used on roof structures. However, it is a best practice to use fall protection equipment any time you are working at height. A fall protection system should be used any time you are working at 6 feet or more. OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359 provide standards for fall protection.
Why use fall protection?
Fall protection equipment keeps workers safe when working at height. The number one safety hazard for construction workers is injury or death due to a fall. OSHA standards require the use of retractable lifelines or full-body harnesses with shock-absorbing lanyards. Safety should always be a priority on the jobsite, and fall protection equipment is a necessary safety component.
What are the benefits of using fall protection?
The primary benefit of using fall protection equipment is that workers are safe from injury or even death due to a fall. Using fall equipment is necessary under OSHA and ANSI standards. By providing high quality fall protection equipment, your workers will know that their safety is your number one priority.
Is fall protection used in residential or commercial construction?
While fall protection equipment is mainly used by contractors, it is used in all types of construction projects. OSHA and ANSI require use of fall protection equipment when workers are performing jobs at height. At the same time, any person performing work above 6 feet high (even tasks at home) should use fall protection equipment to prevent injury or death.

Fall Protection Benefits

Fall protection keeps workers safe. Fall protection equipment and accessories are made to prevent injury or death as a result of a fall from height.

Can Be Used Anywhere

The great thing about fall protection equipment is that it is portable and can be moved from job site to job site. Harnesses, lanyards, anchors and more can be used in residential and commercial settings. That being said, every piece of fall protection equipment should be inspected every time before and after use.

Keep Workers Safe

When working at height (especially above 6 feet), it is necessary to provide protection from falls. A fall from height can result in serious injury or worse. This is why OSHA and ANSI have fall protection requirements in place. In order to keep your workers safe at all times, you can trust the products from Service Partners.

Complete Fall Protection Systems

A fall protection system is made up of an anchorage point, a harness, a connector and a deceleration device. Service Partners sells all of these items individually. However, we also sell complete fall protection systems. We have 25 foot and 50 foot total packages as well as compliance in a can kits.

Fall Protection Accessory Types

Fall Protection is available in a variety of types, densities and sizes.


Service Partners offers high quality harnesses from 3M and Super Anchor. Our 5 point full body harnesses and contractor harnesses have a dorsal D-ring, pass-thru buckles chest closures and torso adjusters. Each fall protection harness meets or exceeds OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359 performance criteria.


We sell fall protection lanyards that are single leg with snap hooks on the ends. The Stretch Tubular lanyard expands to 6 feet and contracts to 4.5 feet in reaction to movements. It is designed to reduce trip fall hazards, dragging and snagging and allows complete freedom of movement. An impact indicator allows the user to visually inspect the lanyard for a fall.

Tie-Off Points

Service Partner’s tie-off adaptor has a pass-through design that anchors quickly and easily. It comes in a 3 foot length with a 3″ wide polyester wear pad for added abrasion resistance. The tie-off point also features coated steel to resist corrosion. It meets or exceeds all industry standards.


As part of a fall arrest system, Service Partners sells several varieties of steel cable, self-retracting lifelines. The Web Rebel Lifeline features the best length-to-weight ratio in the industry. Our lifelines carry a two year warranty with no recertification necessary. These lifelines comply with OSHA and ANSI standards.

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