Pioneering Innovative, Professional Stilts for 40+ Years

Dura-Stilts are trusted by top industry professionals for top-notch durability, structural integrity, and performance

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Why Dura-Stilts?

Since the 1960s, professionals have trusted the leading quality, durability, and comfort of Dura-Stilts over the use of step ladders, when extra height is required.

Leading Quality

Dura-Stilts are innovatively crafted to meet contractors’ every need — comfort, support, greater usability, and safety. Each component is designed for long-lasting use.


When you’re using Dura-Stilts, you’ll notice how comfortable they feel. They are created with the user’s comfort in mind, helping you stay focused and efficient on the job.

Added Flexibility

With adjustable Dura-Stilts, you’ll get added flexibility during use, allowing you and your team to enjoy using them in a wide range of jobs and scenarios.

History of Success

Dura-Stilts have been a top choice for contractors for over 40 years, making them a reliable choice for your team and your jobs.

We Carry Top Dura-Stilts Products

Dura-Stilt III

Dura-III Adjustable Stilts

The best-selling stilt with a modern design and adjustable features

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Model IV Adjustable Dura-Stilts

The new lighter, more comfortable stilt with optional lamb’s wool covers


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Effectively Install Batts, Net and Blow Walls, & Drywall

Dura-Stilts allows contractors to eliminate the use of step ladders during the installation of drywall, insulation batts, net and blow walls, and more. With a comfort-focused design, contractors can enjoy a natural walking motion for ultimate efficiency and ease of use.

For over 40 years, Dura-Stilts has been a trusted manufacturer of top-quality stilts for professional contractors. Contractors enjoy the strength, durability, and long-lasting quality, coupled with comfort and ease of use.

Adjustable Stilts, Engineered to Last

Dura-Stilts is a leading manufacturer of professional stilts with a wide range of products offered, including adjustable stilts and replacement parts. Dura-Stilts are designed with long-lasting quality and come in many different sizes to fit your needs. Whether you need one pair or many, Dura-Stilts has the quality you can trust.

The Quality & Comfort You’re Looking For

With comfort and durability in mind, it’s easy to see why contractors choose Dura-Stilts for their stilt needs — whether it be hanging drywall, installing insulation, or something else. They know they will stand the test of time and feel natural during use, helping complete jobs quicker with less stress involved.

Dura-Stilts Supplies Near You

Whether you’re looking to add a pair or two of adjustable to your lineup of equipment or you’re in need of replacement parts for your current Dura-Stilts, Service Partners is here to help. With over 75 locations nationwide, we have a Service Partners branch near you to meet your local needs. Contact your local branch to get your Dura-Stilts supplies today!

At Service Partners, we carry the top-quality, trusted Dura-Stilts adjustable stilts, including both the Model IV and the Dura-III, as well as replacement parts.

Dura-III Adjustable Stilts

The Dura-III Adjustable Stilts are the modern stilts of choice by contractors for more than three decades. They are Dura-Stilts’ best-selling stilt and are regarded as the industry standard. Dura-III Adjustable Stilts include features like semi-flexible foot plates and floor plates, nylon leg bearings, large adjustment hole walls, nylon sleeves within the adjustable legs, commercial-grade strap webbing, self-locking buckles, and reinforced rubber soles. They are available in three sizes: 14-22”, 18-30”, and 24-40”.

Model IV Adjustable Dura-Stilts

The Model IV Adjustable Stilts by Dura-Stilts include the new proprietary secure comfort foot harness system, which comes with adjustable aluminum heel brackets, semi-flexible side panels, and an adjustable heel strap. They are more comfortable, provide a more secure feeling, and are lighter and more durable than ever. You’ll enjoy Dura-Stilts’ most comfortable leg band ever with optional lamb’s wool covers. The three sizes include 14-22”, 18-30”, and 24-40”.

Replacement Parts

If you’re a contractor who uses your Dura-Stilts frequently, you may find a time when you need to replace your leg straps, buckles, or other parts. Replacing various parts helps keep your Dura-Stilts performing optimally and keeps you as safe as possible on the job. Service Partners carries all Dura-Stilts replacement parts, so you can get the exact parts you need for your specific Dura-Stilts model — providing a simple, straightforward repair process.

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