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About Can Foam

  • Comes with a disposable straw applicator
  • Similar to gun foam but without the cost of an applicator gun
  • Less expensive but still effective way to seal gaps and penetrations
  • Used around windows, doors, gaps and cracks
  • Block moisture, air, dust, insects and sound

About Can Foam

Can foam seals cracks and gaps anywhere in a building. It is a cost effective way to seal penetrations from air, water, dust, insects and more.

What is Can Foam?

Can foam typically comes with a disposable straw applicator and offers the same efficacy as gun foam but at a lower cost and with fewer supplies. Can foam cures by reacting with moisture in the air. Some can foam can be reused for up to three weeks if it is stored correctly.

We Carry the Can Foam Brands You Want

Some of the leading manufacturers of can foam include DAP, DuPont and Selena. Service Partners carries spray foam insulation cans from these brands, and your local branch will help match your application to the correct can foam type. We can also provide any can foam accessories you may need.

Can Foam Supplies Near You

Your local Service Partners location has a wide variety of can foam supplies available for same day pickup and next day delivery. With 75-plus locations throughout the United States, we can help you select a can foam product for your residential or commercial project. If your building has gaps that need sealing, we have the spray can foam to help.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is can foam normally used?
Can foam can be used anywhere in a building or home. It can be used on penetrations and gaps both indoors and outdoors. Can foam allows anyone to quickly and easily make a structure more comfortable and energy efficient. Excess spray foam can be cut off with a knife, and the foam can be sanded and painted.
Why use can foam?
Can foam is a lower cost way to seal gaps and penetrations in buildings. While gun foam requires an applicator gun, can foams typically come with a disposable applicator straw. Can foam can be used around pipes, wires, HVAC, in walls and on floors. Once applied, can foam creates an effective barrier.
What are the benefits of using can foam?
The main benefit of using can foam is that it is a lower cost yet still effective way to seal gaps and penetrations in buildings. It is ready to use and seals off air leaks, moisture, dust, sound, insects and more. Can foam is also reusable for up to three weeks.
In what geographies can can foam be used?
Can foam can be used anywhere and in all climates. It should be stored upright and below 90°F. When selecting the right can foam product, it is more important to take into consideration where and how you are using the product than it is to be concerned with your geographic location.
Should can foam be used in residential or commercial construction?
Can foam is perfect for sealing gaps in both residential and commercial structures. It is so easy to use that it can be applied by homeowners and professionals. Use spray can foam insulation around pipes, windows, outlets, HVAC, doors and more. It can be used in walls, floors, ceilings, basements and even outside.

Can Foam Benefits

Can foam is a quick and easy way to seal gaps making buildings more energy efficient and protected from damage, moisture, rodents and more.

Easy to Use

Can foam comes with a disposable straw applicator making it ready to use without the need for additional equipment like a dispenser gun. Simply attach the applicator and pull the trigger on the can. The foam will expand to fill gaps and cracks, and any excess can be cut away with a knife.

Match Your Application

Spray foam cans come in a variety of ready-to-use types so you can match the product you purchase to your job. First, identify the cracks, gaps or openings you need to fill. Then, choose the spray can insulation to match your project. Whether you need a general sealant, something for windows and doors, a fireblocking sealant or something else, there is a can foam to match your needs.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

Can foam has a lower cost than other spray insulations because it is ready to use and doesn’t require additional supplies. At the same time, spray foam cans are still an effective way to block air and water from entering a building. This makes any type of structure more energy efficient.

Can Foam Accessory Types

Can foam types include window and door foam, gap and crack filling foam, and fireblocking foam. All can foams are easy to use.

Window and Door Can Foam

Window and door foam is specially designed to work around window and door frames. While it can be used anywhere, it is designed to seal windows and doors without adding excess pressure that could potentially warp a frame or jamb. It is still durable and water-resistant and can even be used on skylights.

Gap and Crack Filling Can Foam

These universal gap and crack filling spray can foams can be used anywhere in a structure. Gap and crack filling foams can be minimal or maximum expanding. Some building codes require fireblocking foam when filling gaps and cracks, so be sure to check your local regulations when selecting these types of can foams.

Fireblocking Can Foam

Fireblocking can foam is typically orange in color and is used to seal penetrations in wall and floor cavities to slow the spread of fire in case of emergency. It will also reduce air migration so fires will take longer to burn through to adjoining spaces. Check your local codes to see if fireblock can foam is required for your application.

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