Insulation Tools and Equipment

Used to aid in the installation and removal of insulation

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The Insulation Tools and Equipment Products You Need


Reach elevated heights with no need for a ladder

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Spray Equipment

Guns, hoses and more for use with spray insulation

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Loose-Fill Equipment

Install and remove loose-fill insulation quickly and easily

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Insulation Knives

Cut materials including insulation safely and without damage

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Secure insulation into place to ensure maximum performance

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Where Insulation Tools and Equipment are Used

Tools and equipment are used anywhere in a structure. These specific types of tools are suited for insulation installation and removal. They can be used indoors and outdoors in walls, ceilings, floors and more. Spray foam insulation equipment, insulation fasteners and other tools are designed to make projects more efficient.

Insulation Tool and Equipment Applications

Spray equipment is used with spray foam insulation to make installation faster. Stilts allow installers to reach high areas without having to constantly climb up and down a ladder. Knives cut insulation effectively while fasteners hold insulation in place. If there is a need to remove insulation (especially loose-fill insulation) equipment like vacuums are used.

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Common Accessories


Allows natural leg movement, has telescoping legs, and is easily adjustable

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Blowing Hoses

Theses clear hoses come in sizes from 2 to 4 inches

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Insulation Vacuums

Available in 12h to 23h

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About Tools and Equipment

These tools and equipment are designed for use with insulation. They can make the process of installing or removing insulation of all types more cost effective.

What are Tools and Equipment?

The types of tools and equipment that Service Partners sells include spray foam insulation equipment, stilts, knives, loose-fill equipment and fasteners. No matter what type of insulation you are using or where in a building you are installing it, Service Partners has the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.

We Carry the Tool and Equipment Brands You Want

Service Partners carries some of the most popular brands of insulation tools and equipment. We carry spray foam equipment from Graco and Bullard and, stilts from Dura-Stilts. Our knives are made by Hyde Tools, OLFA and VinTool. Intec is our supplier of loose-fill equipment, and ITW-Ramset supplies our fasteners.

Tool and Equipment Supplies Near You

When you are looking for the right tools and equipment for working with insulation, Service Partners has what you need. Our large selection of spray foam and loose-fill equipment as well as stilts, knives and fasteners will ensure that you can find the right supplies for any construction project. With 75-plus branches in the U.S., Service Partners can provide insulation tools and equipment near you.

Tool and Equipment Benefits

Insulation tools and equipment make any project more efficient. From installation to securing in place and removal, these tools are designed to be used with ease.

Install Insulation Effectively

Stilts allow installers to reach high places without a ladder. Knives allow installers to cut insulation safely and without damaging the product. Fasteners keep insulation in place so it functions properly. Spray equipment like guns, hoses and filters make installation of spray foam a cinch.

Remove Insulation if Necessary

In case you need to remove insulation, Service Partners has the tools and equipment for that as well. Sometimes insulation can be damaged by things like water, smoke or fire. A vacuum and vacuum bags can make the process of removing loose-fill insulation much easier.

Save Time and Money

Any time you can complete a job faster, you are saving on labor costs and becoming more profitable. Service Partners wants all of your projects to be completed as quickly and safely as possible. That is why we provide the highest quality products for insulation installation and removal.

Common Tool and Equipment Questions

There are many different types of tools and equipment designed for use with insulation. If you need help picking the right supplies, Service Partners can help.

Why use Tools and Equipment?

Spray foam equipment, loose-fill equipment, stilts, knives and fasteners are designed for effective and efficient installation or removal of different types of insulation. When you install insulation properly, it makes structures comfortable and energy efficient. When you can complete installation faster with the right tools and equipment, it makes your projects more profitable.

Where in a Building are Tools and Equipment Normally Used?

Insulation tools and equipment are used throughout buildings, wherever insulation is placed. They can be used indoors and outdoors and in conjunction with a variety of construction substrates. You will need these tools for work on walls, ceilings, floors, attics, basements and more.

Can Tools and Equipment Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Insulation tools and equipment can be used in almost any construction project. Residential and commercial buildings all have a need for insulation. Therefore, these tools and equipment are perfectly suited for all types of jobs and installers. If you need help choosing the right tools for your project, your local Service Partners branch can help.

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