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About Respiratory

  • Respirators protect from inhalation of dangerous substances
  • Products available for everything from small jobs to commercial jobs
  • Masks are good for dust particles
  • Fit your budget and your project
  • Different levels of protection for your nose, mouth and lungs

About Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is used to keep people from inhaling dangerous substances. They are some of the most important pieces of safety equipment in the workplace.

What is Respiratory Protection?

Respiratory protection refers to products that are used to prevent the inhalation of potentially harmful airborne items. Service Partners carries respiratory protection supplies for all types of jobs from dust masks to half facepiece and full face respirators. Respirators use filters and cartridges to provide high quality protection.

We Carry the Respiratory Protection Brands You Want

Service Partners carries respiratory protection products from some of the leading manufacturers. These brands include 3M, SAS and Bullard. Whether you need disposable masks, half mask respirators, full face respirator masks, or filters and cartridges, Service Partners carries the supplies you need to stay safe on the job.

Respiratory Supplies Near You

With 75-plus locations throughout the United States, a Service Partners branch that can supply respiratory protection products is never too far away. Not sure which respiratory product you need? Tell us about your project and your budget, and we can help recommend the right respiratory supplies you will need.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are respiratory accessories normally used?
Respirator masks and disposable masks are used anywhere for protection from inhaled substances. Disposable masks are used anywhere that dust particles are an issue. Respirators are used for more specific jobs that demand higher protection. Respiratory protection should be used any time there is a risk of inhaled workplace hazards.
Why use respiratory protection?
Construction projects of all sizes can lead to harmful substances that can be inhaled. Respiratory protection accessories can be used for protection from dust, smoke, vapors, fumes, gases or sprays. These items, when inhaled, can cause lung irritation and even potentially more serious problems like diseases and death.
What are the benefits of using respiratory protection?
Disposable masks are a cost effective form of respiratory protection, but they are not reusable. They offer protection from common level household dust and pollen. Half mask respirators give comfort and convenience with the cost savings of a reusable respirator. Full face respirator masks are offered for both one and two-man systems.
Is respiratory protection used in residential or commercial construction?
All masks and respirators can be used in any setting – including residential and commercial. The type of respiratory protection used depends on the job requirements. Dust masks are the simplest form of respiratory protection available and are used for low hazard levels. Respirators filter or clean the air as you breathe.

Respiratory Protection Benefits

Respiratory protection is absolutely essential to keep potentially damaging inhaled substances out of your lungs. Find respiratory protection products to match your job and budget.

Necessary Safety Supplies

In any project where workers are at risk of inhaling dust, smoke, fumes, gases, vapors or sprays, it’s necessary to use respiratory protection. These hazards can cause lung irritation, diseases, cancer or even death. Masks and respirators cover the nose and mouth and some cover your entire face.

Match Your Job and Budget

Masks are less expensive than other respirator masks, but they are not reusable. Single strap masks are good for common household dust and pollen. N95 dual strap respirators are at least 95% efficient when tested against salt. Half facepiece respirators are comfortable, convenient and cost effective. Fullface masks come in one and two-man systems.

Meet OSHA Requirements

To choose the right respirator, assess your job, the processes and the environment. OSHA mandates that if respirators are required in the workplace, the respirators used must be approved by the NIOSH. A first step in choosing the right respiratory protection product is identifying the hazard(s) and its airborne concentration.

Respiratory Protection Accessory Types

Respiratory protection is available in several different forms. Pick the protection system that matches your job and budget, the potential workplace hazards, and OSHA mandates.

Dust Masks

Single strap masks are great for common household dust and pollen. Dual strap disposable particulate respirators (masks) are used for more specific jobs. N95 masks are used for insulating, grinding, sanding, bagging and general processing of various minerals and other substances that do not contain oil. N95 meets NIOSH 42 RF84.


3M 6000 series respirators are half facepiece respirators that provide low maintenance and are comfortable, convenient and cost effective. They are used with 3M filters and cartridges. Service Partners also offers full face respirators including a one man ¼ HP oil-less air pump and a two-man ¾ HP oil-less air pump system.


These cartridges and filters are an important part of the respirator system. Cartridges and filters are used to filter vapors, gases and more from the air. They are simple to install and use. 3M organic vapor cartridges are designed for use with respirators, including the 3M 6000 series half facepiece respirators.

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