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Why Graco?

Graco is your trusted brand for high-performance spray foam equipment and pumps, engineered with the latest technology and able to handle all of your applications and environments.

Reliable Equipment

Graco products deliver high-quality results for all contractors with demanding spray foam jobs and have been tested and engineered for reliability in the harshest environments.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Graco provides one of the industry’s strongest warranties, which stands behind all equipment manufactured, and all Reactor 2 systems have a three-year extended warranty on specific features.

Equipment to Meet Every Need

Graco is known to provide the most dynamic range of high-quality spray foam guns on the market, plus machines and accessories to take you to the next level.

We Carry Top Graco Products

Reactor 3 Elite

Reactor 3 Elite

Reactor 3 is designed to communicate with the entire system to simplify the operator’s job, optimize spray parameters and maximize productivity.

Fusion Pro Connect PC gun

Fusion Pro Connect (PC)

Easy-to-use spray foam gun with a single-component fluid section

E1 Core

E1 Core Electric Transfer Pump

Designed to optimize material supply and minimize downtime, can communicate with the Reactor 3 to give you a fully-connected system.

Graco Spray Foam Gun Fushion Air Purge

Fusion Air Purge (AP)

Plural-component spray foam gun for a wide range of applications

Graco Reactor Phone App

Reactor Connect App

Allows contractors to monitor and make real time adjustments by mobile device.

Graco Sprayfoam Gun Probler P2

Probler P2

Innovative double-piston, anti-crossover design for easy installation

Graco Sprayfoam Gun Fusion ClearShot

Fusion ClearShot (CS)

The first ever liquid-purge spray foam gun, utilizing a disposable cartridge

Graco Sprayfoam Gun GX-7


More air volume in its air cap, keeping the gun tip cleaner longer

Graco Sprayfoam Reactor E-20

Reactor E-20

Portable, entry-level electric proportioner for entry level contractors and basic operation

Graco Sprayfoam Reactor2 E-30 Elite

Reactor 2 E-30

Mid-production proportioner that can tackle a broad range of applications

Graco Sprayfoam Reactor2 H-30 Elite

Reactor 2 H-30 / H-40

Increased yield and high output spray foam applications and roofing project

Graco Ratio Assurance System

Ratio Assurance System

Assures contractors of proper application for Reactor 2 proportioners every time

Graco Carbon Steel T3 Transfer Pump

T3 Transfer Pump

Maintains spray foam application performance in any environment

Graco Blue Heated Hose

Heated Hoses

Achieves uniform and accurate heating during spray foam application

Gusmer GH-2 / GH-4

Simple, durable and reliable hydraulic spray foam machines

Reactor 2 H-40 / H-50

High-production hydraulic spray foam proportioners for high power projects

Resistance Control Mode

Allows for full temperature control of Graco heated hoses

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Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for All Applications

Graco products meet all applications in spray foam insulation and polyurea, as well as protective coatings. Trust Graco to help with exterior and roof insulation, continuous insulation, interior cavity fill, vented and unvented attic fill and beyond. No matter the application, Graco is your source for equipment and accessories.

Graco helps spray foam insulation and polyurea contractors be more profitable and efficient by offering the most innovative and reliable products on the market.

Spray Foam Guns, Machines and Accessories

Graco offers the widest range of top-quality spray foam guns available. Graco has engineered a full line of spray foam insulation machines available in air, electric and hydraulic configurations. In addition to top of the line spray foam equipment, Graco offers a full line of spray foam accessories, including a broad range of transfer pumps, a Reactor app for remote control and reporting, and best-in-class heated hoses. Graco also provides powerful pumps for foam slab jacking.

Trusted, Industry-Leading Performance and Engineering

Graco products help you get the job done right and provide trusted performance with an industry-leading warranty. Graco’s top-of-the-line equipment for spray foam and polyurea applications helps keep you on the job longer with less downtime than other brands. Graco products are engineered and tested to work at peak performance in even the harshest conditions.

Graco Supplies Near You

Wherever you are located in the United States, Service Partners has a local branch to get you the Graco supplies when you need them. We have over 75 locations nationwide, and your local team is here to help you find the Graco products you need and answer questions about the application on your job. Enjoy next-day delivery and service to keep your project running on time. Call your local branch for assistance today!

Industry-leading Graco equipment includes products like the Reactor and Gusmer proportioners, Fusion and Probler spray guns, transfer pumps, and a variety of parts and accessories.

Fusion ProConnect

The new Fusion ProConnect (PC) spray foam gun includes a replacement cartridge head to replace multiple individual parts, all with a single component. By simply replacing a cartridge, contractors will have a much faster rebuild, keeping you spraying and minimizing costly downtime. With cutting-edge Graco ProConnect technology, the entire fluid section — including the side seals and all associated o-rings — are replaced in a single cartridge, compared to individual parts like other spray foam guns, including the Graco Fusion AP.

Fusion Air Purge

The Fusion Air Purge (AP) is Graco’s most popular plural-component spray foam gun, and it is made for a wide range of both spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. The Fusion AP comes with expertly engineered, exceedingly simple air-blast tip technology, which provides spray foam contractors with less maintenance and minimal downtime.

Probler P2

The Graco Probler P2 spray foam gun is powerful and responsive, and it is ideal for both spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. Its advanced and innovative double-piston design provides contractors with ease of installation. The Probler P2 is lightweight and easy to maneuver, without sacrificing performance. It also includes an anti-crossover design, which virtually eliminates the possibility of material entering the air piston.

Fusion ClearShot

Flexible to work for both spray foam and polyurea applications, the Fusion ClearShot is the first ever liquid-purge spray foam gun. It utilizes a disposable ClearShot cartridge, which clears material and keeps the mix chamber clear, saving contractors valuable time each day and application. It also provides a 75% reduction in purge air and minimizes foam blowback.


The Graco GX-7 offers contractors with dependability, performance, and pattern control in even the harshest conditions. The Graco GX-7 spray foam gun can work for both spray foam and polyurea applications and includes Graco’s industry-proven mix and atomization technology. It provides more air volume to its air cap, which helps keep the gun’s tip cleaner longer. It is also solvent-free and mechanically self-cleaning.

Reactor E-20

The Graco Reactor E-20 is a portable, entry-level electric proportioner that is ideal for entry-level contractors who are spraying smaller jobs, touch-ups, and rim joists, along with any application where portability and basic operation is preferred. The Graco Reactor E-20’s advanced features include longer equipment life, more uptime for spraying, and Graco’s industry-leading reliability and durability.

Reactor 2 E-30

The Graco Reactor 2 E-30 is a mid-production proportioner that has the power and flexibility to tackle a broad range of applications. It can be used in residential home insulation, attics, garages, and any small to mid-sized commercial jobs. The Reactor 2 E-30 is an electric spray foam machine with next-gen technology for spray foam insulation, including software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance, remote access to controls, and unmatched jobsite data.

Reactor 2 H-30 / H-40

Graco’s hydraulic Reactor 2 H-30 provides increased yield and high output to spray foam applications and roofing projects with plenty of power for residential and commercial jobs. The Reactor 2 H-30 and H-40 provide contractors with next-gen technology for top spray foam insulation performance, including software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance, remote access to controls, and unmatched jobsite data.

Integrated PowerStation

The Graco Integrated PowerStation is an advanced power solution that is plug-and-play with Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30, and H-XP2 spray foam and polyurea proportioners. The Integrated PowerStation allows you to configure a new spray foam rig fast with a compact, energy efficient, and unmatched turnkey power supply from Graco.

Gusmer GH-2 / GH-4

The Gusmer GH-2 and GH-4 are Graco’s simple, durable and reliable hydraulic spray foam machines, which are designed with reliability and ease of service at top of mind. Guided by both simplicity and reliability, the Gusmer GH-2 and GH-4’s point-to-point wired electrical cabinet sits atop Graco’s industry-proven hydraulic Reactor 2 chassis, including the Reactor horizontal pump line, fluid heaters, and hydraulic system. The Gusmer H-20/35 GH-2 and GH-4 hydraulic proportioners offer impressive performance and sit at an attractive price.

Reactor 2 H-40 / H-50

The Graco Reactor 2 H-40 and H-50 are the ultimate in high-production hydraulic spray foam proportioners on the market today. They are both ideal for in-plant OEMs or applicators that spray at high volumes for medium- to high-output foam applications and roofing projects. These Hydraulic Reactors provide efficient power for large commercial and industrial projects and roofing jobs. The applications for the Reactor 2 H-40 and H-40 include spray foam roofing, industrial buildings and ditch break foam.

Ratio Assurance System

Graco provides the ratio assurance system for its Reactor 2 proportioners. The ratio assurance system is for insulation contractors who wish to differentiate themselves to builders and homeowners, as well as assure them that spray foam material is properly applied every time. The ratio assurance system identifies the causes of off-ratio spraying and helps resolve issues using a robust multi-tiered ratio assurance system.

Resistance Control Mode

The Graco Resistance Control Mode (RCM) is Graco’s heated hose temperature control technology, allowing contractors to have full temperature control of their Graco heated hose without the need for an RTD cable and/or a Fluid Temperature Sensor. The RCM can be used on all standard Reactor 2 machines with software 4.01.001 or newer installed. It provides less downtime, optimized material yield, increased productivity, accurate temperature control, increased performance, and less repair costs.

Reactor 2 App

The Graco Reactor 2 app allows contractors to take control without having to walk back to the rig and make adjustments. The Reactor app uses a cellular connection to communicate with the Reactor 2 and allows contractors to monitor and make real time adjustments to every Reactor 2 machine in their fleet instantly. It also provides access to productivity metrics and machine utilization data, helping both owners and managers stay informed and run the business efficiently.

T3 Transfer Pump

Graco’s family of transfer pumps give contractors the ability to maintain spray foam application performance in any environment. Transfer pumps are required for contractors to move A and B materials to the Reactor spray systems. The T3 Transfer Pump combines Graco’s Merkur air-motor and its popular T2 stainless steel lower. The T3 is a 3:1 ratio pump, which uses less air pressure to provide the same fluid pressure required.

Heated Hoses

Graco’s industry-leading heated hoses are designed specifically to be used with the line of Reactor equipment. Graco’s heated hoses are a key component to the overall Reactor system, allowing spray foam contractors to achieve accurate and uniform heating during spray foam insulation application, in order to achieve the highest quality installation possible.

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