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Why CertainTeed?

Focused on the responsible development of innovative and sustainable building products, CertainTeed has a reputation for trust, performance and leadership in North America.

Focused on Sustainability

CertainTeed is committed to offering high performing, affordable building products to not only improve the comfort of homes and buildings but also to reduce environmental impact.

Innovative Products

Through its Malvern Innovation Center, CertainTeed is not only meeting the market needs of today but also looking ahead to create the most innovative products for its customers in the future.

 110+ Years in Business

Since its inception in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, CertainTeed and its affiliates now have 6,300+ employees and over 60 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada.

We Carry Top CertainTeed Products

AcoustaBoard - CertainTeed


Black faced, sound absorbing rigid fiberglass board insulation

CertainTeed CertaPro

CertaPro® Commercial Board

Used where board stiffness properties are required

CertainTeed Insulsafe Installation

InsulSafe® SP

Thermal and sound absorbing fiberglass blowing wool insulation

CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation

Sustainable Insulation

Sustainable fiberglass batt insulation, unfaced or kraft faced

CertainTeed MBI

Metal Building Insulation

Flexible blanket insulation intended to be laminated

MemBrain Smart Vapor Retarder - CertainTeed


A continuous air barrier and smart vapor retarder


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Insulation for Every Application

CertainTeed makes insulation products for every application and need: rigid board with black facing for sound control in theaters, studios, and entertainment facilities, an air barrier and vapor retarder for interior rooms, fiberglass blowing insulation for open attics, for retrofitting enclosed sidewalls and floor/ceiling assemblies, and unfaced and kraft faced insulation for ceilings, walls, and floors.

A leading North American interior and exterior building products company, focused on responsible building, a sustainable habitat and innovation in its products.

Insulation for Every Construction Type and Application

CertainTeed creates insulation to meet the needs of contractors throughout North America, no matter what construction type or application. Whether you are looking for fiberglass blowing wool, sustainable batts, rigid board, air and vapor barriers for extra protection, or more, CertainTeed has top performing products that meet your needs.

Leading Performance, Focused on Sustainability & Innovation

When you want innovative, sustainable and high performing insulation products, look no further than CertainTeed. CertainTeed is dedicated to creating a sustainable future by improving building energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. After being in business for over 110 years, you can trust CertainTeed to exceed your insulation expectations.

CertainTeed Supplies Near You

No matter what construction type or application you are working on, Service Partners can help you find the CertainTeed products that fit your needs. Service Partners has over 75 branches nationwide to get you the CertainTeed products you need, when you need them. Get in touch with your local branch today!

Rigid board, air and vapor barriers, fiberglass blowing wool and sustainable batt insulation for every need, application, and construction type in the United States and Canada.

AcoustaBoard™ Black with ToughGard® Facing

AcoustaBoard Black is a rigid fiberglass board insulation that is used for any application that requires an exposed black faced, sound absorbing insulation, such as improving acoustics in theaters, sound studios, entertainment facilities, and interior spaces, in general. It is used for dark interiors and controls reverberation time, reduces noise levels and eliminates echoes. It is lightweight, easy to fabricate and easy to install. It also carries a Class A/Class I fire hazard classification of 25/50.

CertaPro® Commercial Board

CertaPro Commercial Board is used where board stiffness properties are required. CertaPro Board is used in exterior curtain walls, interior walls, floor/ceiling assemblies, as an exterior insulation on HVAC ducts and plenums or in constructions where framing is not present. It can also function as an exterior insulation when covered with a weather barrier, and may be used as thermal insulation on tanks and vessels.

MemBrain™ Continuous Air Barrier & Smart Vapor Retarder

MemBrain is a continuous air barrier and smart vapor retarder, creating a better performing home using advanced technology. It helps to reduce the risk of costly moisture and mold issues, structural damage, health consequences and liability. In low humidity, it remains tight in the winter to prevent moisture from entering. In high humidity, it increases permeability, letting moisture escape and helping keep the wall dry.

InsulSafe SP® Fiberglass Blowing Insulation

Insulsafe SP is a fiberglass blowing wool insulation, used in both residential and commercial construction types for its thermal and sound absorbing benefits. It is applied in open attics, in closed sidewalls/floors and in retrofit applications. It doesn’t settle, is environmentally sustainable, is noncombustible, and reduces energy demand and costs.

Sustainable Insulation

Sustainable Insulation is a fiberglass batt insulation that is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and increasing energy savings. It provides long-lasting comfort through thermal performance, reduced noise levels and indoor air quality, plus it saves 12 times as much energy in its first year as used in production. It won’t settle, accumulate moisture or lose its R-value over time.

Metal Building Insulation

CertainTeed Fiberglass Metal Building Insulation 202-96 is used as a thermal and acoustical insulation in the roofs and sidewalls of pre-engineered metal buildings and post frame construction. It is a flexible blanket insulation furnished in rolls and intended to be laminated on one side with a suitable vapor retarder.

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