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About Vents

  • Reduce ice-dam formation
  • Prolong shingle life by keeping attics cool in summer
  • Aid in moisture mitigation
  • Used in soffits and conventional, finished or cathedral attics
  • Improve insulation efficiencies

About Vents

Vents reduce energy waste and prevent roof damage. If you need insulation vents for an attic, Service Partners can help.

What are Vents?

Vents provide a ventilation channel in conventional, finished and cathedral attics. This channel provides constant air flow through the soffit vent. Vents also reduce energy loss and prevent moisture build-up. Vents are installed easily using staples attached to the roof decking. They can be cut or separated to fit any joist space.

We Carry the Vent Brands You Want

Service Partners carries vents from ADO Products. ADO Products is the manufacturer of Durovent and ProVent and is a leader in the insulation accessory industry. Not sure which vent product is right for your project? Service Partners can help make a recommendation for the appropriate vent solution.

Vent Supplies Near You

With 75-plus locations throughout the United States, a Service Partners location is never far away. We sell Durovent and ProVent products from ADO. These are both durable insulation vents that allow air flow and resist moisture. We can have these vents ready for same day pickup or next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are vents normally used?
Vents are installed in attics along the rafters. They can be used in conventional attics, finished attics and cathedral ceilings. They come in several sizes and are easy to transport to as well as store on job sites. In order to cover an attic floor all the way to the eaves with insulation, you will need to install rafter vents.
Why use vents?
Installing rafter vents ensures you get the best performance from your insulation. Insulation vents promote air flow in the attic and are an economic way to meet energy codes for air flow. Vents are also used to prevent soffits from getting blocked by insulation and other debris.
What are the benefits of using vents?
Vents improve insulation efficiencies and reduce ice-dam formation. They keep attics cooler in the summer, which helps improve shingle life by preventing single blistering. Insulation vents also aid in moisture mitigation. An additional benefit to installing vents is that they keep soffits from being blocked by insulation and other items.
In what geographies can vents be used?
Vents are used in all climate zones and geographic locations.
Are vents used in residential or commercial construction?
Vents can be used in various types of construction. They are used in the attic space of homes and light commercial businesses where the attic has soffits. Vents are used in conventional, finished and cathedral attics. Homes or businesses with flat or tile roofs will not use vents.

Vent Benefits

Vents are easy to install and improve insulation efficiency. Contractors often use vents to regulate the temperature in an attic and prolong the life of the house or business structure.

Easy to Install

Rafter vents come in 16″ and 24″ varieties allowing for on-center rafter or truss applications. ProVents provide full joist coverage. Most vent products have wide nailing flanges and a perforation for easy separation. Once installed, vents help keep insulation and other debris from blocking soffit vents.

Improve Insulation Efficiency

Rafter vents, soffit vents and exhaust vents are part of a static attic ventilation system. These vents keep air moving through an attic, leading to drier attics that are cooler in the summer. By regulating the attic temperature, you can keep other nearby rooms more comfortable.

Prolong Structure Life

In the hot summer months, vents keep attics cooler, which can help avoid shingle blistering and can prolong shingle life. Vents also prevent moisture build up, especially in the winter when the cold exterior air mixes with the warmer air inside the attic. This means vents help resist the growth of mold, mildew and fungi in attic spaces.

Vent Accessory Types

There are two main types of insulation vents available through Service Partners. They can be used in attics with fiberglass, cellulose or spray foam insulation.


The extruded polystyrene rafter vent is an economical, lightweight, water resistant product. It has wide nailing flanges and a perforation for easy separation. It can work in 16″ or 24″ on-center rafter or truss applications. It is ideal for high volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation.


HIPS stands for high impact polystyrene. This vent is rigid and will not break. It comes in 16″ or 24″ widths with full joist coverage to provide greater air flow. HIPS are more durable for retrofit applications and can glide along protruding nails and staples. HIPS are moisture and mold resistant.

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