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Where Baffles and Vents are Used

Baffles and vents are used as part of an attic ventilation system. They are installed in homes and light commercial businesses that have soffits and conventional, finished or cathedral attics. They are easy to install and are positioned along the inside of the roof deck.

Baffle and Vent Applications

Baffles and vents are primarily used in residential applications to improve air flow throughout an attic. However, they can also be used in light commercial buildings as long as there is soffit ventilation within an attic. They are not used in buildings with flat roofs.

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Common Accessories

Corrugated Baffles

Pre-cut for easy installation, prevents blown insulation spillage into ventilated soffit

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Polystyrene Baffles

Provides lightweight and easy installation

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Ideal for premium construction and difficult applications, offering a dual role as a baffle and attic vent

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About Baffles and Vents

Attic vents and baffles provide ventilation, improve insulation efficiency, and prevent damage to the roof. They keep soffits from being blocked by insulation or debris.

What are Baffles and Vents?

An attic vent is an air channel made of extruded polystyrene, high impact polystyrene or cardboard. It is positioned along the inside of the roof deck. The rafter vents are attached directly to the roof decking starting above the top plate. Baffles are attached to the top plate, truss and roof deck. The vent aids in the travel of air from the soffit through the insulation.

We Carry the Baffle and Vent Brands You Want

When you need baffles and vents for an attic space project, turn to Service Partners. We carry the top baffle and vent brands. We sell cardboard baffles from WestRock. We also carry baffles and vents from ADO Products. No matter which type of rafter vent or baffle you need, Service Partners can get it for you quickly and easily.

Baffle and Vent Supplies Near You

From cardboard baffles to high impact polystyrene vents, we have baffles and vents for different applications and budgets. Your local Service Partners team can recommend the right product to fit your needs. Need baffles and vents quickly? No problem. We have 75-plus locations that can provide same day pickup and next day delivery.

Baffle and Vent Benefits

Baffle vents and rafter vents channel air through the attic and insulation. This prolongs the life of a structure, regulates temperatures, and prevents damage.

Improve Air Flow

The main purpose of attic vents is to promote airflow. Baffle vents and rafter vents keep air moving through the soffits and the entire attic and roof space. Air flow is important to reduce moisture and condensation build up. It is also important in helping regulate temperatures in the attic and along the roof.

Improve Building Longevity

With proper ventilation and airflow from baffles and vents, damage can be avoided in the attic, the insulation and the roof. Air flow prevents the build up of moisture, which decreases the risk of mold and other fungi growing on attic structures or the insulation. Cooler temperatures in the attic in the summer mean there is less risk of the roof shingles blistering.

Regulate Temperatures

Baffles and vents, as part of an attic ventilation system, help regulate temperatures in the attic space. This allows insulation to provide effective and efficient thermal regulation. Rooms near attics will remain comfortable. The attic and roof will suffer less damage from heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

Common Baffle and Vent Questions

Contractors often use baffles and vents in attics as part of a ventilation system. They provide proper air flow and keep soffits from being blocked by insulation.

Why use Baffles and Vents?

Rafter vents and attic baffle vents keep air moving through the insulation. This prevents moisture build up and allows for drier attics. Baffles and vents prevent ice-dam formation in the winter and keep the attic cool in the summer. They prolong a roof life by protecting shingles from additional heat.

Where in a Building are Baffles and Vents Normally Used?

Baffles and vents are installed in attics and along the roof. They can be used in conventional attics, finished (knee wall) attics and cathedral ceilings. Rafter vents are attached directly to the roof deck while baffles can be attached to the top plate, truss and roof deck.

In What Geographies Can Baffles and Vents Be Used?

In general, baffles and vents are appropriate in all geographies and climates. However, the specific type of baffle or vent appropriate for your project may be determined by your location and climate. In places where condensation is more likely to accumulate, you may want to choose higher performance baffles and vents.

Can Baffles and Vents Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Baffles and vents are used primarily in residential construction. They do, however, have some use in light commercial buildings where the attic has soffits. Homes or businesses with flat or tile roofs will not use baffles or vents. If you are unsure of which baffle or vent product to use, contact your local Service Partners branch.

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