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The Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Products You Need

Worker spraying BASF spray polyurethane foam insulation

BASF Agricultural Foam

Spray polyurethane foam insulation and air sealing materials are versatile and economical options for insulating roofs, walls, and storage tanks in metal and agricultural building markets.

Lifted and level slab using ELASTOPOR® Polyurethane Foam


Designed to lift and level with incremental injections, ELASTOPOR® works on both residential and commercial jobs to provide rigid structural support.

GeoLok Spray Foam Insulation

Huntsman Building Solutions GEOLOK™

This closed cell foam holds pipelines in place and provides structural integrity to pillows and rock shields, while also managing erosion for effective pipeline stability.

GEOLIFT Spray Foam Insulation

Huntsman Building Solutions GEOLIFT™

This concrete lifting foam is used to level driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Applied through drilled holes in pavement, this foam offers controlled expansion and quick curing.


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How to Apply Specialty Spray Foam Insulation

Speciality spray foams offer a multitude of applications depending on your industry. While some high-density spray foams are used primarily as structural protection, others offer waterproofing and thermal regulation of important pipelines, storage-tanks, and temperature-sensitive elements. Applications depend on your product of choice and specific industry needs, which we are happy to help you determine.

Why Use Specialty Spray Foam Insulation

Specialty spray foams help the agriculture industry, property owners, pipe laying companies, and more. For example, spray foam in the agricultural industry has helped create warmer environments for animals and offers effective protection of food and fuel storage tanks. Slab jacking fixes concrete that has sunk or become uneven, saving time and preventing costly reinstallation. Lastly, pipe laying and erosion management is safer and more efficient than before thanks to spray foam.

About Specialty Spray Foam Insulation

Service Partners can help determine the right foam for your job. Give your local team a call to discuss the needs of your current projects. 

What Is Specialty Spray Foam Insulation?

Specialty spray foams can help speed up pipe laying jobs, protect agricultural investments, and add structural integrity to buildings or concrete surfaces. With superior strength and ease of installation. Spray foam is making a difference in various industries, making workplaces safer, more efficient, and cost-effective. Call Service Partners to discuss your projects today.

We Carry The Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Brands You Want

Service Partners is your go-to source for the top spray foam insulation brands for all of your applications and uses, including BASF and Huntsman. To help you decide which brand is right for your project, including cost requirements and application type, get in touch with your local Service Partners team today!

Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Supplies Near You

Service Partners is the leading supplier for spray foam insulation, no matter the cost, brand or specific spray foam product that you need. We have over 75 branches nationwide to serve contractors across the U.S. We can help you select the right spray foam insulation products for your project and get them to you quickly with next-day delivery and service. Get in touch with your local branch today!

Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Spray foam insulation offers a wide variety of benefits, including full-surface coverage and airtight finish. Expanding spray foams offer various applications across industries.

Effective Airtight Coverage

The unique application of spray foam insulation allows for an easy, full-coverage finish that can be installed quickly. Regardless of the spray foam type, each product is designed to spray on evenly and dry rapidly with various levels of expansion to deliver an airtight seal wherever you need. 

Structural Reinforcement and Protection

Spray foams are available in various densities to help reinforce structural soundness and protection against erosion, ground shifting, or outside damage. This structural element makes spray foams an important part of safe pipe laying operations, as well as effective leveling agents for cement and asphalt surfaces. 

Protection from the Elements

Spray foam boasts excellent water resistance and air sealing in addition to thermal protection. Whether the goal is to maintain internal temperatures or shield important elements from extreme weather, spray foam can cut costs and help various industries protect their investments. From efficient energy usage to system preservation, spray foam insulation helps keep business running smoothly. 

Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Product Types

Learn more about specialty spray foam insulation product types to find a solution that meets your insulation needs.


As an all-purpose component to building sealing and protection, BASF SPF insulation is designed to protect buildings of all types from extreme weather, temperature loss, flooding, and airflow leaks. This high-performance air barrier insulation offers elite structural reinforcement and thermal loss protection, making it ideal for use in roofing systems and non-traditional buildings like industrial agriculture structures, silos, and storage houses. 


ELASTOPOR® spray foam is used in commercial and residential slab jacking and leveling of sidewalks, roads, driveways, and patios. The product is applied through small dime-sized holes drilled into the irregular surface. After injection, the spray foam offers controlled expansion and quick-drying application with superior density to fit and fill irregular underground holes while withstanding long-term compression. 

Huntsman Building Solutions GEOLOK™

GEOLOK is typically used in pipe laying and adjacent industries to maintain structural integrity and professional safety during underground installation. This spray foam can be used as rock shield to protect important pipes during construction and backfill, as it offers superior strength and erosion resistance. It can also be used to divert water, preserve pipeline integrity, and install pipe pillows.  

Huntsman Building Solutions GEOLIFT™

GEOLIFT™ is a concrete lifting foam used to level residential and commercial driveways, sidewalks, and patios. With best-in-class comprehensive strength, this concrete lifting foam is applied through drilled holes in the pavement. GEOLIFT offers quick curing, controlled expansion, hydrophobic properties and an ambient temperature range.

Common Specialty Spray Foam Insulation Questions

Read our frequently asked questions about specialty spray foam insulation to learn more about the installation process and proper spray foam usage.

Can I use my current spray foam equipment to spray polyurea?

Typically, polyurea spray requires a machine that is capable of producing higher pressures than what standard roofing or Insulation machines will. Refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for specific pressure requirements. 

Can you spray insulation foam on building exteriors?

Yes you can, however you need to protect that foam and any other foam from UV exposure, which will cause the foam to degrade over time. Another exterior-use consideration is whether or not there will be foot traffic or any need for compressive strength, particularly in ground usage. If so, you may have to go with a higher density foam.

What is the maximum temperature SPF can be exposed to?

Most foams are tested for use up to180 degrees.  Higher temperatures can cause the foam to fail, and in extreme circumstances can cause harmful foam melting. If you need something for higher service temperatures, there may be options depending on intended use and required physical properties.

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