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About Stilts

  • No more climbing up and down step ladders
  • No need to waste time moving a ladder around a job site
  • Useful when installing insulation batts, net and blow walls, hanging drywall
  • All components are easily replaced
  • Comfortable with a great strength to weight ratio

About Stilts

Stilts give you the extra height to work with greater efficiency. No need to move or climb up and down a ladder.

What are Stilts?

Stilts are leg extension devices used to reach high places. Dura-Stilts feature foot plates, nylon leg bearings, and universally adjustable side leg supports. All the stilt components can be replaced in the field for renewability and longevity. Stilts are a safe and reliable way to reach heights to install insulation and other construction projects.

We Carry the Stilt Brands You Want

The primary brand of stilts that we carry at Service Partners is Dura-Stilts. Dura-Stilts have been the worldwide leader in stilts for over 40 years. Dura-Stilts come in several adjustable sizes and have a wide range of replacement parts and accessories. Dura-Stilts are a quality product that is made in the USA.

Stilts Supplies Near You

Whether you are looking for a new pair of stilts or replacement parts or accessories like leg straps and buckles, Service Partners can help. We have over 75 locations throughout the country to make it easy to get the stilts and stilt supplies you need. We even offer same day pickup and next day delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are stilts normally used?
Stilts are used any time you need to reach elevated heights. Stilts are particularly useful when installing insulation batts, net and blow walls, hanging drywall and mudding drywall. They are perfect for reaching heights over 8 feet. Stilts come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the product that fits your needs.
Why use stilts?
Stilts allow you to reach high areas with greater efficiency. There is no need to drag a ladder around your job site or spend time climbing up and down step ladders. All components of stilts are field replaceable for renewability and longevity. They are comfortable, reliable and offer a good strength to weight ratio.
What are the benefits of using stilts?
Stilts make it easy to reach heights more efficiently, saving you time and labor costs. They eliminate the need for using ladders. Dura-Stilts are the preferred product of professional stilt users, and they are made in the United States. Stilts allow you to accomplish more with less effort.
In what geographies can stilts be used?
Stilts can be used in all locations throughout the United States. They are not impacted by climate or temperature. Choosing the right stilt product and accessories has less to do with your geographic location than it does with your job requirements. The Service Partners team can help recommend the right stilt for your job.
Can stilts be used in residential or commercial construction?
Stilts can be used in all types of construction. Anywhere you need to reach a high area, stilts are applicable. This includes residential and commercial construction. Stilts replace the use of ladders. When you need to replace parts, you can do that right on the job site.

Stilt Benefits

Quickly and easily work in hard to reach areas, without the need for a ladder. Stilts make installation at heights easy and efficient.

No Need for a Ladder

With stilts, there is no need to move a ladder throughout a job site or to be constantly climbing up and down step ladders. Simply strap on your stilts and get to work. With adjustable height stilts, you will be able to reach all parts of your project with ease.

Easy to Maintain

Need to replace parts on your stilts? No big deal. Most components on stilts can be replaced right on the job. You can easily change out leg straps, buckles, foot plates, or any screws, nuts and bolts that need replacing. Plus, Dura-Stilts come with a lifetime structural warranty.

Accomplish More with Less Effort

If you need to move at elevated heights, stilts make it so much easier. Stilts allow natural leg movement and are individually adjustable. They can be adjusted without tools. Dura-Stilts are also very comfortable and strong without adding a lot of weight. Service Partners can help you find the right stilts for your job.

Accessory Types

Stilts come in several sizes, allowing you to pick the right model for your project and budget. We also sell accessories like straps and clips.

24″ – 40″ w/ADP

The Dura-Stilt Adjustable 24-40″ Stilt is a larger model stilt that allows you to reach 9′ to 12′ ceilings. These stilts have semi-flexible foot plates and floor plates that allow a natural walking motion. There are nylon leg bearings at all pivot points and reinforced rubber soles.

18″ – 30″ w/ADP

The Dura-III Adjustable 18-30″ Stilt is a medium-sized stilt. With these stilts, most workers can reach 8′ to 10′ ceilings. Locking strap buckles provide comfort and safety. Upper and lower springs allow duplication for the user’s natural ankle movement. These stilts are backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

Leg Straps and Buckles

Most of the components on Dura-Stilts can be replaced at any time, even when you’re on the job. Service Partners sells all types of stilt accessories and replacement parts, including leg straps and buckles. We also have arch straps with buckles and toe straps with buckles. These straps and buckles provide the user with comfort as well as safety.

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