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Why WestRock?

WestRock is one of the largest American packaging companies and is a leading, global manufacturer of low-cost, easy-to-install cardboard baffles for construction uses.

A Large Global Brand

WestRock delivers its paper and packaging products to the global marketplace. It has over 50,000 team members connecting across facilities, languages, and cultures behind its diverse portfolio of solutions.

Focused on Core Values

As an industry leader in scale and capacity, WestRock has put its core values at the heart of its business: integrity, respect, accountability, and excellence.

Consistent Quality & Dependability

WestRock is your partner in creating your competitive advantage by delivering consistent quality and superior service, which fuels innovation and fosters growth.

Cost-Effective Solutions

WestRock is focused on providing innovative product solutions that reduce the costs of its customers, plus lower their risks. This is all part of its overall dedication to customers and creating win-win results.

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Corrugated Baffles

Cardboard Baffles

Low-cost, top-quality cardboard baffles for attic ventilation applications


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Cardboard Baffles for Your Ventilation Needs

WestRock is your source for cardboard baffles, which are used to create a channel for airflow and keep soffit vents from becoming blocked. They are most often used in attic spaces to block moisture and wind from penetrating the attic and eliminate the need for blocking material at the top plate.

WestRock provides an unbeatable portfolio of paper and packaging solutions that are offered globally. WestRock is focused on driving the next generation of packaging innovation.

A Partner Focused on Win-Win Solutions

WestRock recognizes that it is not just a global supplier to its customers — it is a partner. More than just manufacturing a broad portfolio of paper and packaging solutions, it believes in connections. WestRock strives to create winning solutions for its customers, which in turn helps you win with your customers.

WestRock Supplies Near You

Service Partners is your go-to source for WestRock cardboard baffle supplies near you. No matter where you’re located in the United States, Service Partners has a location near you to serve you. We can help you find and choose the best WestRock cardboard baffles for your applications. Whatever your needs are, we can help — call your local branch today!

WestRock is a leading, global supplier of paper and packaging solutions for a wide range of markets and uses, including its top-quality cardboard baffles.

Cardboard Baffles

WestRock is a trusted source for high-quality, cost-effective cardboard baffles for your construction applications. Cardboard baffles are most frequently used in attics as vents to block moisture and wind from penetrating the attic. They can hold up to the pressure of spray foam insulation and improve the efficiency of your installed insulation. Most often, you’ll find WestRock cardboard baffles in soffits and conventional, finished, or cathedral attics.

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