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Safety and fall protection products for many types of projects

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The Personal Safety Products You Need


Dust masks, half facepiece and fullface respirators plus filters

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment including eye protection, hard hats, gloves and more

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Fall Protection

Anchors, harnesses, lanyards and more to prevent falls from height

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The Brands You Trust

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Where Personal Safety Equipment Is Used

Personal safety equipment is used in any work environment. For all jobs – big or small – safety is important. From personal use to contractor use, Service Partners has all types of personal safety equipment to fit any project. Use this equipment to prevent injuries and even death.

Personal Safety Applications

Personal safety products are used in all types of projects including residential, commercial and industrial. Some items are specific to a specific job. For example, fall protection equipment is only used when workers are completing projects at height. Respiratory protection is used when there are airborne hazards.

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Common Accessories

Disposable Particulate Respirators

N95 Dual strap respirators are used for solid and non-oil based particles

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5-Point Full Body Harness

1.75” wide polyester webbing, universal sizing and meets OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359 performance criteria

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Vinyl Gloves

Lightly powdered and latex free with a beaded cuff; 4 mil thickness

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About Personal Safety

Personal safety products help individuals avoid injury and death. These products help workers get home safely at the end of each work day.

What are Personal Safety Products?

Personal safety products fall into several categories including respiratory protection, PPE and fall protection. Service Partners sells only the highest quality industrial safety products. These products are designed to minimize the risk of injury and include items such as masks, respirators, hard hats, ear plugs, glasses, and harnesses.

We Carry the Personal Safety Brands You Want

Safety on the job is one of the most important aspects of any project. Your safety matters, and that is why Service Partners sells the best selection of products from trusted brands. Some of the top brands of personal safety equipment include 3M, SAS, Bullard, Conney, PIP, and Lakeland.

Personal Safety Supplies Near You

For all your personal safety equipment needs, you can count on Service Partners. We have all the industrial safety products you need. With over 75 locations throughout the United States, personal safety supplies are never far away. We can help you pick the right equipment for your job and have it ready quickly and easily.

Personal Safety Benefits

The most important benefit of personal safety equipment is that it reduces the risk of injury and even death. Safety matters on every job.

Keep Workers Safe

The primary goal of using personal safety equipment is to prevent injury and even death. Service Partners has all the industrial safety needed to protect a worker from head to toe. Whether your hazards are airborne, physical, thermal or a fall risk, we have the products you need to keep workers safe on any job.

Ensure Compliance

OSHA and ANSI require fall protection equipment when projects involve working at height. There are also standards in place when there is the potential for an airborne hazard. Service Partners has all the products you need to run a fully compliant job site. These products also reduce your risk of having to deal with insurance and workman’s compensation claims.

Can Be Used Anywhere

Personal safety products can be used on every job. They are used in all types of projects including residential and commercial. Many personal safety products can be reused and transported from job site to job site. This means you’ll only have to purchase these products infrequently, unless they need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Common Personal Safety Questions

Not sure which personal safety products are necessary for your job? Let the Service Partners team help recommend the right safety equipment.

Why use Personal Safety Products?

Personal safety products keep all workers safe from injury and even death. Hazards on the job can include physical, electrical, thermal, chemical, airborne and more. Industrial safety equipment protects the human body from these external threats. Investing in high quality personal safety products shows your workers that you care about their safety.

Where in a Building are Personal Safety Products Normally Used?

Personal safety products are used in any part of a building for any type of project, large or small. Fall protection equipment is largely used on roofs, but it can be used anywhere where work is performed at height. Masks and respirators are commonly used when working with insulation.

Can Personal Safety Equipment Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Personal safety equipment can be used in all types of construction. It can be used in homes and businesses as well as industrial applications. We sell personal safety equipment for personal use as well as for contractors and others in the construction industry. Safety is always important, no matter what type of job.

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