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Why Cascadia?

Cascadia manufactures resilient, versatile and sustainable building envelope products, including fiberglass windows, doors and fiberglass cladding support systems forged from high-quality pultruded fiberglass.

Promoting Energy Efficient Building Design

Cascadia was founded in 2008 in Langley, British Columbia, Canada by a collective of building science and window specialists with the intent to innovate, commercialize and produce the most energy efficient building products in the marketplace. Cascadia’s mission is to lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design by offering resilient, sustainable products that substantially reduce CO2 emissions that directly affect climate change.

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Cascadia Clip®

Very high efficiency thermal spacer made from fiberglass


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Cascadia High Performance Windows, Doors and More

Cascadia manufactures energy efficient windows, doors and fiberglass cladding support systems designed to reduce energy consumption in buildings. Cascadia invents and commercializes truly useful, technically sound innovations for the construction industry. Cascadia Clip is Cascadia’s solution to ever-increasing code performance requirements for opaque wall assemblies.

Cascadia has been manufacturing energy efficient building products since 2008. Cascadia makes fiberglass windows, doors and fiberglass cladding support systems from high quality pultruded fiberglass.

Pultruded Fiberglass Products

Cascadia offers an extensive and integrated line of fiberglass construction products. Cascadia helps save energy in windows, doors and other parts of the building envelope. The Cascadia Clip is designed for use in places where builders cannot meet code with traditional cladding attachment systems.

High Thermal Performance

Cascadia uses fiberglass as a base material because of its low conductivity meaning it reduces heat loss from a building. Fiberglass is extremely durable and does not rot, shrink or warp. The benefits are very high thermal performance and very high durability. All raw materials are chosen to be non-toxic, and Cascadia is Red List free according to the Living Building Challenge organization.

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Cascadia produces the most energy efficient building envelope products. These products are made from high quality pultruded fiberglass, resulting in versatile and sustainable building solutions.

Cascadia Clip®

Cascadia Clip is cost effective, easy to install and well engineered. It is one of the most efficient systems on the market. Cascadia Clip thermal spacers are made from fiberglass and can improve wall thermal performance by 30% to 70% over traditional methods of cladding attachments. Cascadia provides an excellent engineering tool that allows designers to optimize the cladding attachment system.

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