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ADO Products was founded in 1988 and is grounded in the spirit of responsibility to their customers and listening to their needs.

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ADO Products has over 25 years of experience in the insulation accessory industry. ADO has a solid reputation with contractors, distributors and retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Today, ADO distributes approximately 1500 insulation accessory items for residential and light commercial insulation applications. ADO is focused on improving products and on making jobs easier, faster and more profitable.

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ADO Durovent Baffles


#1 selling vent in the industry; available in multiple lengths

Durovent Baffle - ADO Products

Durovent® BAFFLE

Economical way to ventilate roof and block wind and rain

proVent - ADO Products


Ideal vent for premium construction and difficult applications

proVent Baffle - ADO Products

proVent® Baffle

A versatile baffle for the insulation professional


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ADO Rafter Vents and Baffles

ADO Products makes a variety of rafter vents and baffles. Rafter vents along with soffit and exhaust vents are the components of a Static Attic Ventilation System. Air is introduced into the system through the soffit vents, channeled along the roof deck through a rafter vent, and expelled through an exhaust vent.

ADO Products produces over 1,500 insulation accessory tools and products. These products include a variety of rafter vents and baffles.

Rafter Vents and Baffles

ADO Products are used for residential and light commercial insulation applications. ADO makes the number one selling vent in the industry – Durovent. ADO products also include the Durovent baffle, proVent, and proVent baffle. ADO is focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence and provides quality products and superior service.

Improving Attics and Roofs

Raffle vents and baffles are a key component in an attic ventilation system. Air is introduced through the soffits and moves through the rafter vents or baffles. Rafter vents help keep attics dry and improve insulation efficiencies. Attics stay cooler in the summer and the roof shingles last longer. Rafter vents also help prevent ice dam formation.

ADO Products Near You

If you need rafter vents or baffles, Service Partners has the high quality ADO products you want. With over 75 locations in the United States, we can have the vents for your project quickly and easily. Your local branch can arrange for same day pickup or next day delivery of ADO products so your insulation project can keep moving along smoothly.

ADO Products makes rafter vents and baffles as well as many other insulation accessory products. ADO provides high quality products as well as excellent service.


Durovent is the number one selling vent in the industry. It is made of a polystyrene material that provides a lightweight water resistant air channel. Durovent is ideal for high-volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation projects. Durovent provides an economical way to meet code requirements for air flow. It comes in multiple lengths and has a perforated center line.

Durovent® Baffle

The Durovent Baffle is the most economical way to ventilate a roof and block out the wind and rain. A water resistant baffle is incorporated into the Durovent product allowing for a one-step rafter vent and baffle installation. The Durovent baffle eliminates the need for blocking material such as batt insulation between the vent and the wall top plate.


ProVent is ideal for premium construction and for difficult applications like re-insulation. ProVent is made with Pro Grade tear-resistant high impact plastic. The rigid vent construction eliminates breakage during re-installation, while providing maximum air flow. ProVents are easy to transport and store on the job site.

ProVent® Baffle

The ProVent Baffle is a versatile baffle for insulation professionals. It can withstand the heat and pressure of spray foam. Its versatile design adapts to varying heel heights. ProVent Baffles can be attached to the truss as well as the roof deck. ProVent Baffles are made from high impact polystyrene and will not absorb moisture or grow mold.

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