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Firestop and Fireblock

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Firestop and Fireblock

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About Firestop and Fireblock

  • Seal around openings and between joints
  • Used in fire resistance-rated wall or floor assemblies
  • Impedes the spread of fire and smoke
  • Provides time for occupants to safely evacuate
  • Can be used to help meet fire code in buildings

About Firestop and Fireblock

Firestop and fireblock products include caulks, putty, and more used to improve a building’s safety and help stop the spread of fire in an emergency.

What is Firestop and Fireblock?

Firestop and fireblock refer to products that seal gaps and maintain the fireproofing of a wall or floor. They are a form of passive fire protection. Materials like caulk, putty, cementitious mortars and grouts, sprays, intumescent wraps, pillows and poly bags or blocks can all be used as firestops.

We Carry the Firestop and Fireblock Brands You Want

Two of the leading manufacturers of firestop and fireblock products include STI and Accumetric. STI is a leader in developing innovative fire protection systems. Accumetric manufactures BOSS products, including BOSS FireStop and Fire Block foam and other sealants. To choose the right firestop product, talk to your local Service Partners branch.

Firestop and Fireblock Supplies Near You

Service Partners has a wide variety of firestop and fireblock products available. We sell one part sealants, putty, cementitious mortars and grouts, sprays, intumescent wraps, pillows, bags, and blocks. With 75-plus locations nationwide, Service Partners can provide firestop sealants for any size project when you need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is firestop and fireblock normally used?
Firestop and fireblock products are used throughout structures to add passive fire protection. Firestop foam, caulk, or putty can be used around electrical, mechanical and structural penetrations. Firestop sealant is also applied to unpenetrated openings, sway joints, junctions between walls and subfloors, and head of wall joints.
Why use firestop and fireblock?
Firestop and fireblock products are used to help improve the fire safety in a building. They slow the spread of smoke and fire in emergencies and allow occupants more time to safely exit. It can be used in horizontal and vertical penetrations. Installation of firestop foam and similar products can help building owners meet fire code related to fire barriers.
What are the benefits of using firestop and fireblock?
The number one reason to use firestop or fireblock is to make a building safer. By impeding the spread of fire or smoke, you can help save lives. Holes and gaps in walls and ceiling cavities allow fire to spread rapidly. Using firestop or fireblock fills those holes and slows flames, smoke, heat and gases.
In what geographies can firestop and fireblock be used?
Firestop and fireblock products can be used in all geographies. Check your local building code for fire code regulations. In order to select the right fireblock or firestop product for your application, the Service Partners team can help. We can recommend firestop foam, firestop caulk, firestop putty or another firestop sealant to meet your needs.
Is firestop and fireblock be used in residential or commercial construction?
Firestop and fireblock products are appropriate in any construction project. They can be used in residential and commercial buildings. Basically, fireblock and firestop products are useful to stop the spread of fire in any structure where there are gaps that can allow oxygen to fuel a fire.

Firestop and Fireblock Benefits

Firestop and fireblock products are designed to fill gaps and cavities in order to make structures more resistant to the spread of fire and smoke.

Save Lives

If a building catches fire, oxygen fuels the flames. Filling gaps and cracks in structures with firestop or fireblock helps prevent the spread of fire in walls and floors. With a slower spreading fire and less smoke throughout a structure, occupants have more time to get out safely.

Use Throughout A Structure

Firestop can be applied anywhere in a structure, including walls and floors. Some common applications for firestop foam include around electrical, mechanical and structural penetrations, head-of-wall joints, and control or sway joints. Even small spaces need to be filled. It can be used in residential and commercial applications.

Meet Fire Code

Many construction projects have to meet certain codes, including fire safety. Be sure to check code requirements in your area before choosing a firestop product. You can always check with a local inspector before beginning a project. Some applications require vertical fireblock but not horizontal fireblock.

Firestop and Fireblock Accessory Types

Firestop and fireblock products come in several different forms. If you are unsure of which firestop sealant to use, ask your local Service Partners professional.

One Part Sealants (Caulk)

These products include water-based intumescent sealants that are the flagship product for most firestop manufacturers. They can be used for both combustible and non-combustible applications. Additionally, there are silicone non-intumescent sealants that are best suited for applications where penetrations may move or vibrate, in wash down areas, or where W ratings are required.


Firestop putty is primary used on small cable penetrations (typically HTO). Putty is non-hardening and can be worked by hand. Many times the seal can be re-entered making these spaces easy to access in the future. It is also good for use around metal pipes and electrical boxes.

Cementitious Mortars and Grouts

Firestop mortars and grouts are cost-conscious firestop solutions for large openings in concrete walls and floors. These products are mixed with water and then are applied into concrete walls and floors. Cementitious mortars and grouts cure quickly and allow for future penetrants.

Sprays (Coatings)

Firestop sprays are coatings that adhere to various construction substrates and are spray-applied. Firestop sprays can be applied using spray equipment or with a brush. Firestop sprays are commonly used for construction joints and perimeter fire barrier applications.

Intumescent Wraps

Intumescent wraps are available in a variety of sizes and types for use on combustible penetrations. Using intumescent wraps can minimize waste and speed up firestop installation. These wraps are commonly used on plastic piping up to 12 inches in diameter.

Pillows, Bags or Blocks

Pillows are intumescent products that are soft and cushion-like. They are designed to be compressed and stuffed into openings around penetrants. Poly Bags are intumescent products that protect core materials and allow for easy insertion and removal. Poly Bags burg away quickly and cleanly during a fire.

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