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Mechanical Fasteners

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Mechanical Fasteners

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About Mechanical Fasteners

  • Generally create non-permanent joints
  • Joints can be removed or dismantled without damaging components
  • Typically used to fasten insulation to metals or concrete
  • More reliable than glues or tapes
  • Available in a wide variety of size and thread patterns

About Mechanical Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners are hardware devices that affix two or more objects together in a non-permanent manner, especially where repair or maintenance might be completed later.

What are Mechanical Fasteners?

Mechanical fasteners are a category of hardware devices used to join objects together. They create non-permanent joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joint components. They often function as insulation fasteners and hold insulation to metals or concrete. They can be used in all types of projects and structures.

We Carry the Mechanical Fastener Brands You Want

Service Partners carries mechanical fasteners from Midwest Fasteners, GEMCO, Cascadia and OC. Midwest Fasteners is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of metal fasteners for insulation fastening. GEMCO also makes insulation fasteners. Cascadia is a manufacturer of fiberglass thermal spacers for exterior insulated cladding systems.

Mechanical Fastener Supplies Near You

For all the times you need to join two or more objects together in a non-permanent way, mechanical fasteners are a good choice. With 75-plus locations throughout the United States, Service Partners can quickly and easily supply you with a variety of mechanical fasteners. For added convenience, we offer same day pickup and next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are mechanical fasteners normally used?
Mechanical fasteners are used to hold insulation to metals or concrete. Anywhere you want to hold insulation in place, you can use mechanical fasteners. They are also safe to use outdoors due to their high resistance to rust. They can be used with materials of almost any shape or size.
Why use mechanical fasteners?
Mechanical fasteners are well suited for use in applications where you are seeking a non-permanent adhesion of two or more objects. Mechanical fasteners are more reliable than glues or tapes. They are appropriate for use in places where products will need to be taken apart during their normal life (for example, where repairs or maintenance will be completed).
What are the benefits of using mechanical fasteners?
Mechanical fasteners are good to use when you want to be able to take objects apart again at a later date. They can be used with metal and concrete and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are essential in places where two parts will move relative to each other (like hinges for doors).
In what geographies can mechanical fasteners be used?
There are no geographic limitations on where mechanical fasteners can be used. They are also suitable for all climates and can even be used outdoors. Mechanical fasteners are not necessarily a good choice for applications that continually subject them to vibration as they can come loose.

Mechanical Fastener Benefits

Mechanical fasteners join objects together in a non-permanent manner. Mechanical fasteners are also more reliable as insulation fasteners than glues or tapes.


When you use mechanical fasteners, you create a non-permanent joint. In other words, the joints can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joint components. This makes mechanical fasteners better than glues or tapes, especially when used as insulation fasteners. They can easily be removed to perform maintenance or make repairs.

Work on a Variety of Materials

Mechanical fasteners work especially well when affixing insulation materials to concrete or metal substrates. They are easy to apply and install manually. Mechanical fasteners are good for bonding dissimilar materials and maintain a strong bond between materials that can come loose easily. They can also be used outdoors.

Perfect for Many Applications

Mechanical fasteners can be used throughout residential, commercial and industrial structures. They can be used to apply insulation in basements, curtain walls, crawl spaces, mechanical insulations and metal buildings. They are typically used to fasten insulation to metals or concrete but can be used anywhere to join two or more objects together.

Mechanical Fastener Accessory Types

Mechanical fasteners come in a variety of sizes and types. They maintain a strong yet non-permanent bond between objects and are often used as insulation fasteners.


Self-locking washers are used in conjunction with both self-sticking and perforated base insulation hangers. The self-locking washer is placed onto the top of the pin and pressed down until the washer touches the insulation. The washer should not compress the insulation. The remaining pin tip should be bent over or snipped off.

Dome Cap

Domed insulation pin caps are also called dome caps. Dome caps are used as a lock washer to hold insulation materials onto both self-sticking and perforated insulation hangers. Dome caps provide a clean look and make pins safer in areas where insulation may be touched.


Clips provide a quick and simple method of retaining rigid insulation within a timber frame panel. They create a controlled gap for services.


Insulation supports are cut from carbon steel spring wire for optimum flexibility and strength. The mitered tips dig into wood. This secures the hangers and the insulation when it is installed between joists. Hangers can be made from a variety of materials and come in different sizes.


Insulation hangers are used to fasten insulation materials to sheet metal quickly and easily. The most common use for pins is for fiberglass duct wrap on sheet metal HVAC ductwork. Each pin’s metal base has a foam adhesive which is revealed when the wax release paper is removed. Insulation is pierced onto the pin and then covered with a locking washer or dome cap.

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