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Blown-in Wood Fiber Insulation

Blown-in wood fiber insulation is an affordable, carbon-negative solution for homes and commercial buildings. Service Partners is the first and largest national distributor of TimberHP TimberFill blown-in wood fiber insulation.

The product begins as FSC-certified softwood chips that are refined into a fiber and then blended with borate. The borate compounds add extra benefits to the insulation, helping to make it flame retardant.

Made with non-toxic materials, which allows for easy installation. Contractors can enjoy debris-free installs using the same insulation machines that are already on the market.

The shape and size allow the product to retain a stable R-value that prevents settling over time. It can be used in ceilings, attics, walls, and floors.

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Wood Fiber Insulation R-Values

Local regulatory bodies set standards for insulation thickness that are known as R-values. Insulation must meet these standards in order for the structure in which it is installed to pass inspection.

Wood fiber insulation has an R-Value of 3.2 to 4/inch, depending on the specific product. This makes it a suitable material to be used as insulation in residential and commercial construction for wood-framed buildings.

(R-value requirements are governed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in each state or municipality. Please check with your AHJ to determine the correct code for your area.)

Wood Fiber Insulation Applications

Wood fiber insulation is a practical solution for various applications in different construction projects. Using wood fiber insulation combines environmental sustainability and cost competitiveness for a carbon-smart, high-performance solution. It can be installed in:

  • Attics
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Stud cavities
  • Floors
  • Rafters
  • Interior partitions

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Common Accessories

Blowing Hoses

Theses clear hoses come in sizes from 2 to 4 inches

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Mesh is used horizontally and vertically with loose-filled insulation to keep it from falling out of the cavity in which it is installed.

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Insulation Blower Machines

Insulation blower machines are used for the application of blow-in insulation, such as cellulose, fiberglass, and stone wool and increase productivity and efficiency.

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About Wood Fiber Insulation

Wood fiber insulation is an excellent option for professional contractors, builders, and homeowners alike. It provides acoustic and thermal functionality with applications in both residential and commercial settings.

What Is Wood Fiber Insulation?

Wood fiber insulation is manufactured using FSC-certified softwood chips that are left over from lumber production and then refined into a loose-bodied fiber. It can be combined with borate, which makes the insulation flame retardant, and resistant to mold and mildew growth. It is a carbon-negative and cost-effective way to provide acoustic and thermal insulation for wood-framed homes and commercial buildings.

We Carry The Wood Fiber Insulation Brands You Want

Service Partners is a trusted partner for your wood fiber insulation needs. This product is available at select branches – contact your local Service Partners to find out more.  Service Partners is happy to help you whether you are working in residential or commercial construction so that you can complete your project successfully.

Wood Fiber Insulation Supplies Near You

Service Partners is the leading insulation distributor in the U.S. with locations from coast to coast, making it easy for contractors in the Northeast and North Central parts of the country to get the high-quality wood fiber insulation they need for their projects. The expert teams at every Service Partners location are ready to help you find what you need when you need it and within your budget. Find your local branch and contact us today! Product availability varies by geography and branch location. Please contact your local branch for availability.

Wood Fiber Insulation Benefits

In addition to being a renewable solution for insulation, there are numerous other benefits of using wood fiber insulation as it is healthy, affordable, and carbon negative.

Ideal for All Climates

Wood fiber insulation has qualities that make it convenient for all climates in the US. It has the ability to balance temperature swings and buffer changes in humidity in all seasonal conditions. It has a high thermal capacity of up to R-4 per inch which slows the heat transfer in a home or commercial building to reduce heating loads, cooling loads, and ultimately energy bills for the owner. Contact your nearby Service Partners branch can help you find wood fiber insulation products to fit your local project’s needs.

Affordable for Changing Building Codes

The cost of wood fiber insulation is often the same or less than other insulation products on the market, although it has prominent added benefits. It is an environmentally-responsible and sustainable product that also provides the necessary practicality of insulation for residential and commercial projects. As building codes grow stricter to ensure buildings are constructed in a way that makes less of a carbon impact, wood fiber insulation is an affordable solution.

Versatile for Many Use Cases

Whether a customer is using wood fiber insulation for a residential or commercial project, wood fiber insulation will provide thermal and acoustic solutions. It can be used in different areas of wood-framed structures including attics, floors, wall cavities, and interior partitions.

Wood Fiber Insulation Product Types

All wood fiber insulation starts with the basics of softwood chips from lumber which can be transformed into distinct products that fulfill specific needs for various projects.

Blown-In Wood Fiber Insulation

Blown-in wood fiber insulation can be used in different spaces in structures, including attic spaces and dense pack in wall, floor, and ceiling cavities. Like all other fiber applications, machines to install the fill are required. The size and shape of the fibers allow for effective R-values due to their ability to prevent settling over time. This type of insulation has borate compounds added to it to make it flame retardant.

Common Wood Fiber Insulation Questions

There are several questions that contractors often ask about wood fiber insulation. See common questions that our team members are often asked and our answers below.

In which geographies can wood fiber insulation be used?

Wood fiber insulation can be used in any climate area across the United States. There are outlined climate zones designated by the International Residential Code and wood fiber insulation is a cost-effective and reliable insulation solution for each zone. Our team members at your local Service Partners branch would be happy to help you find the wood fiber insulation products that would be optimal for your geographical location.

Does wood fiber insulation increase fire risks for buildings?

There are wood fiber insulation products that are treated with borate in the manufacturing process. When the borate compounds are integrated with the products, it results in solutions that help protect against fire and achieve Class A flame spread and smoke ratings. Even if a wood fiber insulation product is not treated with borate, it can help still flame spread with a carbonization process that occurs which results in a protective exterior layer that prevents rapid combustion.

Does wood fiber insulation meet new energy code standards for buildings?

Absolutely! There are newly state-adopted energy codes that are being implemented, such as 2015-2021 IECC codes. These codes require more R-values in attics and roof assemblies. Wood fiber insulation is a cost-effective and high-performance solution for these new code requirements.

Is wood fiber a good insulator?

Yes. It has a high thermal capacity of up to R-4 per inch which slows the heat transfer in a home or commercial building to reduce heating loads, cooling loads, and ultimately energy bills for the owner.

What if wood fiber gets wet?

Wood fiber insulation is a vapor open and repells water at high densities. It can absorb, store and release vapor and bulk moisture without degrading the insulation over time. Moisture passes through the insulation, reducing the risk of mold, rot and allergens.

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