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Why Insulfoam?

Insulfoam provides the right products for your needs with significant material cost savings. Insulfoam products are customizable, versatile, durable, easy-to-install, and cost-effective.

A Division of Carlisle Construction Materials

As a division of Carlisle Construction Materials, Insulfoam has the advantage of being a part of one of the largest building material companies in the country.


Insulfoam products help you achieve significant cost and labor savings, with fewer layers needed to achieve R-values.

Highly Durable

Insulfoam products are highly durable and are available with compressive strengths up to 60 psi. Plus, Insulfoam’s high-density lamination products are weather-resistant and protect against extreme weather.

Easy to Use and Install

Insulfoam products are lightweight and conveniently sized, providing ease of installation. They also provide extra flexibility with customization options in thickness, up to 40” in a single board.

We Carry Top Insulfoam Products

Insulfoam R-Tech Insulation Panels

R-TECH® Rigid Foam Insulation Panels

Engineered rigid foam insulation that is closed-cell, lightweight, and resilient

Insulfoam R-Tech Fanfold Insulation

R-TECH® Rigid Foam Fanfold Insulation

Closed-cell, lightweight, and resilient EPS sheathing with advanced polymeric facers

Insulfoam Platinum GPS Insulation

Platinum GPS Insulation

Platinum graphite-infused polystyrene (GPS) insulation with an improved and stable R-value

Insulfoam EPS Unfaced Foam

EPS Products

A broad range of EPS insulation products to meet all of your needs


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Lightweight EPS Foam Board Insulation for Many Uses

Insulfoam expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board insulation is commonly used in metal buildings for walls, foundations, and roofing, as a lightweight, thermally-resistant, and cost-effective insulation solution. It’s available in many compressive strengths and is a high-performance alternative to extruded polystyrene foam board insulation (XPS).

Insulfoam’s broad range of EPS insulation products help building professionals construct high-quality building insulations systems at a low cost.

The Widest Range of EPS Insulation Products Around

Insulfoam is proud to be your go-to source for the widest range of EPS insulation products around, including faced, laminated, and standard high-performance options. Insulfoam gives you the highest R-value per dollar when compared to any other rigid insulation products.

A Leading EPS Brand that You Can Trust

When you’re looking for EPS insulation, Insulfoam is a brand you can trust. With decades of experience manufacturing the widest variety of EPS insulation and the highest quality around, builders won’t need to look any further for EPS insulation that will meet and exceed expectations. In addition to high-end craftsmanship, Insulfoam provides a long-term thermal warranty, nationwide coverage and LEED® credit contributions.

Insulfoam Supplies Near You

No matter the Insulfoam supplies you’re looking for or the application they’re needed for, Service Partners is here to help you get the Insulfoam products you need, when you need them. We are here to assist you with your decision in any way we can. With over 75 locations nationwide, a Service Partners team near you is ready to help. Contact your local branch now!

Service Partners carries top Insulfoam products, including R-TECH Rigid Foam Insulation Panels, R-TECH Insulation Fanfold, Platinum GPS Insulation, and a complete line of EPS insulation products.

R-TECH Rigid Foam Insulation Panels

R-TECH Rigid Foam Insulation Panels are engineered, rigid foam insulation that are closed-cell, lightweight and resilient. They include advanced polymeric laminate facers and are available with factory-adhered metallic-reflective facers, white facers, or both. R-TECH is used for commercial, industrial and residential roofing, wall, and below-grade applications. Panels come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and compressive strengths.

R-TECH Rigid Foam Fanfold Insulation

R-TECH Rigid Foam Fanfold Insulation is a high-performing sheathing with closed-cell, lightweight, and resilient EPS with advanced polymeric facers. It is used in recover applications and works great for single-ply roof applications that utilize mechanically fastened or ballasted TPO, PVC, EPDM, and CSPE membranes. It provides labor savings and enhanced R-values, and it is environmentally friendly, water-resistant, durable, and cost-effective.

Platinum GPS Insulation

To further enhance the performance of EPS rigid foam insulation, Insulfoam introduced its new platinum graphite-infused polystyrene (GPS) insulation, which delivers an improved and stable R-value. It is lightweight with maximum performance, ideal for space-constrained areas and colder climates. It provides a higher R-value for the same thickness, long-term moisture management, money savings, and more.

EPS Insulation Products

Insulfoam utilizes its 60 years in the rigid foam insulation industry to create EPS products with builders’ needs in mind. Insulfoam’s wide range of EPS insulation products include Insulfoam Unfaced Foam, Tapered Roofing Insulation, InsulFoam Single-Ply (SP), InsulFoam Flute-Fill (FL), InsulFoam InsulLam™, InsulFoam Holey Board, InsulFoam Hd Composite, InsulFoam Drainage Board, InsulFoam Tongue & Groove, and InsulFoam Exterior Grade.

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