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Insulation Knives

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About Insulation Knives

  • Selection includes batt, retractable, pipe, breakaway razor and fixed blade knives
  • Used in a variety of installation and construction situations
  • Sharp knives provide safer use
  • Perfect tools to have on hand for insulation installation
  • Keep your project flowing smoothly

About Knives

Knives allow you to cut through objects quickly and easily. A sharp knife makes any project faster, and knives designed for insulation cutting make installation easier.

What are Knives?

Knives are defined by their uses. Some of the knives that Service Partners carries include batt knives, retractable knives, pipe knives, breakaway razor knives and fixed blade knives. Depending on the situation you may be able to use one knife or you might need multiple specialty knives.

We Carry the Knife Brands You Want

Service Partners carries knives from Hyde Tools, OLFA and VinTools. Hyde Tools knives include 6″, 8″ and 8.75″ batt knives. OLFA makes a variety of utility knives as well as specialty cutting knives. VinTools manufactures an insulation knife called the SuperKut Insulation Knife. Let your local Service Partners team help recommend the right knife brand for your project.

Knives Near You

To get a brand new, sharp knife quickly and easily, turn to Service Partners. We have 75-plus locations throughout the country, and we offer same day pickup and next day delivery. When you need an insulation knife to make your project run smoothly, we can provide you with a good quality tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home are knives normally used?
Knives can be used all throughout a construction project. Batt knives and scarfing tools are specially designed to be used for installation of insulation. Depending on your project, multiple specialty knives might be necessary. If you need help choosing the right knife, your local Service Partners can help.
Why use knives?
Knives make all types of work easier. It is especially important to have a sharp knife so that you can work quickly, efficiently and safely. Dull knife blades can be dangerous. While utility knives are great for all kinds of construction projects, specialty knives like batt knives and scarfing tools are particularly well suited for use with insulation.
What are the benefits of using knives?
Knives provide safe cutting properties, especially when you use a high quality, sharp knife. A good knife can cut with only one pass which can save you time and effort. A specialty knife can cut through insulation quickly and smoothly, without tearing or damaging insulation.
Can knives be used in residential or commercial construction?
Knives can be used in all types of construction.

Knife Benefits

Knives allow you to cut through insulation without damaging or tearing it. A sharp knife makes your project faster and safer.

Efficient Cutting

A newer knife has a nice sharp blade that allows for faster, cleaner cutting. An insulation knife is designed specifically for cutting through insulation without ripping, tearing or otherwise damaging the product. When you use an insulation cutting knife, you’ll work faster and with less hand fatigue.

Durable and Safe

All of the knives that we sell at Service Partners are high quality products that are designed to last. With sharp blades, you will be safer as you make cuts in insulation. However, if your blade becomes dull and needs replacement, we can help. Service Partners also sells replacement blades.

A Variety of Sizes and Styles

Service Partners sells a wide variety of knives to fit your project needs. We have retractable utility knives, fixed blade knives, batt knives and replacement blades. Our batt knives come in 6 inch, 8 inch, and 8.75 inch styles. No matter the size or type of knife you need, Service Partners can help.

Knife Types

Depending on your project, you’ll want to select the right style and size of knife to fit your needs. Service Partners can help.

Utility Knives

Utility knives are a great tool to keep in your toolbelt at all times. Utility knives have many uses on a job site. Utility knives come in fixed and retractable blades. They can be used for every type of project, large or small. While utility knives can be smaller, they still can provide a lot of cutting power.

Batt Knives

When you are looking for an insulation cutting knife, batt knives are an excellent choice. Batt knives are fixed blades that come in 6 inch or 8 inch lengths. They make it easy to cut fiberglass batts without tearing and mangling the batt. If you use a batt knife with an Accusharp tool, you’ll keep the cutting blade smooth.

Scarfing Tool

A scarfing tool is used for removing both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation from overfilled wall cavities. What was once a time-consuming job is now simple and easy. A scarfing tool is a great knife to have to increase your efficiency, productivity and profits.

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