Make your projects resistant to fire with our wide variety of fireblock materials, including insulation, sealant, barriers, coatings and more.

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The Fireproofing Products You Need

Fireproof Coatings

Thermal and ignition barriers that provide varying levels of protection

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Firestop and Fireblock

To help improve the fire safety of your buildings, use firestop or fireblock sealant, caulk, putty and more

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The Brands You Trust

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Where Fireproofing Products are Used

Fireproofing products are used throughout all types of structures. It can be used at the perimeter slab edge of a property, on curtain walls, at the top of a wall assembly, at joints, and around pipe penetrations. In general, fireproofing products are used in any gaps or cavities to prevent the spread of heat or fire.

Fireproofing Product Applications

Fireproofing products are appropriate for residential, commercial and industrial applications to slow and stop the spread of fire in buildings. They can be applied to structural steel, electrical circuits, gaps in floors or walls, wood frame construction, and concrete masonry block. The performance characteristics depend on the fireproofing product used.

About Fireproofing Products

Fireproofing products are part of a system that seals openings and joints in fire-resistant walls or floors and impedes the spread of fire and smoke.

What are Fireproofing Products?

Fireproofing products include things like firestop insulation, firestop putty, silicone firestop sealant, and other barriers and coatings. Various types of firestop products include intumescent, endothermic, and elastomeric sealants, fire-rated cable pathways, wrap strips, putty, wall opening protective materials, pillows, mortar, foam, composite sheets and more.

We Carry the Fireproofing Product Brands You Want

There are many types of fireproofing products available. Service Partners carries a wide selection of firestop materials from brands including STI, Accumetric, IFTI, No-Burn, and ICP (TPR2). When you want to make your projects resistant to fire or incombustible, Service Partners can help with the brands you want.

Fireproofing Products Supplies Near You

No matter which type of fireproofing product you choose for your job, Service Partners can have it ready for you with next day delivery or same day pickup. We have more than 75 locations throughout the United States, so top quality fireproofing supplies are easily available. Not sure which product is right for the job? Your local branch can help make a recommendation!

Fireproofing Product Benefits

When applied correctly, fireproofing products allow structures to meet local building codes. They also make buildings safer for occupants in a fire or emergency.

Meet Building Codes

Depending on your location, your local municipality may have specific codes related to fire safety. It is important to select the right fireproofing products to satisfy the requirements of those building codes. If you are unsure, you can always speak to your local inspectors before purchasing or installing fireproofing products.

Improve Safety

While fireproofing products do protect a building from damage in a fire, they have an important benefit in making buildings safer for occupants. By slowing the spread of smoke, heat and fire, fireproofing products provide extra time for occupants to safely evacuate a building. Filling small gaps can go a long way towards saving lives.

A Variety of Products for Many Applications

There are so many types of fireproofing products available that you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. From firestop insulation to firestop putty, Service Partners carries it all. You can apply fireproofing products to many different substrates including steel, electrical boxes, pipes, concrete and more.

Fireproofing Accessory Types

Fireproofing accessories include fireblock, firestop devices, fire rated cable pathways, wall opening protective materials, coatings and composite sheet. All of these products are designed to help structures meet fire codes.


Fireblock products are used to seal penetrations and gaps in walls or floors between units in structures not requiring a rated wall or floor assembly as defined by local codes and jurisdiction. Fireblock products include sealants, putty, mortars, pillows and more.

Firestop Devices

Firestop devices are manufactured products designed to seal penetrations in walls and floors from fire and smoke movement. Firestop devices help protect structures while allowing some movement of the structures and permitting penetrants such as wires, pipes and ducts.

Fire Rated Cable Pathways

Fire rated cable pathways are mechanical devices with sealants that are designed to allow changes to be made to penetrants such as wiring with minimal maintenance. These pathways help buildings remain in compliance with fire codes.

Wall Opening Protective Materials

Wall opening protective materials consist of products such as putty pads used to wrap boxes and box inserts while providing sealing and protection of fire rated walls. These materials maintain the hourly ratings of fire resistant walls and partitions.


Coatings include thermal barriers designed to provide at least a 15 minute protection barrier over spray foam, wood and other structures to extend the time before involvement in a fire. Ignition barriers are another type of coating that provide a similar but lesser level of protection.

Composite Sheet

Fireproofing composite sheet is a product made with thin steel sheeting and an intumescent that can be cut to cover larger openings. Composite sheet is available in various sizes, usually up to 36” x 36”.

Common Fireproofing Product Questions

Not sure why or where to use fireproofing products? The Service Partners team can help. If you need additional information, contact your local Service Partners branch.

Why use Fireproofing Products?

Fireproofing products are used as part of a fire protection system to seal joints and openings in fire-resistant walls or floors. They can be used to meet local building codes and provide passive fire protection. They prevent the spread of smoke, heat and fire throughout a structure.

Where in a Building are Fireproofing Products Normally Used?

Fireproofing products are used anywhere in a building where there are gaps or cavities that need to be filled. Gaps and cavities mean that there is air that can fuel a fire. Removing those gaps prevents fire from spreading. Fireproofing products can be used on slab edge, curtain walls, tops of walls, joints and pipe penetrations.

In What Geographies Can Fireproofing Products Be Used?

Fireproofing products can be used in all geographies. When choosing the right fireproofing product, it is important to consider the application as well as local building codes. If you aren’t sure which fireproofing product is right, our experienced team at your local Service Partners location can help.

Can Fireproofing Products Be Used in Residential or Commercial Construction?

Fireproofing products are appropriate for many different types of construction projects. Anywhere a gap needs to be filled to prevent the spread of fire, you can use these products. This includes residential, commercial and industrial construction. Some other uses of fireproofing products include marine, aerodynamic, tunnel and underground applications.

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