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Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Eye Protection and Safety Glasses
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Personal Protective Equipment

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About Personal Protective Equipment

  • Products including head, eye, ear, hand, foot and full body protection
  • Used for any job – large or small
  • Protect the body from injury or infection
  • Protection from electrical, physical, heat, chemical, airborne hazards
  • Imposes a barrier between the wearer and hazards

About PPE

PPE refers to personal protective equipment. These products include eye protection, hard hats, foot protection, first aid kits, gloves, hearing protection and more.

What is PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It includes a wide variety of personal safety equipment products designed to protect the wearer from external hazards. PPE protects the head, eyes, ears, hands, feet and full body. It is also sometimes called “protective clothing” and “protective gear.”

We Carry the PPE Brands You Want

Just as there are many different types of PPE products, there are also many manufacturers of personal safety equipment. Service Partners carries the top PPE brands including 3M, Conney, PIP, SAS and Lakeland. No matter what type of safety equipment you need, Service Partners is likely to have it available quickly and easily.

PPE Supplies Near You

From hard hats to boot covers and all types of safety products in between, Service Partners has the PPE supplies you need for every job – big or small. We are committed to your safety, and we carry only high quality PPE products. With over 75 locations throughout the U.S., we can have PPE supplies ready for same day pickup and next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PPE?
PPE should be used to keep workers safe. The category of personal safety equipment includes a variety of products all designed to protect the wearer from external hazards. PPE creates a barrier between the wearer and the working environment. PPE protects from physical, electrical, thermal, chemical, airborne and other items.
What are the benefits of using PPE?
Personal safety equipment helps keep everyone safe. These products can prevent accidents, injuries and other emergencies. With fewer injuries, your projects will flow smoother, and you will have to spend less time dealing with insurance and workman’s compensation claims. With proper safety measures in place, workers can confidently complete tasks.
Is PPE used in residential or commercial construction?
PPE is used in all types of construction to protect workers from hazards. Personal safety equipment has a place in every residential, commercial and industrial project. Anytime safety is an issue, PPE should be used. If there is any risk to the head, eyes, ears, hands, feet or other parts of the body, safety equipment is necessary.

PPE Benefits

PPE products keep you and your workers safe and protected from head to toe. For protection from external hazards, personal safety equipment is a necessity.

Complete Body Protection

Service Partners has the personal safety equipment to protect yourself from head to toe. We supply hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, safety vests, and foot protection. We also have complete protective suits (coveralls). We sell a complete line of PPE to meet even the most stringent safety standards.

In Case of Emergency

Service Partners sells PPE products to try to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. It is always important to be prepared for any situation. We sell first aid kits so that first aid supplies are available for all employees on the jobsite. We also sell self-contained emergency eyewash stations. These stations do not require plumbing and can be moved from job to job.

Improve Your Workplace

Providing safety equipment for all workers on a job allows those workers to complete all their projects with less fear of injury. Workers will know that you care about them by demonstrating a concern for their safety. PPE can also reduce your risk of dealing with insurance and workers compensation claims.

PPE Accessory Types

PPE products are available to protect the entire worker, from head to toe. Service Partners has all of the personal safety equipment you need.

Eye Protection

It is important to protect your eyes from damage. We have a variety of safety glasses available. We sell safety glasses with clear lenses and smoke lenses. We also sell Sphere-X glasses that are clear, anti-fog glasses and Boas wraparound clear glasses. Our soft perforated clear goggles are also anti-fog as well.


We offer both hooded and hoodless coveralls. Tyvek, SAS, and other suits offer high strength and provide an excellent barrier in light splash situations as well as protection from dry particulates. These types of garments retain their shape and will not stretch out after kneeling and bending.


Service Partners sells many styles of gloves to protect fingers and hands from burns, cuts and other hazards. Our glove selection includes single-ply gloves, cut-resistant gloves, and vinyl gloves. The gloves that we sell with coated palms and fingers are called double dipped gloves; they are our most popular everyday work gloves.

Hard Hats and Head Protection

Our line of hard hats are lightweight and are designed for all day comfort. We sell standard suspension and ratchet suspension hard hats in both white and yellow. The Reaves Spray Sock is designed to protect a major portion of the face and head from foreign matter. It is made from combed cotton and is one size fits all.

Shoe Inserts and Covers

We offer steel safety insoles in boot sizes 6-15 (whole sizes only). These insoles fit in boots to protect feet from punctures due to sharp objects on the jobsite. Service Partners also sells polypropylene boot covers. These high strength boot covers pair well with our coveralls.

First Aid Kits

Service Partners’ first aid kits were developed to address the growing needs of contractors. OSHA requires adequate first aid supplies for all employees at a job site. To ensure you have enough supplies on hand, select a first aid kit based on the number of employees on site. We have 10-person, 25-person and 50-person first aid kits.

Hearing Protection

The easiest, most economical form of hearing protection available is a set of ear plugs. Service Partners sells 3M tapered foam ear plugs. Need to remove and replace ear plugs frequently while you are on the job? Keep them nearby by using a set of 3M tapered foam ear plugs connected by a cord.

Safety Vests

Be seen on the job site by wearing a high visibility safety vest. Service Partners selection of safety vests includes two-tone, flame retardant, reflective and breakaway. The most number of fatal work injuries involve vehicles and mobile equipment. Safety vests provide added visibility when working around vehicles.

Eye Wash Kits

Eye wash stations can be helpful in an eye-related emergency. Service Partners sells self-contained emergency eye wash stations that are suitable for applications where plumbed potable water is not available. These portable eye wash stations can be moved from job site to job site as needed.

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