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About Tape

  • Backing or carrier coated with an adhesive
  • Some tape products have a release liner
  • Each roll and its composition are unique
  • Used for a wide variety of bonding solutions
  • Find the right tape to match your project

About Tape

Adhesive tape is used anywhere a seal is needed or where two items need to be joined together. There are a wide variety of tapes available.

What is Tape?

Adhesive tape consists of a material called a backing or carrier that is coated with an adhesive. It may or may not have a release liner. The adhesive-coated backing carrier is wound up to form a jumbo roll of tape. The jumbo roll is slit into narrow width bands to form several rolls of tape.

We Carry the Tape Brands You Want

Service Partners carries a variety of tapes to match any application. Some of the adhesive tape brands we carry include 3M, Covalence, ECHOtape, and Raven Industries. Not sure which brand of tape is right? A member of your local Service Partners team can make a recommendation.

Tape Supplies Near You

For the right tape for any job, talk to your local Service Partners branch. We have more than 75 locations throughout the country. From duct tape to doubleback tape, we have a variety of tapes to fit a variety of applications. We can have tape supplies ready for you with same day pickup and next day delivery.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in a building or home is tape normally used?
Tapes have uses all throughout a building. They can be used inside and outside. Choosing the right tape product depends on the application. It’s important to understand each tape’s performance level, longevity, sealing properties and more. Tapes can be used for everyday tasks or for specialized applications.
Why use tape?
Tapes have many different applications in construction. Tape can be used on windows and doors, ductwork, insulation and more. High performance tapes can last for a long time, and some tapes can even provide airtight and watertight seals. There are tapes for all types of applications and trades.
What are the benefits of using tape?
Tape holds items in place or can create a seal between two surfaces. Some types of tape even provide a barrier from air or moisture penetration. Tapes provide quality performance, resistance and reliability in many applications. From versatile everyday tape to tapes for specific situations, there is a type of tape that will fit your project and budget.
In what geographies can tape be used?
Tapes can be used in all geographies. However, it is important to carefully consider the temperature when choosing a tape. The tackiness of an adhesive tape can largely depend on the temperature. Cooler conditions require a tape designed for colder climates so that a proper bond can form.
Is tape used in residential or commercial construction?
Adhesive tape is used in all types of construction. This includes residential and commercial construction. It can be used by homeowners and contractors. While tapes like duct tape and masking tape are common tapes with universal applications, there are more specialized tapes. For example, facing tapes are used with vapor barriers.

Tape Benefits

Tape is a quick and easy way to create a seal or bond two surfaces together. Specialty tapes can be used for very specific applications.

Easy to Use

In many instances, tape can be a more efficient option than glue when working on a project with a tight timeline. There is less clean-up involved in the use of tape, and it takes less time to get a job done. Tapes can provide construction-strength adhesion even when joining challenging dissimilar surfaces.

A Variety of Applications

Adhesive tapes have so many different applications. Duct tape and masking tape are very common for household and contractor applications. There are other tapes that are good for applications such as electrical, insulation, sealing and more. In order to choose the right tape to use, you need to consider your job, your materials and your field conditions.

Temporary or Permanent Bonding

Adhesive tapes can be used for both temporary and permanent bonding applications. For temporary bonding, you will want to select a tape that will adhere quickly but come off cleanly. For permanent bonding, you will want to choose a tape like acrylic adhesive tape. Depending on your project, there is a tape to fit your needs.

Tape Accessory Types

Tape comes in a variety of options so you can match the tape to your specific application. Not sure which tape to use? Your Local Service Partners can help.


Duct tape is typically used in duct work applications. It is also used to hold blowing hose sections together. It is the most universal tape that we sell, and it is used in many household applications as well. Duct tape is a polyethylene coated tape with aggressive high tack adhesive that can adhere to sheet metal.


Service Partners selection of foil tapes also includes FSK tape. This is a high tack tape in all temperature conditions. Foil and FSK (foil scrim kraft) tapes are typically used for installation of ductwork, radiant barrier insulation, basement wall insulation and laminated metal building insulation.


Vinyl tapes are used on the seams of water heater blankets as well as vinyl metal building insulation. Vinyl tape can also be used as electrical tape to insulate wires and other materials that conduct electricity. Vinyl tape resists wear, weathering and abrasion so it is tough and long-lasting.


Cloth tapes come in utility grade and HVAC grade. They are used for multi-surface and multi-purpose applications.


WMP tape is used to seam facing material when installed over fiberglass batts or other materials. It is also used to seam and patch metal building insulation.


Reinforced tape is also known as filament tape or strapping tape. It is a pressure-sensitive tape used for several packaging functions. It can be used to close corrugated fiberboard boxes, reinforce packages, bundle items, unitize pallets and more. Fiberglass filaments embedded in the tape give it high tensile strength.


Foam tapes are used for sound dampening, insulating, gasketing, cushioning, padding and sealing. Each type of foam has unique features and ideal purposes. Foam tape is typically double sided and can be made from strong materials like acrylic, neoprene, polyethylene and polyurethane foam. It can withstand high levels of vibration.


ZIP tape is made of an advanced acrylic adhesive. It creates an airtight and watertight seal that can withstand harsh weather. It is used in roof and wall applications. ZIP tape can be applied by hand or with a tape gun. It is ideal for sealing and flashing.


Doubleback tape is typically used with the tabs on metal building insulation. It is applied to the tab and then fixed to the building.


Butyl tapes use a specialized rubber adhesive system. It is less temperature sensitive and maintains its tackiness at lower temperatures. It is flexible in cold weather and more stable in high temperatures. Butyl tapes are extremely durable and are often used in applications where an airtight bond is required. It forms a permanent bond.

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