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Fiberglass Board Insulation

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Fiberglass Board Insulation

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About Fiberglass Board Insulation

  • Available both faced and unfaced
  • Lightweight and easy to install, when faced
  • Great choice for insulating ceilings, walls and ductwork in commercial construction
  • Used in all climate zones across the U.S.
  • A dense material that resists exposure to water for a limited time

About Fiberglass Board Insulation

Fiberglass board insulation is a durable product that provides fire and water protection features, typically used for insulating commercial ceilings, walls, and ductwork.

What Is Fiberglass Board Insulation?

Fiberglass board insulation is a dense product that can resist water exposure for a limited time. It is typically faced with a flame-rated material or another poly-based facing. When faced, it has a clean appearance and is lightweight and easy to install. Fiberglass board insulation is typically used in ceilings, walls, and ductwork in commercial construction, and it is sometimes referred to as mechanical insulation, which is used to insulate mechanical equipment.

We Carry the Fiberglass Board Insulation Brands You Want

When you’re in need of dense, high-quality fiberglass board insulation products for your ceilings, walls and ductwork applications, you can find the top brands for the right price at Service Partners. We carry fiberglass board insulation brands that contractors prefer, like CertainTeed and Owens Corning. To find the right fiberglass board insulation product for your project needs, get in touch with your local Service Partners branch today!

Fiberglass Board Insulation Supplies Near You

Service Partners has a large inventory of fiberglass board insulation products to fit your needs. Whether you need dense fiberglass board insulation or a low price fiberglass board insulation product, we have over 75 locations nationwide to serve contractors in all areas in the United States. Whatever your application and need, your nearby Service Partners branch can help you find it.

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is insulation facing?
Insulation facing is an added layer to one side of an insulation product that is usually made of paper, plastic or foil, but it can also be made with other material. The facing side acts as a thermal barrier to protect walls, ceilings, and beyond from moisture due to interior and exterior elements. It helps reduce air infiltration and mold growth, which can create problems in construction.
Where in a building or home is fiberglass board insulation normally used?
Fiberglass board insulation is a popular insulation product for insulating ceilings, walls, and ductwork and is mostly utilized in commercial construction. To find out if fiberglass board insulation is the right choice for the building or home that you’re working on, contact your local Service Partners team today!
What are the r-values for fiberglass board insulation?
You can find fiberglass board insulation with typical R-values from approximately R-4 to R-13, which can vary by thickness of the product material. To find out what R-value you need for your project and area, see the Service Partners climate zone map or contact your local branch today.
In what geographies can fiberglass board insulation be used?
Like all rigid board insulation products, fiberglass board insulation can be utilized in any area or geography across the United States. No matter where your project is located in the United States, you can enjoy using faced and unfaced fiberglass board insulation products to suit your application.
Can fiberglass board insulation be used in residential or commercial construction?
Unlike rigid board insulation products like EPS and XPS, fiberglass board insulation is typically found in commercial construction for use in walls, ceilings, and ductwork. To find out if fiberglass board insulation is a good fit for your residential application, too, contact your local Service Partners branch.

Fiberglass Board Insulation Benefits

Fiberglass board insulation products provides a number of benefits, including thermal performance and conductivity, sound absorption and high-quality facing qualities.

Water Resistant

Fiberglass board insulation is created with a dense, durable material that can resist exposure to water for a limited period of time. It provides excellent thermal performance and thermal conductivity benefits, as well, providing energy efficiency benefits for your project in any climate throughout the United States.

High-Quality Facing

When faced, fiberglass board insulation has a clean appearance and is lightweight and easy to install. Fiberglass board insulation is typically faced with a flame-rated material or another poly-based facing. If you’re in need of a faced fiberglass board insulation, contact your nearby Service Partners location for availability.

Sound Absorption Qualities

Fiberglass board insulation also provides excellent sound absorption qualities for soundproofing in either commercial or residential product applications. Whether you’re soundproofing one room or an entire building, fiberglass board insulation can provide those qualities for you, no matter your climate type or location across the U.S.

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