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Why 3M?

From adhesives to safety products, the 3M family of brands has DIY in their DNA. 3M helps get jobs done faster, safer and smarter.

A Variety of Products to Get the Job Done

3M applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. 3M works to support stronger communities and sustainable development across the globe. 3M has over 100 years of experience in helping to ensure that projects are done right. 3M has products in a wide variety of categories including safety products, hole repair products, advanced abrasives, adhesives, tapes, mounting products and more.

We Carry Top 3M Products

3M Aluminum Foil Tape

Adhesive Tapes

Tape products for a variety of applications in construction projects

3M Full-Face Respiratory Mask

Respiratory Masks

Respiratory masks used for protection from inhaled workplace hazards

3M Fast Tack Adhesive 1000NF


Applied to surfaces to bind two separate items together


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3M Construction and Home Improvement Products

3M makes a variety of construction and home improvement products designed to get jobs done faster, safer and smarter. 3M products can be used by professional contractors as well as around the house. From safety products to adhesives, tapes to mounting products, 3M makes products that can be used for many different types of products and applications.

About 3M
3M Products at Service Partners

3M produces over 60,000 products under several world-renowned brands. 3M’s general offices and research laboratories are based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Home Improvement Products

3M makes products that fit into a variety of categories. 3M safety products provide comfort and protection to keep you going and get the job done right. 3M Adhesives bind materials together and resist separation. 3M Tapes can be used on windows and doors, ductwork, insulation and more.

3M Supplies Near You

If you need adhesives, tapes or respiratory products, you’ll find high quality 3M supplies at Service Partners. With over 75 locations in the United States, we can have the 3M supplies you need quickly and easily. Your local branch can arrange for same day pickup or next day delivery of your 3M products so your project can keep moving along smoothly without delivery delays.

3M makes products suitable for professional contractors and DIYers. 3M product categories range from adhesives and tapes to personal protective equipment.

Adhesive Tapes

3M manufactures many different types of adhesive tapes. Each tape can be matched to your specific project, application and substrates. 3M tapes include masking tapes, electrical tapes, painter’s tape, and duct tape. These tapes hold items in place, create a seal between two surfaces, or even provide a barrier from air or moisture penetration.

Respiratory Masks

3M respirator masks and disposable masks are used any time you need protection from inhaled substances. Disposable masks are used for dust particles. Respirators are used for more specific jobs that demand higher protection. 3M makes N95 dual strap respirators and 6000 series half facepiece respirators. Respiratory masks are some of the most important pieces of safety equipment.


3M adhesives are applied to one surface (or two surfaces) in order to bind two separate items together. 3M adhesives can be used with insulation and other substrates. 3M 77 has a fast, aggressive tack for most lightweight projects. 3M 90 has a high contact strength for bonding decorative laminate and adheres polyethylene and polypropylene to wood, metal and more.

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