When building your new home or simply remodeling, remember to install an Aluma-Foil Radiant Barrier and  start seeing your savings immediately. Aluma-Foil Radiant Barrier is the key to saving energy (See Our Why  Suffer Section).

Aluma-Foil was designed to help block 95 to 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its  surface. This reduction in infra-red heat gain (radiation), which is 90% of your heat gain through the roof  assembly, enables you to lower your thermostat settings thus saving you money and allowing you to feel more comfortable.

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Less Than $400.00 installed on a 1500 sq. ft. home 

At a price everybody can live with, Aluma-Foil is one of the most affordable radiant barriers on the market  today. The average home of approx 1500 sq. ft. costs less than $400.00 to install Aluma-Foil for the Do-It-Yourself type of person. That means at current energy costs, using proper venting, it could pay for itself in the first 2 years depending on your specific climate condition and local energy costs. How many other products could make that kind of impact?

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Technical Experts 

You will be pleased to know that AFS has a technical staff with many years of combined construction experience. We have been the leading wood roof experts in the commercial and residential market for years and are ready to help you with your specialized needs. We are also active members of ASTM (American Society  of Testing Materials) the group who writes building product standards.

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