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BIBS® Technical Specifications

Technical data for the BIBS® system varies by country. The below data is specified by the insulation manufacturer for approved blowing wool fiber based on installation by a trained and certified contractor when installed correctly.

Standard Densities

The approved use fiberglass blowing wools must be installed to a specified density which correlates to an attainable R-value. R means resistance to heat flow, and the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

BIBS Density R-Values Chart - BIBS Technical Specifications

Approved BIBS® Fibers

The BIBS® system can only be installed using approved fiberglass blowing wool. These fibers have been laboratory and field tested to help ensure a level of performance of this premium insulation system. The BIBS® system only recognizes specific brands of blowing wool insulation.


The Optima® system of fiberglass blow-in insulation is a thermal and acoustical insulation for sidewalls, cathedral ceilings, and other closed-cavity applications. The insulation is an unbonded, white, loose-fill virgin fiberglass designed for pneumatic installation behind non-woven Optima®fabric (or equivalent).

InsulSafe® SP and Insulsafe® XC are fiberglass blowing wool insulations used in residential and commercial construction as a thermal and sound absorbing insulation in open (attic) and closed (sidewalls/floor) construction cavities.

  • Optima®
  • InsulSafe®SP
  • InsulSafe®XC
CertainTeed - BIBS® Technical Specifications
Knauf Insulation - BIBS® Technical Specifications


Knauf Insulation’s Jet Stream® ULTRA and Jet Stream® MAX fiberglass blowing insulation are unbonded, virgin fibrous glass blowing insulations designed with optimal thermal properties, in addition to excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. Jet Stream® ULTRA and Jet Stream® MAX fiberglass blowing insulation are installed in open attics of both new and existing structures and/or in closed cavity applications with the BIBS® system, in which ventilation is not required.

  • Jet Stream® ULTRA
  • Jet Stream® MAX

Johns Manville

The Johns Manville Climate Pro® offers greater consistency of coverage and low dust, resulting in more efficient and comfortable installations. It offers R-values from R-11 to R-70. 

Johns Manville Spider® loose-fill insulation is blown in behind the BIBS® fabric for complete coverage making it easier to install at R-15 and R-23 in 2×4 and 2×6 walls without bulging. The JM Spider® solution does not settle, retaining its original R-value and energy efficiency. 

  • Climate Pro®
  • Spider™
Johns Manville - BIBS® Technical Specifications

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Availability and Installation

BIBS® Insulation Installation

Only contractors trained and certified by a BIBS® system certified instructor can install the system. This is the BIBS® system difference, and it helps ensure a proper installation and high-performance results. Our established network of professional insulation specialists extends across the United States and Canada.

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BIBS® Applicable Standards United States
BIBS® Applicable Standards Canada

Model Building Codes

  • ICC Model Building Codes including BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI
  • New York City MEA 218-85M
  • New York State NYS UFPBC Article 15
  • California and Minnesota quality standards

Material Standards

ASTM C764, Mineral Fiber Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation Type 1

Pneumatic Application Properties

  • Thermal resistance — ASTM C518 and C687
  • Critical radiant flux — ASTM E970
  • Combustion characteristics — ASTM E136
  • Water vapor sorption — ASTM C1104
  • Odor emission — ASTM C1304
  • Corrosiveness — ASTM C764
  • Fungi resistance — ASTM C1338
  • GreenGuard® Children and Schools Certified

Thermal Performance

  • ASTM C687
  • The stated R-values in the closed cavity, sidewall, cathedral ceiling and floored attic charts can only be achieved at specified weights and coverages when insulation is installed with pneumatic equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Acoustical Performance

The STC ratings obtained with fiberglass blanket insulation are estimated for the BIBS® system. Additional information is available upon request. Standards may vary by manufacturer.

Fire Hazard Classification

  • ASTM E84 and CAN/ULC S102.2
  • Max. Flame Spread Index: 25
  • Max. Smoke Developed Index: 50


  • ASTM E136 / Meets requirements

Building Codes

  • National Building Code of Canada 2005 and 2010
  • International Building Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code

The BIBS® system has been evaluated and accepted by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) #13198R.

Material Standards

  • CAN/ULC-S702-09-Type 5 (Supersedes CSA A101-M)
  • CCMC Evaluation Listing No. 13198R
  • GreenGuard® Children and Schools Certified

Thermal Performance

ASTM C518 = 18.5 (m•K)/W

Design Density

CAN/ULC-S702 6.3.2 – = 8.33 Kg/M3


ASTM C764 / Pass

Fungi Resistance

ASTM C1338 / Pass

Water Vapour Sorption

ASTM C1104 – <5% 

Fire Hazard Classification

  • CAN/ULC-S102.2
  • Flame Spread Index:   0
  • Smoke Development Index:   5


  • CAN/ULC-S114, ASTM E 136 / Pass

Smolder Resistance

  • CAN/ULC-S129
  • Mean Mass Loss ≤ 2%
  • Individual Mass Loss ≤ 3%

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