WASP Blowing Machine


WASP Blowing Machine

WASP Blowing Machine

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Product Description

Wasp insulates an average attic in less than one hour. Portability is made easy with built in handles and wheels.  Dense Pack of both cellulose and fiber glass is made possible thru its Department Of Energy approved outlet pressure of 3.9psi, slide gate, and variable speed control. With applications varying from attic installs, dense pack, spray-in, and spray-on, both DIY’ers and contractors will obtain high payback when using this highly reliable insulation blowing machine.

Production Rates
1750 lbs/hr- Cellulose 
475 lbs/hr- Fiber glass
1115 lbs/hr- Rockwool

Dimensions- 31-3/8"W x 33"L x 44"H
Weight (machine only)- 280 lbs
Hose Outlet Size- 3" 
Remote Cord- 18/4 x 100' std 150' (opt)
Hopper Capacity- 11 cu. ft.
Drive motor- 1.5 HP - 14.5 FLA.
Transmission- Custom, Direct drive
Airlock- 12" Steel
Blowers- 2 stage, 2 x 8.5 amp = 17 amp
                2 x 101 cfm = 202 cfm
*Electrical- 115 VAC / 60 Hz
Power cord- (2) 10/3 x 100' Twist lock