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Spray Foam Rigs

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Spray Foam Rigs

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About Spray Foam Rigs

  • Can be customized to fit your business’ needs and application types
  • A wide range of options, including portable rigs, truck rigs, and pull trailer rigs
  • Vital for spraying polyurethane foam insulation
  • Can help grow your business
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About Spray Foam Rigs

Spray foam rigs are utilized for the spraying of polyurethane insulation and come in a variety of types to meet the needs of the business and its application(s).

What Are Spray Foam Rigs?

Spray foam rigs are used for spraying polyurethane insulation. They are mounted in trucks, trailers and other means to get to and from a job site. Spray foam insulation rigs and equipment can be customized for your particular application and line of business. Service Partners offers a variety of spray foam rigs, from entry level rigs and equipment to high production rigs for roofing and production housing.

We Carry the Spray Foam Rig Brands You Want

Service Partners is your source for the top spray foam insulation rigs for sale from the brands you want, including those manufactured in-house and by industry supplier Intel. Service Partners utilizes offsite authorized manufacturers to produce our spray foam rigs, who we trust for craftsmanship, quality, safety and operational efficiency. Our spray foam insulation rigs are customizable and the range of applications and performance are rarely limited. Let us help you find the best fit for your business model.

Spray Foam Rig Supplies Near You

Service Partners is your go-to supplier for spray foam rigs for sale with fully customizable spray foam rig options to fit your business’ needs and budget, produced by top manufacturers. We have everything you need – knowledge, equipment, accessories, and training, for your spray foam insulation service needs, and we can help guide your purchase to optimize your business. Get in touch with us today!

The Brands You Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use spray foam rigs?
Spray foam rigs are used to spray polyurethane insulation, mounted in trucks, trailers or other means, to get to and from the jobsite. Spray foam insulation rigs can be customized for your particular application and line of business. Spray foam insulation rig options include entry level rigs and equipment to high production rigs for roofing and production housing, all of which can help you grow your insulation business’ services and offerings.
Where in a building or home are spray foam rigs normally used?
Spray foam rigs are designed for use in the retro-fit, custom home, production home and roofing spray foam insulation applications. Stationary or portable, “in-plant” equipment packages are also available. Wherever you are wanting to spray foam insulation in a home or building, you’ll need to have spray foam rig equipment and training. Service Partners can help you with both the equipment and the training. Call your local team today!
What are the benefits of choosing spray foam rigs?
Spray foam rigs are beneficial for spraying foam insulation in a home or business. As a professional insulation business, spray foam insulation rigs help grow your business by utilizing the proper equipment and training for the job. Spray foam insulation rigs can also be customized for any building and application.
In what geographies can spray foam rigs be used?
Spray foam rigs can be utilized by contractors that use spray foam insulation in any geography in the United States. Wherever there is a need for spray foam insulation, a spray foam rig is used. To find the proper spray foam rig and equipment and get training on how to use it, contact your local Service Partners team today!
Can spray foam rigs be used in residential or commercial construction?
Spray foam rigs are widely used in both residential and commercial applications, and there are specific types of spray foam insulation rig units to fit different applications. For example, some portable spray rigs can be hoisted to a jobsite via crane, and other portable units can fit into elevators and be set up within a building. Portable spray rigs are useful for high-rise and commercial applications. Most spray foam insulation rigs that are used in residential applications are driven or towed to the jobsite. To find out which spray foam insulation rig is best for your application, contact your local Service Partners branch today!

Spray Foam Rig Benefits

Spray foam rigs are customizable and helpful for growing your insulation business. Service Partners can help you with everything you need to operate and customize your spray foam rig.


At Service Partners, our spray foam rigs are customizable, so the range of applications and performance are rarely limited. We can help you with the best fit for your business model and application needs. From bumper pull trailer spray foam rigs to truck modified spray foam rigs and portable spray foam rigs, we can find the custom fit for you.

Full-Service Spray Foam Rig Help

When you turn to Service Partners for your spray foam rig needs, we provide more than just equipment. We are your source for knowledge, equipment, accessories, and training to help you in every aspect of your spray foam rig installation and application needs. Let our team guide you through the process today!

Grow Your Insulation Business

When you are bidding on jobs and competing in the insulation industry, you need top equipment to win jobs and grow your business. Spray foam rigs are a great asset, and we can help you choose the right spray foam rig to help you grow your business, along with the training and accessories that you need. Call us today!

Spray Foam Rig Types

Service Partners is your go-to source for spray foam insulation rigs, including our 16’ or 20’ bumper pull trailer spray foam rig, modified truck spray foam rig, and portable spray foam cage rig.

16’ or 20’ Bumper Pull Trailer – Spray Foam Rig

Our “V” nose bumper pull trailers are the most popular options for customers spraying polyurethane foams and coatings. With a standard 8-½’ width and an interior height of 7-½’, these trailers have the room to safely and properly transport your foam and all of your field accessories. They can be configured to use any of the Graco Spray Foam Reactors and are available in shore power or generator versions. They include all of the standard safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, an eye wash station, SDS center and a first aid kit. Additionally, they are completely customizable to perfectly fit your business’ needs.

Truck Modifications – Spray Foam Rig

We can turn your new or existing insulation truck body into a spray foam rig, but it is required that your truck body is a minimum of 7’ wide and 7-½’ high, plus at least 14’ in length. These setups are gaining in popularity and can be run by shore power, generator power, or both. They can be installed with any of the Graco Spray Foam Reactors and will be delivered turn-key, ready to spray on day one. All standard safety equipment is included, and the units can be fully customized to meet your particular business and application needs.

Portable Spray Foam Cage – Spray Foam Rig

This is the ultimate unit for portability and performance. Available as two separate rolling cages that combine into one, they provide all of the performance of a traditional spray foam rig. These units can be rolled through a standard 36” doorway and/or placed on an elevator to get where the work is located. The units are run with shore power and can be configured to utilize a Graco E20 or E30 Reactor. At the end of the day, these units can be secured and left on the jobsite for the next day’s production. Standard safety equipment is offered and certain upgrades and options are available for these units.

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