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Why Firestone-Gaco?

Gaco Western was founded in 1955 with its roots in technology and product innovation. Gaco is now part of Firestone Building Products.

American-Made Roofing Products

Gaco Western is a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems and offers best-of-class waterproofing and insulating solutions. All Firestone-Gaco products are made in the USA. Gaco Western products include specialty coatings for roofs, pedestrian and traffic decking, and spray polyurethane foam insulation.

We Carry Top Firestone-Gaco Products

Firestone-Gaco EZSpray Installation

EZSpray (OC)

Open cell spray foam insulation and roof foam

Firestone-Gaco OnePass Installation

OnePass (CC)

Closed cell spray foam insulation and roof foam


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Firestone-Gaco Foam Insulation

Firestone-Gaco is a leader in roofing systems and foam insulation. Gaco Western products are used in commercial, industrial and residential projects. Service Partners carries two types of Gaco Western spray foam insulation. These products include both open cell and closed cell insulation types that can also be used as roof foam.

About Firestone-Gaco
Firestone-Gaco Products at Service Partners

Firestone-Gaco manufacturers roofing products including spray foam insulation and roof foam in the United States. Gaco Western is now part of Firestone Building Products.

Waterproofing and Insulating Products

Firestone-Gaco manufactures exceptional waterproofing and insulating products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Gaco products are trusted in the construction industry. When you are working with Gaco products, you can rest assured that you are dealing with products made by a company that understands your situation and is ready to help.

Seal Any Building

Firestone-Gaco spray foam insulation (SPF) makes complete sense from the moment it bonds to a home or building. You can actually see the seal created as foam thoroughly fills every crevice to provide a seamless, high performance barrier. With Firestone-Gaco SPF, you get higher R-values, increased energy savings, low long-term maintenance costs, effective sound insulation, resistance to mold and more.

Firestone-Gaco Supplies Near You

To purchase waterproofing and insulation products from Firestone-Gaco, contact your local Service Partners branch. With over 75 locations in the United States, we can have the Firestone-Gaco supplies you need quickly and easily. Your local branch can arrange for same day pickup or next day delivery of any Firestone-Gaco products.

Firestone-Gaco makes spray foam insulation and roof foam in two different types – open cell and closed cell. Choose the right Gaco Western product for your application.

EZSpray (OC)

GacoEZSpray Open Cell Foam provides high R-value insulation and a seamless air barrier to control air leakage and lower energy consumption. EZSpray also reduces condensation, moisture and mold and helps block noise and absorb sound. It has exceptional yield, great adhesion, excellent sprayability and can be trimmed easily.

OnePass (CC)

GacoOnePass 2lb. Closed Cell Foam installs quickly in up to 4+” passes which reduces labor costs by 50% or more. OnePass offers higher yield than standard 2 lb. foams when sprayed in one pass at 3″ to 4″ thickness. GacoOnePass is approved for use in air barrier systems. It is ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications and can be used in deep fill applications.

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